2013 NL East Batting Practice Caps and Uniforms

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MLB NL East Batting Practice Caps - featured

Major League Baseball and New Era are set to unveil their latest league-wide batting practice cap re-design in the coming weeks and we’re taking an in-depth look at the new batting practice caps for each team in 2013 here at SportsLogos.Net going through one division at a time.

In this piece we’re taking a look at the National League East.



MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Atlanta Braves hat

The Braves have released the most divisive, if not most controversial cap out of this year’s MLB releases. It features their indian head logo, first used as an alternate when the franchise was in Milwaukee in 1954, then used in different iterations by the organization until it disappeared in 1989. This hat logo is the most similar to the last version, used in 1987-1989 Apparently it is very popular with some, and abhorrent to others. Read more about it in the comments section following this article we wrote.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Atlanta Braves Jason Heyward 2012

Jason Heyward takes his cuts wearing the 2012 BP cap, while Eric Hinske creeps behind him.

 The Braves had avoided the “contrast circle” other teams had, but retained the piping on the crown. One wonders how true navy the hat will be. The graphics all seem to be primary colors, and lack the specificity of real Pantones. We expect it to be the matching navy.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Atlanta Braves jersey

Braves BP jersey stays relatively the same, but does drop the white under the arms. The cap will mimic the “mostly navy with some red” look.


MLB NL East Batting Practice Caps - Florida Miami marlins hatThe Marlins are working on quite a run of new batting practice caps. What with changing their logo, the letter they featured, and league-wide changes. They are rocking the white front cap, with the rest being black. The M logo has a black M base.

MLB NL East Batting Practice Caps - Florida Miami marlins BP 2012

Adam Greenberg threatens you to dislike the 2012 Marlins batting practice cap

Last year the Marlins wore the standard MLB template BP cap, with the coffee-stain piping circle across the front. This year, they have gone with a home and away version.  The away is black, with an orange brim and a white-base M logo.

MLB NL East Batting Practice Caps - Florida Miami marlins jersey

The Marlins stick with their new-last-year BP jersey and add the multiple cap versions. Black BP jerseys wouldn’t be my choice, especially if I played in south Florida where it is even hotter in the mid summer, but thats what the Marlins go with. They sport their two new cap, and the orange side panels.


MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - New York Mets hatStill gone is the black from the Mets BP cap, and say hello to a running version of Mr. Met. As a giant-headed person whose baseball caps rarely fit, I was tempted to be offended by this BP hat, but then realized that it isn’t referencing me. So, now I like it.

MLB NL East Batting Practice Caps - New York Mets Wright BP 2012

New York Mets BP cap being rocked by a pensive David Wright

Another team, another unnecessary piping adventure on the Mets cap from 2012

The new cap looks a lot like a hat currently available on the MLB Shop.

I am assuming that hat is actually Mets blue and orange and not as red as it looks in the store.


MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - New York Mets jersey

Mr Met runs around on the orange bill on top of the cap, while below, solid blue BP jerseys have orange logo, name, number, and a thin arm stripe.


MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Philadelphia Phillies hat

The Phillies retain their blue P, and add a blue pill. Not a lot more going on here, other than dropping the unpopular piping. Piping, in fact that we seem to have incorrectly noted on our historical graphics.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Philadelphia Phillies Howard 2012

Ryan Howard sports the 2012 BP cap and some very blue shades.

As you see in this photo of Ryan Howard from the 2012 season, the Phillies actually had no stripes on the bills. Further research by SportsLogos.Net interns could not come up with any variations on the cap, so apparently we just got it wrong in our graphic. Mea Culpa.

This is a lot like the star P from 1997-2007 

Blue bill, red cap. Pretty traditional for the Phillies.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Philadelphia Phillies jersey

Again, the jerseys remain the same, but the caps are new, and now are matched in blue/red balance by the new BP hats.



MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Washington Nats Nationals hatWashington will be sporting their own version of the pinwheel. Blue crowns, white front panel, red bill. The Walgreens Washington logo is on the front in red, with a navy outline.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Washington Nats Nationals 2012 BP

Davy Johnson likes the BP cap. Michael Morse and Jayson Werth, meh.

The Nationals BP caps only differed from their game caps with the blue piping crop circle on the bill and front. As you can see above, the players didn’t wear these caps very often, their biggest proponent being manager Davy Johnson. There were days some players wore the cap, but only what could best be described as rarely. Davy wore it not every day, but frequently. With the new cap and its white front, it will be much more obvious when they are being worn or not. We shall see if this inspired them to be worn more frequently.

MLB NL East BP Batting Practice Caps - Washington Nats Nationals jersey

I am going to guess that the reason we saw the Nationals in their warm up jackets so often was to cover up these goofy collars and remind one of the terrible NFL contrasting collars. Both making it seem like the player has a dress shirt or polo under the jersey with their collar hanging out. Those stay the same for 2013, but are joined by the white front cap.


So, sportsfans, how do you like the NL East? Same as all the rest? The best? The worst? What did we miss?

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  • I’m not a fan of the new Braves hat at all and am one that thinks it’s racist and offensive, however, at least it’s not the “Redskins.” That aside, I think the new look campaign and colorways are pretty successful overall. Nice link to the past with a lot of these organizations and I can appreciate that.

  • Alex

    ATL – i dont see why theres an uproar for using a logo that has been in their franchise for so long. but id like to rather see a tomahawk or something else

    PHI – nothing new

    MIA – still dont like the logo

    NYM – love it. mr met works perfectly

    WAS – love the expo-esque style. perfect

  • Aaron

    Love the BP caps here. I like how Washington has the white panel caps ala Montreal Expos, but put DC on one the BP caps and the Capital building on another, and use the white panel caps as an alternate. For the Phillies, put the Liberty bell on the BPcaps. The last BP cap design the Braves had with the A with the red outline, should be their road caps or their alternate road caps. As for Miami, if they’re going to use orange, the black cap with the orange bill should be their full time home cap especially since they wear alternate orange jerseys at home.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Marlins fire another dud.

  • Aaron

    The batting practice jersey design for the Braves, please use the red and white lettering and piping for the road alternates.

  • F19

    Love that Expos-style Nats cap. Cool touch.

    Note to the Marlins: It’s not 1974, you don’t train at Bobby Maduro Stadium, you’re not the Baltimore Orioles. Methinks Mr. Loria may be trying to pretend he really did buy the O’s in 1994. 5 random colors to choose from and you pick to primarily utilize the long established O’s/Giants black and orange combo, then intro a white panel cap. Lame.

    • Aaron

      All the more reason the Marlins should revert back to teal full time and just use orange as a secondary colour with black teal.

      • Loria HATES teal as can be seen with the Marlins scaling back of teal and using more black with ever increasing orange through the last decade as the Florida Marlins. Teal won’t come back, not even a throwback uni, until Loria sells the team or dies.

  • Well done Mr. Francis. I liked your subtle “big head” comments. You could say that I agree with you there.

  • Travis Gagnon

    The 2012 Phillies cap is incorrect, look at the picture of Ryan Howard and then the cap, the seams on the bill of the cap are red, not blue.

  • ingmar66

    I will never like any garment or headwear with that atrocious Marlins logo on it. It looks like a travel agency, fishing gear manufacturer or steamliner company logo. As for the Braves, take the script B in white with a red outline or the other way around (to match the shirt). The other caps are really good, especially Mr. Met and the Washington Nexpos.

  • Aaron

    Hey, didn’t the Marlins BP cap have an M with a Marlin popping out of it at one point?

  • Aaron

    I was referring more when they were the Florida Marlins in the proper colours.

  • I don’t understand the uproar over the Braves BP cap. The Indian Head has been apart of their team logos since they were in Boston. The logo is not distasteful, the Indian is not doing anything offensive. It would be different if the logo was more of a caricature and depicted the Indian doing something truly out of character.