2013 *NEW* MLB Batting Practice Caps and Uniforms

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Major League Baseball and New Era are set to unveil their latest league-wide batting practice cap re-design in the coming weeks and for the first time since 2007 we’re thankfully being spared the untraditional cap design elements.

Gone is the piping on the bill, as is the piping running up the front of the cap.  There will be no return to the arches just above either ear (and over the MLB logo on the back) used pre-2010.  It’s just a return to your basic, good old fashioned, cap design styles.

While the whacky swooshes and piping are gone, alt-coloured front-panel caps are leading the way with this batch with several teams using them who have never before in their club history, teams like the Tigers, Royals, and Marlins will all have white on the front of their caps this Spring.

Did we mention they’ll be using NewEra’s 59Fifty cap?  Well they are, which is welcome news to some and not so welcome news to others.  I fall in the “not so welcome” class – I’ve personally never enjoyed how the 59Fifty’s feel and was was always a fan of New Era’s various BP caps they had been using since ’03.

Knowing our readers crave all the details we can possibly find when it comes to sports design (instead of a dismissive one-liner) we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the new batting practice caps for each team in 2013 here at SportsLogos.Net one division at a time.

Click any of the links before to see the new looks for each of the teams in that division:

2013 American League East BP Caps
Baltimore, Boston, NY Yankees, Tampa Bay, Toronto

2013 American League Central BP Caps
Chi White Sox, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Minnesota

2013 American League West BP Caps
Houston, LA Angels, Oakland, Seattle, Texas

2013 National League East BP Caps
Atlanta, Miami, NY Mets, Philadelphia, Washington

2013 National League Central BP Caps
Chi Cubs, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis

2013 National League West BP Caps
Arizona, Colorado, LA Dodgers, San Diego, San Francisco

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  • Aaron

    For Washington’s BP cap, they should either use DC on theirs or use the capital building.

    • Leonard

      A white BP cap with a red visor and a red curly “W” would do.

  • Chris, for some reason I was under the impression that these 59fifty caps were made with a mesh material, similar to the 1999-2002 BP caps. Is there any truth to that, or am I just making bunk up?

    • Chris Creamer

      I can only speculate at this point, but I am expecting these to be as you describe — 59Fifty’s with mesh material.

  • Rob


    any idea when these go onsale

    • Chris Creamer

      We have heard end of February from one team and “possibly” in two weeks from another

  • Matthew D

    I’m in the camp that’s not happy they are going to be 5950. Unless you have a huge head those caps look foolish on people. The bill and crown are just way too big on those things. Wish they’d make a lower profile cap without it being a stretch fit.

  • agege

    Ugh for the A’s. This only means more merchandise. Wolff needs to go.

    • Chris

      Yeah, the A’s should’ve totally skipped out on the new profit opportunity.

      From here on out…no new merchandise for Oakland. Keep selling hats and t-shirts from 19diggitydeuce.


  • I love all these practice caps. Well done New Era.

  • Cory Chernenkoff

    Are you positive they are 5950s? If so, I’m gonna stock up on the current ones $9.99 on mlb.com

  • t

    I love the Braves hat!

  • ingmar66

    I am so happy with these, as I happen to have a huge head (size 7 3/4) and I simply hate those low crowned suburban softball league hats they have been using as BP caps the past years. Long live the 59Fifty!

  • Braves!

    Wheres the NL East article?!


    Only 2 more monthssss

  • Tim

    Any mention whether the new BP 5950s will be fitted sizes or similar to the previous 3930 stretch versions (i.e., s-m, l-xl)? Personally, I’d like the

  • John Mc.

    I hate the 59fifty cap, and I have a big noggin. The 39thirty looks heaps better. Don’t think I’m buying a new Rangers cap this year.