Aberdeen Ironbirds Update Identity for 2013

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The Aberdeen Ironbirds, owned by the Brothers Ripken – Cal and Billy, the Single-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, unveiled their new primary logo yesterday, their first logo change in team history.

According to Billy the new logo is combination of the old “Angry Orioles” logo of the late 1960s as well as “Iron Man”, a slightly more subtle nod to brother Cal than the previous logo which slapped his old #8 right on the vertical stabilizer.

Angry 60s Oriole + Iron Man = Aberdeen Ironbirds 2013

“He was mean-looking,” Billy Ripken said recalling the Orioles logo which inspired this new design in an interview with the Baltimore Sun, “He had a bat in his hand and a had a little lean forward.”

“The IronBirds are evolving to continue to remain on baseball’s leading edge, this is why we wanted a fresh new look and feel to connect with families, and resonate with fans of all ages”, Billy added relying heavily on the marketing buzzword handbook.

Guess which one was designed to “appeal to younger fans”? If you picked the smiley face on an airplane over the bird of steel with flames and sharp metal claws apparently you’d be wrong

“You do want to appeal to the younger fans,” Cal also told the Sun in that same article, apparently failing to notice the logo they were replacing was about as “appeal to the younger fans” as you could get with a graphic, “”This logo represents a new era of IronBirds baseball in Aberdeen.”

Personally, I don’t see any of that old 60s logo Billy’s describing in the new logo and Cal’s logic doesn’t make a lick of sense to me but still, regardless of what the Ripkens are saying, I really do like the new logo – it is an obvious upgrade on what they were using since 2002.

The New Aberdeen IronBirds Cap

What’s nice and refreshing to see here is a real, professionally designed, quality, modern minor league baseball logo – something we had yet to see this off-season.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the cartoon mascots, but sometimes you just want a little variety out there.

The IronBirds have some of the new logo gear on sale now on their online shop, a t-shirt and a couple of caps, no sign of new uniforms.

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  • logoloco777

    Looks like one of ghettofarmboy’s concepts.

  • John Burlie

    WOW! It’s about time something professional came along. Absolutely nothing wrong with this logo, glad to see the smiling plane didnt make it.

  • Aaron

    Excellent update. I only see a bit of the 60’s angry bird and Ironman combination more on the cap. The logo itself not so much. But a way better upgrade from the last one.

  • Sean Carter

    this is big improvement over old team logo that look like cartoon character look goofy in my opinion

  • Skyler W.

    the equation pic had me rolling.

    What a badass logo. I hope they walk out to Judas Priest in those.

  • Ben Foster

    This is an upgrade. Very nice!

  • Jasper R.

    Reminds me too much of the Lancaster JetHawks of the Calif. League.

  • ingmar66

    Not bad, but they should have skipped the flames. They look out of place and are set in a strange angle. The hat is a bit plain but the logo looks very nice, so it is a cool hat.

    • REN

      Think those flames are meant to resemble ironman’s hands when he is landing or taking off

  • Dave

    I like it. I’ve been to several Ironbirds games and the old logo had a mixed reputation, most people I talked to about it that didn’t like it didn’t get the eye because of the size relative to the rest and the plane (if I recall correctly, the eye was an homage to Vi Ripken, Cal and Bill’s mom and her blue eyes) and it seemed a little too childish perhaps. I think this works well to bring it up a notch in machismo without alienating the family-oriented nature, save for the talons. The bird could have been screaming or looked much more aggressive, but I think this finds a nice middle ground. I, too, am puzzled by the placement of the flames, but then the comment above about Ironman’s hands helped make it more…well, cool, if not sensical.

    Also, if you thought the Ripken-ness stopped with the 8 on the logo and Vi’s eye, the mascot’s number was 7 and 3/8ths to tie in Cal Sr.’s jersey number and Cal and Bill’s numbers. When I read one of the other comments above I had to double-check to see if the B could double as an 8 because of it’s position on the bird’s chest, but it doesn’t appear to.

    Chris, who did this? Studio Simon? Oh, and from what I’ve heard, don’t call Bill “Billy” anymore, he’s just Bill now, at his request. 😉

  • A+