NHL Coyotes to Change Location… Name

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The Coyotes are going to be the first NHL team since the Oakland Seals became the California Golden Seals to change their locale name without relocation. This, thanks to a stipulation in the contract the city of Glendale signed to fund the arena for the next 20 years.


The Team Owner shall use commercially reasonable efforts to have the name of the Team changed to the “Arizona Coyotes” as soon as is commercially feasible.


Not a huge request for two reasons. One, the city/state name in the Coyotes identity package already almost seems like an over-site  so the change should be slight and easy to make. Secondly its an extraordinarily reasonable, considering the team currently wears a city’s name that DIDN’T just commit $320 Million dollars over the next 20 years to keep the team from moving. The only wonder is why Glendale didn’t ask for their name to be featured.

The team had no immediate comment on the name change, largely, one assumes, due to the more pressing issues of purchase and ownership change.


As always, stay tuned here for an announcement when the new wordmark is released.

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  • Jason

    Honestly not that surprising; while I’m against the idea of state name teams (except for Minnesota, which I completely understand due to the perceived slight to the other Twin City that would come with the “Minneapolis Timberwolves” or “Saint Paul Wild”), when a team doesn’t play in a major city, they SHOULD do such things, especially when that major city doesn’t help them with a stadium.

    • Rob S.

      Well said, Jason!

    • Dave

      I disagree. I do not want the San Francisco 49ers to change their name, ever.

      I’m always offended when a city steals… taxes, whatever, from the people to give to a sports franchise.

      • Jason

        That I understand, but if they leave San Francisco AND the city (is it Santa Clara?) pays for the stadium, they should change their city name.

        • Squizz

          At least they are in the same state, Unlike the JETS and Giants of New Jersey.

          • Doug

            The Jets and Giants represent New York City, not New York State. People who don’t live in NY don’t get that. So being 5 miles away from the city, they can still represent NYC.

            If we use your logic (or lack thereof), we should rename the following teams:

            Landover/Maryland Redskins
            Arlington Cowboys
            Santa Clara 49ers

            Teams are named for the market.

        • Aaron

          Not bloody likely. Did the Buffalo Bills change their name to the Orchard Park Bills? No! Are the Washington Redskins called the Landover Redskins? Survey says, negative!

  • ingmar66

    Arizona Coyotes looks and sounds more natural than Phoenix Coyotes, which I have always found to be sounding forced. I really hope they do not change the mascot or the logo font and the team colours, since they are nice and clean.

    • Harveyweez

      I’m one of many Coyote season ticket holders who much prefer Phoenix Coyotes to the generic sounding overly mellow Arizona Coyotes. As far as the logo….? It looks exactly like my little Welsh Corgi except the Coyote appears toothless. As for the crappy brick red also chosen by Gratzky, The Not Son Great One who paid himself eight million dollars to do a terrible job ruining the team when the average coach gets about a million, I much prefer the old 90’s jersey. The boring brick red just reminds me of the Gretzky, Moyes regime where they raped the team in a feeding frenzy to line their pockets with I’ll gotten gains.

    • Aaron

      You’re right. Arizona Coyotes does sound more natural than Phoenix Coyotes. Even though they’re in the wrong location, the logos and uniforms they have now look very classy. Only change I’d make, put the shoulder patch on both sides. Looks more complete. Along with striping on the bottom.

      • Harveyweez

        Not really.

      • Joseph

        I love the 90s look. But at hte same time the new logo is more professional. The old one is something an AHL team would wear. As far as colors i like that hte Dbacks, Cards, and Coyotes all basically hvae the same colors now. Granted that being said i am not sure why the Dbacks and Yotes didnt stick with the purple etc since its part of the Suns uniform.

  • They should change the colors back to the 90’s. Always loved that design.

    • Harveyweez

      Totally agree, Bret. We still love that old jersey here in Phoenix and are hoping to see a variation on that theme to replace the old Gretzky chosen, crappy, boring, brick red with the toothless Coyote

  • They should change the colors back to the 90’s. Always loved that design.

  • Interesting that this makes a difference. Hopefully they are willing to consider a new update to the team logo because it’s definitely one of the worst in pro sports.

    • Harveyweez


  • Jason

    This is why the Nets should have became the Newark Nets when the left the Meadowlands. Now, that would be a great way to break away from the state identity.

  • Brian Dolinar

    What a waste of money.

  • Jim Elek

    What a joke! They should move the whole team to someplace that actually has real ice!

    • Scheherazade

      *Facepalms* Wow…….just wow….

    • I live in the south. We have real ice. It comes out of our fridge. It’s made of water that is frozen. The eight ice rinks in my region also have real ice. They make it out of water too. We also have air conditioning that keeps the ice from melting. We also have a roof that means we can make it year round and not have the mean old sun and tilt of the earth make it go away. Love how some people complain the lockout will kill the game but they don’t want the game to spread so they too are killing it.

      • diggerjohn111

        Spreading the game killed it in the first place. They took the game away from hockey people and gave it to the greedy corporations who only want luxury boxes. No hockey south of snow! FOLD THE YOTES!

  • Chris McCabe

    Sounds like the work of a team of consultants.

  • Gabriel Serrano

    Quebec Nordiques sounds better.

  • Sean Walsh

    Wrong franchise…

  • Seems like a huge waste of money for a team that doesn’t have long term plans to stay in the area.

  • …yay…twenty more years of Coyote hockey…that’s exciting…

  • “Quebec Nordiques” sounds better, so does “Seattle Totems” than “Arizona Coyotes”.

    • Squatty McGee

      You know what would be even better? If the NHL was actually playing games.

      I really don’t care what they call the Coyotes, as long as they are playing games on my TV! (I’m from NYC, so they’re not really close by, but my point being: I wish they were playing NHL hockey!)

  • Stumack

    I think the New England/Hartford Whalers fall into this category. The name change wasn’t done until after they had been admitted to the NHL in 1979, although they never played under the “New England” name in the NHL.

    • Aaron

      As mentioned before, would it really make sense to call them the New England Whalers now? Not as long as the Boston Bruins are still around.

  • Rob S.

    I usually don’t like change, so Phoenix is fine w/ me,although I can understand why they would like to make a change.After all that has gone on,maybe Glendale should just use their name,they are paying for it. Arizona doesn’t sound as good,plus it conflicts with the Arizona SunDogs(the only professional team actually playing this season)
    Just to also chime in …The Current Jersey’s are way cool,I disliked the ones from the 90’s.The logo was alright,but hated the jersey.Now if we could only get rid of these stupid Reebok Edge uniforms..I still despise them!

  • Michael Jaworski

    Makes sense, but I don’t like change. Fun team to watch though.

  • F19

    Makes sense considering where they play and the money involved.

    Now bring back the 90s look. It was way better than the current “yelping in pain” coyote head.

  • They should change the name to the Hamilton Coyotes or Milwaukee Coyotes. The NHL needs to take its teams out of Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Tampa, and either San Jose or Anahiem. Hockey is a norhtern sport!

    • Damon Selman

      Sure, take a team out of sucessful markets like Dallas and San Jose. That comment is as silly move the Detroit Tigers to Orlando because is too cold, or mover the Michigan Wolverines to Dallas because the UIL HS football is better than MSHAA football. C’mon, all professional sports have problems in attendance in Miami, Atlanta, etc. If Stern was smart, the Heat would have the Supersonics last year.

  • the lock-out will end when Quebec will have his team back !!!

  • Paul

    The NHL still would have to approve any name change. Not a guarantee it will happen. What this blog post doesn’t state most accurately is that this is for OFFICIALLY MAKING THE **PROPOSAL** for the change.

    This does not automatically mean it will be approved. Even though we have not heard there was an official name change proposal on the table for the Islanders, it was later confirmed no name change at the NHL’s insistence.

    So right now, I wouldn’t be 100% sure it will happen. Until the NHL accepts such a proposal, they are still the Phoenix Coyotes.

    PS: For those of you that keep thinking the team will move, get over it. They’re staying. Additionally, for those like Martin whom I saw post on the Icethetics Facebook page… undeniably there’ll be no team back in Quebec City unless the NHL decides to have one there.

    • Aaron

      Not to mention that Greg Jamieson has to come up with the money for any of this whole staying in the desert schtick is legit. Although this would give Quebec City and Seattle ample time to get their arena situations solved.

  • Aaron

    Oh yeah, as far as naming teams after states or regions, it depends on the team name itself or where they’re actually located. If we’re talking about the Minnesota or New York/New Jersey/Washington DC teams, go with it. BC Lions and Saskatchwan Roughriders are the exception. And I guess the New England Patriots,( although I wouldn’t mind Boston Patriots) considering the fact they’re the only football in those states or regions. But it doesn’t make sense for the Anaheim Angels to be called the California Angels does it? I’ll give a pass to the Carolina Panthers and Hurricanes, but the Florida Panthers should maybe consider renaming themselves the Miami Panthers so they don’t conflict with the ECHL’s Florida Everblades. If the Whalers were still in the NHL, naming them New England would make even less sense.

    • 48erhater

      Florida Panthers is alright because it’s named after the Florida Panther.

  • Bryan Smalley

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a big fan of the “Phoenix Trololololers” instead of the “Phoenix Coyotes” or “Arizona Coyotes”.

  • Jed

    It makes all the sense in the world to change the name. Look, Jamison is a total Bettman tool and he and Bettman are doing everything they can, despite the lockout and doing stuff behind the scenes, to get this deal done once and for all. They haven’t played in Phoenix since the arena opened almost 10 years ago and Glendale Coyotes wouldn’t make sense, so the best name for the team is the Arizona Coyotes, just like what the Cardinals did after they got out of Tempe. They could also change the logo a little bit as well, but glad they’re doing the change in name…long overdue.

  • Ben Foster

    To those who want the Coyotes to relocate…


  • Bazooka Joe

    Whatever the name, sand still sand
    I personally prefer the Arizona Mickey Mouse Hockey Club

    next name will be Seattle …

  • Doug

    This makes sense since they don’t actually play in Phoenix but why name them the “Glendale Coyotes”.

    The Arizona Cardinals were called the Phoenix Cardinals for a few years before changing as well.

  • Bill A

    All due respect to you Chris, but as of this moment – 12/4/2012 10:30 am EST – I have yet to see any announcement on NHL.com regarding the name change.

  • Aaron

    If Jamieson for some bizzare reason doesn’t come up with the money, anyone of the following cities would be more than happy to take the Coyotes…

    Kansas City
    Quebec City

    Hamilton would be more ideal, but then the NHL won’t allow it because of the Sabres/Leafs territorial rights distance issue.

    In fact, to make sense out of the whole thing, here is yet another NHL realignment idea with potential ECHL and AHL affiliations without any territorial infringements…


    Los Angeles/Manchester/Ontario
    Anaheim/Phoenix/San Diego
    San Jose/Worcester/San Francisco
    Edmonton/Oklahoma City/Tulsa
    Calgary/San Antonio/Utah

    Detroit/Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo
    St. Louis/Peoria/Idaho
    Minnesota/Houston/Fort Wayne
    Winnipeg/St. John’s/Wichita
    Nashville/Kansas City/Memphis


    Carolina/Charlotte/South Carolina
    Columbus/Lake Erie/Cinciannati

    Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley/Reading
    New Jersey/Albany/Trenton
    Tampa Bay/Syracuse/Orlando

  • Niel

    Just move the team already.

    • Ben Foster


  • Bayne86

    Arizona Coyotes doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue…

  • Joel Scott

    @Bryan: I don’t think the NHL would approve of any team as the “Trololololers.”

  • Jason

    I think this is stupid. It’s like saying that all of Manitoba won’t support the Winnipeg Jets. This tactic is not going to work. Now what’s going to happen is that the NHL won’t go to the local city council for financial support instead now they will go to the state for financial support. This is more than likely what they are going for since the local council turned them down. Now your just going to have the whole state mad at the NHL instead of the local city in where it is hosted because the team will only be able to survive on financial aid. The NHL will never be self sufficient in Arizona, it will never happen. Saskatchewan doesn’t even have an NHL team but yet Saskatchewan supports the NHL more than all of Arizona together. The viewers of the NHL in Phoenix equals that of a small town and it is an absolute phenomenon that the Phoenix Coyotes have an sponsors at all never mind the local bakery and local pizza joint. This joke just has to end period. It’s embarrassing as an NHL fan.

  • RCP

    Keep the Coyotes in Phoenix. Arizona Coyotes is not a good fit