A New Look for NIU’s Orange Bowl Debut

Written By:  •  Thursday, December 27, 2012

The BCS bowls provide the biggest stage for teams to unveil new uniforms and North Illinois had nothing to lose in debuting something fresh for its first-ever BCS game.

The Huskies will wear an Adidas Techfit jersey, desingned to be 30 percent lighter than a traditional jersey with new fabrics, lightweight numbers and ventilation zones.

The NIU “away” look features a white top with a new custom-designed front that offers a red NIU above silver numbers on the chest and shoulders. The look completes with a black helmet, red pants, red/white crew socks and black cleats.

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  • Aaron

    The front letters are too big for the front of a football jersey. The numbers are cool though.

  • Mark

    That is amazing

  • Steve Cramsie

    God awful. These colleges are starting to look like flag football teams with these overly-designed monstrosities.

  • Josh

    Um … it’s Northern Illinois, not North.

  • Benny

    Is there actually a 40 yard line graphic on the crotch or is that just ian effect n the promotional pictures?

    • Jj

      An effect

  • Jj


  • Bubbles

    Brutal. What ever happened to stripes and block numbers. I hate that college football caters to 18 year olds while everyone over 30 is forced to endure the reincarnation of the XFL.

  • Damon Selman

    For a BCS buster like NIU, the uniforms will look great if they win, but look awful if they lose. It is so-so as it is.

  • Mike L

    Victor E. will raise a leg on these. NIU class of ’77

  • ingmar66

    Horrible. Glad I do not have to watch these in action. Poor Huskies fans.