Blades Announce Winner of Jersey Design Contest

Written By:  •  Thursday, January 3, 2013

This past October the Western Hockey League’s Saskatoon Blades ran a jersey design contest giving a fan an opportunity to see their creation come to life and be worn on the ice for the Blades’ game against the Swift Current Broncos on February 2nd.

Today the Blades announced the lucky winner, Fabio Burà who wins a team autographed version of his jersey as well as tickets. Fabio’s jersey was chosen via a fan poll amongst four other finalists and was the clear winner according to the Blades.

The winning design, click for larger image

Burà’s design features a logo he designed, a “Blades” wordmark in which the “L” is also a hockey stick with tape, “SASKATOON” below. A nearly impossible to see maple leaf appears in the top left of the “B” on “Blades”. A shoulder logo was also designed by the winner, crossed hockey sticks and a maple leaf (did you know they were from Canada?) with the team name around it in a round logo.

The other finalists jerseys are shown below… did the Blades fans make the right choice?  Have your say in our comments:

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  • Ian

    I like it but I really like one with a sword in it…I like the shoulder patch of the sword made out of the SB.

    The hockey stick L is kind of blah and unoriginal IMO.

  • mine was better, that sucks

    • Ben Foster

      Well, don’t we all have our opinions?

  • Big Stunna

    Generic font FTW

  • Delayed Penalty

    At first glance I liked it, but the longer I look at it the worse it gets. Serpentine, Brush Script, whatever that hockey stick/S money symbol thing is down on the hem. Finalist #1 is better IMO, but it’s a fan voted contest, so majority rules I guess!

  • Mark

    Gold colored ones don’t work

  • Aaron

    The white Blades jersey that won the contest looks good and clean, but I think it could’ve used the main logo as shoulder patches. The Habs-esque version in navy should’ve been the clear cut winner mixing in the old logo with the new one. The ones with the sword logo is pretty sharp looking. The light blue one, can you say Atlanta Thrashers? Although a pretty bold attempt to mix in the current colours with the past colours.

  • The winning doesn’t work for me. Great execution, but I don’t think the striping works and the piping on the hem looks out of place with hem stripes also present. It’s either hem piping OR hem stripes, not both. I may be biased because I designed the Canadiens-esque jersey, but I think it should have won…

  • Troy Griggsby

    Great execution, but Brush Script MT for the wordmark?!

  • ingmar66

    The best of the ones shown here, but not very exciting. I do like the shoulder patch with the letters HC for Hockey Club. Very stylish! But the maple leaf in the wordmark is out of place, the script is too generic and the extra logo on the back is not very creative.

  • Joe G.

    I personally like the 3rd from the top, with the gold, but I think they made a good choice.

    • Aaron

      The jersey with blue and gold looks cool too. If the Blades had a parent club, the Buffalo Sabres would be it. In more ways than one.

  • Tom Richards

    To me the winner is a great start, but needs some font help. He’ll be excited when that jersey comes, though.
    I submitted this on a jersey: but no dice. Oh well.

  • John Burlie

    at least someone managed to make something on that horrible template they gave us. Seeing that one of the finalists made their own template kinda pisses me off. The rules were that it had to be their template which is why I gave up. Oh well, at least it looks ‘normal’, could have been a lot worse

  • Thomas

    My god, its not even special at all. It’s just vector-ized. And why the heck is it in another template? All 5! Jeez, If i knew i could make my own template… Atleast they are better than the Brewers jersey entries haha

  • Trent

    Honestly these contests are all the same regarding hockey designs. If you were to name the most common hockey uniform design, what would it be? 3 stripes on the shoulders and 3 stripes underneath the chest numbers. And this is what they choose for the one game alternate?! It’s for one game for crying out loud; how about some creativity! Why even have a contest when the winning design just blends in? I am not trying to bash the designer, it’s just that this is THE MOST common design out there. It makes me sick that some designs that went outside the box to try and make something unique were bypassed for this one. Disappointed.