New York Mets Unveil New Alt Cap at Press Conference

Written By:  •  Monday, December 10, 2012

To promote David Wright’s contract extension with the New York Mets, the team held a press conference, where Wright put on not only one of their two new alternate jerseys, but a previously unseen alternate hat.

The hat matches the “home” alternate jersey, with a blue crown, orange bill and button, and their classic NY insignia in orange outlined in white.

The team has been surprisingly quiet about the new hat, just telling a fan that they will be available for purchase around Spring Training.

How do you feel about the new hat? Does it compliment the Mets’ brand, or is just unnecessary?

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  • Not diggin the hat, kinda looks knock-off to me… Should’ve tried a Orioles looking hat with a front white panel and Mr. Met on it.

    • JJHoser

      No thank you. White paneled hats should be eliminated from the world.

      • Agreed.

      • DJ

        JJ – Coulnd’t agree more. White panels gotta go.

        • DJ

          So does the whole alternate uniform ! Awful !

  • Aaron

    The hat looks fine although I don’t really think it’s necessary.

  • Love the jersey,hate the hat.

    • DJ

      Figures and Angels fan would love ’em. Go back to worrying if there’s enough power in your lineup.

    • DJ

      Why cant there just be ONE home uniform ? whats with all the alternates. Mets with the line under the name, black jersey, snow jersey, blue jersey….money grubbing. What happened to tradition and continuity. Don’t see the Yankees, Tigers or Dodgers with all sorts of alternates . Just one uniform and they are classics. Mets aren’t getting too much right these last 10 years.

  • Kevin Gee

    I love it! definitely picking one up!

  • Sam D.

    Completely unnecessary. They could have just worn their traditional blue hats with the blue jerseys and it would have looked fine. This is overkill, just when I thought the Mets finally got everything right.

  • love the jersey the hat stinks

  • ingmar66

    Both the hat and the shirt are excellent. The white outline on the crown looks classic yet fresh. But we need something with Mr. Met on it as well, be it a sleeve patch or a batting practice hat. Or the Homerun Apple surrounding the Mets logo. Man, the Mets uniforms are so cool again these days. They are one of the very few of all the teams that I support that actually have really nice uniforms…

  • John

    I like the hat a lot. To all those questioning the necessity of the alternate hat… no alternate hat is necessary.

    My sole concern is that this hat will see the field more often than the Mets standard hat. But that isn’t a beef with the design or its existance. I hope it only shows up with the blue alternate and snow white alternate, which both are worn less often than the pinstripes.

  • Brian Castner

    I don’t mind the white outline but I hate that orange bill. Keep it all blue and it would look much better.

  • Kris

    It’s a great looking hat, just not really necessary. Nothing beats their classic cap.

  • JJHoser

    I love it!! I’ve been waiting for this hat for years!! I do think the white outline on the NY should be removed but being a Rockies fan, I’ve always thought the Mets should take the Rox approach to a hat that rivals the Colorado away hat with the black center and purple bill and dot.

  • Scott Jones

    I don’t think this will generate the same rush as the new Malibu Stacy did.

  • cm62198

    St. Louie Mets just unveiled their new logos and uniforms.

    • cm62198


  • cm62198


  • Cap would have been fine if it didn’t have the white outline. Very unprofessional looking.