Eugene Emeralds Show Off New Home Uniform

Written By:  •  Tuesday, December 11, 2012

At the Winter Meetings in Nashville, the Eugene Emeralds of the Northwest League unveiled their new home uniforms. Readers will remember that last week, the Emeralds had a big announcement for their new logo set.

In an interview with The Logocast, Emeralds GM Allan Benavides explained the look.

We have gone away from the pinstriping to a real fun like wood grain pattern, that’s on our jersey top now, and it’s got a real Oregon feel to it. So it’s different, it’s a little unique, but it’s flashy still.

The jersey features the lime green Ems script on a white jersey with black sleeve and placket piping and a multi-tone green wood grain. The back of the jersey features white numbers bordered in black. (photo credit CCSLC member Bradbury)

Are these “insane in a good way”? Or have the Emeralds and Brandiose gone too far? What do you think?

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  • Aaron

    I hope this is just their alternate jersey. Pretty flashy though.

  • John Burlie

    I usually don’t like gradients, but some teams can pull them off. Like my picture 😛 I think these are pretty solid for an alternate. Sure its gradients but there are enough of the green (tree?) stripes to make the gradient just a background.

  • Comment from my wife: “It looks like they held still and somebody tagged them.”

  • John Aiken

    I like the squatch on the unis these shirts just don’t look good

  • I’m a fan. I enjoy Brandiose’s work.

  • Burmy

    I miss the old Emeralds logo package-that was BEAUTIFUL.

  • Brian Castner

    When I see EMS I think “Emergency Medical Services” not “Emeralds”. Can we please stop with the “Ems”, “Baseballtown” nicknames and abbreviations in the logos, wordmarks, and on the jerseys? That includes that stupid OKC, PHX, ATL crap too. I’m hating Brandiose more with each new unveil. If it was an alt or a 1 time thing it would be OK but this looks so horrible the Cincinnati Bengals should be jealous. Junk…

    • Aaron

      Yeah,, please spell out the name Emeralds on the jersey. Fans will likely mistake this jersey for that of the other EMS. I think too many teams use abbreviations on their jerseys.Some are good, others nah!

  • Troy Griggsby

    I totally get the MiLB thing, but it seems a lot of the recent unveils within the past several months (by Brandiose or whomever) are simply too gimmicky bordering on cartoonish mockery.

  • mark

    Whose the team with the Hot Dog logo on their cap.

    • Chris Creamer

      That’s the Reading Fightin’ Phils… the hot dog appears only on the road cap, they use an ostrich at home

  • Michael L.

    I would love to see the Swingin’ Sasquatch logo on a cap with these or any uni for that matter.

  • Alex Giobbi


  • guh… I hate it, AND Brandiose. Brandiose used to be good, but now they’re going too far. I honestly think every design I’ve seen of theirs this offseason has been terrible.

  • Chris W

    No..they (the fans) get them confused with the other EMS. They have been called the Ems locally by the media and fans for years. Just like ATL, OKC, RipCity, Baseball Town and the rest is a tie in to the city and surrounding areas. It doesn’t have to make any sense to the rest of us. If the fanbase and city take a feeling of ownership, the wordmark works..however silly. And It’s minor-league ….the team …and yes the uniform too. It might grow on me, but again, if the fans love it, it works.

  • I think the new Emeralds brand is certainly fun, but has strayed too far from the Emeralds identity. Since they’ve gone this far, I’m surprised they haven’t changed the moniker to the Eugene Sasquatches.

    I like a lot of Brandiose’s work, but this one and the Reading Fightins unveiling introduced too many changes all at once. Three new logos is plenty–you don’t need twelve.

  • ingmar66

    I like the idea behind the shirt, but this is 100% kitsch. Why not take classic pinstripes (green, black or lime) and bend them like a wood pattern and repeat that on the pants?

  • Discrim

    This would’ve been better off reading Emeralds…the wood grain is a nice idea, though I’m not sure about the execution, especially seeing as this is the home uni, apparently. I’d be all for it were this an alt though.

  • The Eugene WoodChucks would be a 1000% better name. I don’t know the guys at Brandiose, so this is NOT personal but this identity is horrible at every brand touchpoint. Seriously take a look at this? It is absolutely one of the ugliest identity packages EVER. A bad cliche at every turn. If you’re going to sell out then go for the super obvious.

    Minor League Baseball should stop looking away and think about engineering some integrity into a team now and then…

  • It’s not the animal stripes or the gradient that turns me off, it’s definitely the color scheme. Very odd.