Camo-Like Design Featured in new High School All-Star Game Uniform

Written By:  •  Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A subtle camouflage design highlights the new football uniforms for the 2013 U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Saturday in San Antonio.

The high school football all-star game, televised live on NBC, received its first head-to-toe redesign by Adidas, with yellow, black and camo taking the lead.

The Techfit uniform pants and the helmet feature a digital “camo-inspired” pattern with solid light and dark fields and a checkerboard-like design. Subdued wins the day here, especially on the helmet. Without going overboard, the U.S. Army sponsorship of the game comes through clearly sans the obnoxiousness possible with a camouflage design.

The East squad jersey is black with yellow lettering and accents and the West team will wear “vivid” yellow with black accents.

Also expect black socks with yellow stripes, as is becoming the common look for Adidas. Players will wear either the CrazyQuick or 5-Star 2.0 cleats in bright yellow.

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  • Get rid of the camo already!!!! They’re playing football, not hunting ducks or going to war!!

  • ingmar66

    The uniforms look allright, adidas toned down their usual uniform freak-show act this time.

  • kurpit

    i usually don’t like camo for unis, but they did a nice job of keeping it subtle. also, it makes total sense that an Army-sponsored game would feature camo on the unis, so sure, why not?