2013 NL West Batting Practice Caps and Uniforms

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Major League Baseball and New Era are set to unveil their latest league-wide batting practice cap re-design in the coming weeks and we’re taking an in-depth look at the new batting practice caps for each team in 2013 here at SportsLogos.Net going through one division at a time.

Up next, we look at the NL West.


The Diamondbacks hats feature the team’s A logo, the only thing that still stands from the team’s initial season in 1998. The black crown and red brim are very evocative of the team’s early looks, where they would wear the logo with an alternate color on the brim. Black with a teal brim, white with a purple brim, teal with a purple brim. It’s a welcome change from their previous BP look, which featured the red at the expense of the rest of the palette.

Is the team embracing it’s history? Should the team revert to purple and teal? Personally, now that they are the only team wearing black, sand, and brick red, I think they should own the look, and this great looking BP hat is a great way to start.


The stand alone baseball flying over the Rocky Mountains logo has been worn exactly one time in Colorado team history, and that was on the jersey of the “Turn Ahead the Clock” duds.

I’m turned ahead, how about you?

This is the first time in team history something besides the CR has been worn on a team cap.

Rockies slugger Carlos Gonzalez in last year’s BP hat.

Is this a sign of the team making changes, perhaps in the font? Or is it just an attempt to leverage an underused logo into the team’s identity?


The Dodgers make the most dramatic change to their look since the 2006 BP’s, wearing grey crowns with a royal blue LA, squatchee, and bill. In past seasons, they have worn their regular hats with the spring training/batting practice uniforms, so it is unknown if this change will be noticed much, except for at the fan shop.

Matt Kemp warming up, with Dodgers game hat.

If they do get worn together, it will be unique to see how well the jersey, with no gray, goes with the grey crowned hat.


The Padres in large part appear to be a team without an identity. At home, they’re a navy blue and beige team. On the road, they’re grey and navy, and when they wear their alts? They’re navy and white. The new BP cap really does nothing to address any of those concerns. The hat, as far as I can remember, the first hat in MLB history to be a front paneled cap with a dark front panel while the rest of the crown is white, features their trademark SD on grey.

Chase Headley in last year’s BP hat.

Just give us back the brown and gold, San Diego. That’s what the people really want. That, and to stop the camo.


The Giants big change for 2013 is an orange scquatchee, compared to black for last year’s. The design, with the change, now exactly matches the team’s alternate hat.

National League MVP Buster Posey in last year’s BP hat, which looks a lot like this year’s.

Will the difference in material be enough for Giants fans to buy these new lids?


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  • Aaron

    Suggestions for Arizona and San Diego’s BP caps…

    Put the snake logo on the BP caps and the A logo on the game caps for AZ.

    Padres… Just put the friar on the BP cap.

    • cm62198

      I totally agree I really want to see the swinging friar on a San Diego Padres cap and not just on the Tucson Padres (triple A affiliate) hat.

  • cm62198

    Is the Rockies uniform blue or purple I thought they were purple but they look blue in the picture?

  • Alex

    alternate logos are made for things like this. BP/ST hats should be mascots and/or alts IMO. Why have the logos if they are never used?

    ARI – love it, always liked the A logo better than the D
    LA – nice use of grey but will probably look out of place with a white uni
    SD – agree with the fact the friar should have been used, also the reverse panel scheme is questionable
    COL – i think the mountain logo personifies what a BP hat should be, looks great
    SF – no real change, but fits them

  • Shane

    “Will the difference in material be enough for Giants fans to buy these new lids?”

    Yeah, I’ll get one. I’ve got last years, and it bugs the crap out of me not having the orange squatchee.

  • SFforlife

    As a diehard Giants fan, our hats are absolutely pathetic. Really weak. I mean they were really thinking outside the box with they designed these huh? Jesus…at least try an orange cap with black bill or use the “SF” alt logo or something!

  • Aus Vic

    I’m dying to see the Angels 2013 BP Cap!

  • Kyle Suchy

    Chris, did you mean to put “2003-2006” on the top-left-most of the Diamondbacks’ BP hats?

    • Kyle Suchy

      I mean Michael Waldrop, not Chris.

  • Thomas

    Yay, now the tiny button on the top of the giants hat is ORANGE! Great job design team!

  • Trent

    When are these avaliable for purchase?!

  • ingmar66

    The Dodgers BP jersey should feature some gray to match this hat. SD messed it up again by skipping the brown and gold and the friar for their BP set. Giants should have put the G of the uniform on the hat. Rockies secondary logo looks so minor league, which is no problem but the big R would have been better.

    • Aaron

      Maybe when the Padres come to their senses and switch back to brown, orange and possibly gold, they’ll put the friar on their BP caps.

  • John Robert Crawford

    Any Padres cap that’s not brown and either gold or orange gets an “F” in my book. Blue is for Dodger fans.

  • Aussie Ry

    Any chance somebody has these hat and jersey templates available somewhere? I’d love to throw some concepts I’ve got on them.

    ps. By the way, great write ups on these BP Caps!

  • Aaron

    The Giants BP cap looks an awful lot like their alternate caps. Not that it’s a bad thing, but yeah, put the cursive G on those BP caps. With Arizona’s, the last BP cap design they had just before the colour scheme change would look wicked with their current colours.

  • dex1lsp

    I always thought that Rockies mountain logo should be utilized more. Well there you go! As for my Giants, I like what we got. No need to get cute with it because the interlocking SF logo is the best logo in sports.

  • Agent New Era

    C’mon Giants! I agree with an above poster., maybe an orange crown with black rim. Perhaps even use the Giants script logo over the baseball which is their alternate logo, or even the cursive “G” logo.

    BP hats should be different that the main ones, off-kilter even. Kudos to the Braves and Blue Jays for running with it.