Eugene Emeralds Find Bigfoot in New Team Logos

Written By:  •  Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Continuing what has been a very busy week in Minor League Baseball re-brandings, the Eugene Emeralds (San Diego Padres Single-A Northwest League) yesterday unveiled their new logos and colour scheme.

The new look gives the Emeralds something they desperately needed, a true identity. Having used logos in the past that showed off nothing more than the landscape of the Eugene area, it hardly gave fans anything to get excited about.  You can only do so much with mountains and clouds.

Enter Brandiose, fresh off of re-designing the new looks of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders and the Reading Fightin’ Phils.  The San Diego based design company came back with professional sports’ first primary logo to feature a Sasquatch.

“Eugene is a hotbed of countercultural ideas, from Sasquatch sightings to hippy culture, the ‘Ems’ are honoring Eugene’s eccentricities with a few of their own.” – Jason Klein of  Brandiose

The Ems three new Sasquatch logos – carrying, swinging, and eatin’ trees

The new set features a Sasquatch or “Bigfoot” in a variety of poses, the primary logo shows him carrying an uprooted tree over his shoulder, the alternate logo has him swinging said tree like a baseball bat, and the home cap logo has him enjoying it as a tasty snack.

A sasquatch foot logo (not unlike the Colorado Avalanche secondary logo) is also used in multiple marks, on two caps a foot in the shape of an “E” is used, one on it’s own and another forming the Emeralds nickname “Ems” with an S-Sasquatch foot design at the end and a mountain in the shape of an “M” in the middle.  This E-Foot design is also used on the road uniform wordmark which sees it being used as the first and last letter in “Eugene”.

The “E-Foot” Cap Logos

In total, four cap logos were introduced, in addition to the three already mentioned (Sasquatch eating a tree, “E”-Foot, and “EMS”) a fourth cap logo, which I’m presuming will be the batting practice cap, is simply the primary logo of Sasquatch carrying a tree minus the team name.

One has to think with the new Sasquatch mascot that’s sure to come with this set next season, the Emeralds bat boy won’t do what he did to the Ems’ poor old “Doug Fir” during the 2011 season…


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  • john

    Brandiose never ceases to amaze me in the work they do. They truly have a magic forumla down.

  • Jay

    Not to mention the “Swingin’ Sasquatch” is patterned exactly like the Swingin’ Friar from their parent club. Awesome work by Brandiose.

  • Teams take forever to find a perfect logo but Eugene had it and now they’re throwing it away…for shame…

    • JJHoser

      Agreed. Their logo was perfect. Not to mention that this logo with Papa Genu carrying swinging and eating a tree applies that sasquatch is a harry giant rather than just an ape man.

  • Nick

    I love it.

  • Delayed Penalty

    Sasquatch looks a lot better without pupils. The “tree eating” version looks too cutesy.

    @Jay, good catch on the swinging friar lookalike! I didn’t notice that, but now that you said it it makes it even better!

  • This is a good one

  • Koi No Yokan

    Amazing job !!!! Love it

  • Alex Stimson

    As someone who was a member of the Emeralds staff during the 2012 season and saw this whole logo come to being from a VERY rudimentary beginning, it really is special. The guys at Brandiose are amazing to watch in action and I think they absolutely came through for the Ems.

    • Quite simply, any upalod is usually the most effective on this laudable subject. I really come to an understanding in your findings and tend to thirstily watch for your own long term update versions. Telling thanks a lot won’t be adequate, to the brilliant lucidity in the article writing. I will instantly take hold of your own feed to last privy of a typical up-dates. Sound do the job and a lot achieving success on your own corporation!

  • I like it, not love it. Upgrade from their previous logo and adds a little character.

  • Ed Silling

    Ems front office staff member here. Just wanted to let you know that there WON’T be a new mascot accompanying the new logo change. The big green bear Sluggo is here to stay.

    • Chris Creamer

      Good to know, thanks!

  • Aaron

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! Green Giant! Great upgrade Emeralds!

  • john

    the Swingin’ Sasquatch is a nice touch. This is one of those few teams I would never visit but would consider buying merchandise. Nice!

  • Aaron

    If the mentioned design company is based in San Diego, perhaps they could just change the Padres navy, sand and white back to brown, orange and gold (sand).

  • Mark

    I’m not a fan of this. Maybe I would like it better if they were named the Eugene Sasquatchs and wouldn’t had a very nice logo until now (which also did fit to the name), but so it makes no sense to me except getting additional merchandise revenue.

  • ingmar66

    Excellent logos! Much better and more balanced as an identity than the other recent Brandiose creations (Fightin’s and RailRiders). I like everything about this identity and I am looking forward to the hats and uniforms! Go Ems! And to the Padres: let the swinging Sasquatch inspire you to reinstate the Swinging Friar!

  • Atomic Fury

    No believer in Bigfoot but the new branding is awesome.

    Now, about those Fighting Phils…..

  • Burmy

    I must be the one to disagree…the logo and color combination they had before was BEAUTIFUL. Why they dumped it after only THREE YEARS is beyond me.

    Don’t get me wrong, Brandiose always does a good job…I just don’t see why the change was needed in the first place.

    Regardless, they’ll come to their senses and go back in three years…

  • Zach Pendergrass

    As a Eugene resident…. *shrugs*

    I really liked the old logo. It was simple and made me think of this area.

    This new one just feels… tacked on. We’re not getting a Bigfoot mascot, and maybe I’m in the minority but I don’t think of Sasquatch when I think of Eugene, or Emeralds.

    Maybe it’ll invigorate more fan participation, though, which is always good. The move to PK Park was a start, maybe the new colors and logos will be the next step.

    Sorry, but I can’t understand how Minor League Baseball continues to “dumb” down their team brand identities? No knock against anyone but honestly, would anyone over six years be caught dead wearing this mark? Minor League Baseball changes logos all the time to sell more hats and t-shirts. Tthere’s nothing wrong with that. Heck, the Simon’s, Brandiose,, etc. can render “critters” all day long in a very “professional” manner — but hasn’t the time come for one of these firms (or teams) to say “hey, get away from our formula stuff — we’ll move you to new more graphic “interpretative” design style that will get you fans over the age of six and that the “players” would like to be seen in…

  • Let’s not give Brandiose credit for coming up with the first Sasquatch iconography either… the Colorado Avalanche have featured a ‘big foot” secondary patch on their jersey since 1995-96. People do your research before posting.

  • Dave

    This is surprising coming from Brandiose. It is something that on the surface seems ok (not accounting for taste in concept here, the old logo, while not particularly exciting, was very well executed), but it is riddled with problems that seem like a) rush decisions or b) committee decisions or both.

    For the logo of the full-body bigfoot with the logotype, the logotype isn’t particularly elegant, but bigfoot as a concept isn’t exactly elegant, so it fits, but then look at the logotype on its own. It’s weak at best, the letterspacing is odd in spots (even given the slapped-together theme of the idea) plus it is trying to meld the rough-hewn planks that make the letters into an elegant river-like wave shape. They don’t go together well. This might be something that is only objectionable to graphic designers, but using a font so similar to Comic Sans for the “Eugene” in the main logo is almost unforgivable. Which brings up another issue. Why is the “Eugene” logotype (with the feet for the Es) entirely different from anything in the main logo? There’s no connection at all.

    Next look at the full-body without type that has the tree on the shoulder. Are his feet on the wrong legs or are his legs connected at the wrong hip? Is his left (our right) leg even on a hip? How about the other one? At best it’s mounted in the center of his torso, because if you look at where the right side (our left) of his chest is and how it would continue down, well…I could be vulgar, but I won’t. Interesting also that they opted for a logo where your attention is drawn right through his bigfoot junk or lack thereof. I’m not saying I have the answer, but get ready to see this fella vandalized everywhere you look.

    As for the EMS logo, the toes seem too small for a bigfoot and the M is yet another element that doesn’t tie in to the main logo. It’s kinda similar to the M in the main logo, but not as much as it seems when you look closely. Maybe if the M somehow made the shape of home plate, it would make worlds more sense that it was between the feet with the E and S. This is small potatoes, I know, but am curious, why does he only have four toes?

    In a similar vein, why is the close-up of Bigfoot logo so wildly different from how he looks in the main logo? It’s like he put on a Nacho Libre mask. Again, not commenting on the decision to have him look like a pencil-chompin’ pro wrestler, but why is his head a different shape? Why to his features change from angular to rounded? Why does his the human-like hair on his head styled differently? In the full-body it’s sticking up in the back and leaning forward, in the close up, he put some gel in to hold the hair near where a human’s receding hairline would be to hold it up in that position. Why does the eyebrow go all the way to the bottom of the eye? Is that even an eyebrow in the close-up? Why so much inconsistency?

    The lack of detail in the body is somewhat forgiveable, but a little more would have been good. I can understand the effort to mirror the Padres’ swingin’ Friar, but they should have thought about it aside from that, then nixed it. Having this hulking, growling monster in a piroette pose completely undermines the image they are trying to project. It works perfectly for the Friar, backfires on Bigfoot.

    I don’t know much about Eugene or how appropriate this logo is for the area, but if you’re going that far, why keep the name Emeralds? I can understand the urge to change the logo from the old one to be more appealing to a younger male audience, but the former logo really was terrific artistically, especially the lettering. I think if the same amount of craftsmanship had gone into this logo, it might have worked much better, but this is just a hot mess, which is surprising coming from Brandiose, I like a lot of their stuff.

  • Dave

    Ok, just want to say that when there were paragraph breaks in my previous comment when I typed it and I don’t know where they went!

  • Tim

    Just wondered if anyone else caught that Swingin’ Sasquatches hands are in the wrong order on the bat for swinging right-handed.