NC State to Honor Jim Valvano With Special Jerseys for Jimmy V Classic

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NC State Wolfpack Jim Valvano Jimmy V Classic jerseys uniforms special - both


Few things are as inspiring and touching as Jim Valvano’s speech at the 1993 ESPYs. As any level of sports fan, you must remember it, or have seen it replayed. If not, watch now. We will wait.

Jimmy V

The speech motivates everyone who hears it, not the least of which are the Wolfpack basketball team. That’s why they will be wearing a special uniform for this year’s Jimmy V Classic.

NC State Wolfpack Jim Valvano Jimmy V Classic jerseys uniforms special - back


The rallying cry from the speech was “Don’t Ever Give up” which will be featured on the back of the jersey, in place of the players’ names. Around the neck there is a design that looks like a cut net hanging from the players’ neck.

The net is a tribute to  N.C. State coach Everett Case who created/popularized the tradition of cutting down the nets, when he did so after the team won the Southern Conference title in 1947.

NC State Wolfpack Jim Valvano Jimmy V Classic jerseys uniforms special - front


Also, on the left chest is the V Foundation logo, in black.

Nice, touching tribute. If you don’t like it, just go elsewhere to comment. Here, we show love for this.

Here’s Jim’s speech from the 1993 ESPY’s:

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  • BuffaloBillyJ

    Incredibly classy and well deserved tribute. God bless Jimmy V…that ESPY’s speech lives within me.

  • Ron

    Nothing but love for this totally classy tribute to Jimmy V…that ESPY’s speech can still bring a man to tears

  • Get it. Love it. For once a tribute one-off jersey gets it right!

  • Kyle

    I think it’d be sweet if they kept the V Foundation logo on their jerseys forever as a patch to honor him. Very well done.

    • Silver Turtle

      if they DON’T keep it, I will be highly upset. They need to keep those jerseys and wear them in the NCAA Tournament [which they’ll probably make this year]

  • Aaron

    The net design placement on the jersey is a bit odd. But yes keep the black patch somewhere on the full time jerseys possibly on the back collar ala Chuck Daly’s name on the Pistons jerseys. As for the slogan Never Give Up, fit it somewhere on or around the patch, ala Sam Mills’ slogan on the Carolina Panthers jerseys. Not where the player’s name is supposed to be.It’s like an ode to the Chicago Bears GSH initials on the arms of the jerseys or Al Davis’ name placed on the helmets. Really nice tribute.

    • Steve H

      No Names = Message read, = Emphasis on the team

  • Mark

    Good speech, not moving, but a really, really good speech.

  • ingmar66

    Very nice tribute to Jimmy V with a very nice looking shirt. This time the adidas people got it totally right.