NCAA Bowl Games Phantom Champs Merchandise

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The big NCAA football bowl games have come and gone, all we have left to look forward to is Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game between Notre Dame and Alabama. The champions of the Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Fiesta Bowls have all been crowned, which means we got us some phantom champions merchandise to post for y’all!

As always! This is the actual merchandise that had been produced in anticipation of the following teams winning or qualifying for those big four bowl games – these are not reproductions based on what we think they were going to be, these product images are straight from retailers and manufacturers.



Florida Gators 2013 Sugar Bowl Champions Cap

Florida Gators 2013 Sugar Bowl Champions Shirt



Kansas State 2013 Fiesta Bowl Champions Cap

Kansas State 2013 Fiesta Bowl Champions Shirt



NIU 2013 Orange Bowl Champions Cap

NIU 2013 Orange Bowl Champions Shirt



Wisconsin 2013 Rose Bowl Champions Cap

Wisconsin 2013 Rose Bowl Champions Shirt


That’s it for the championship gear, now onto “participant” merchandise – shirts produced to acknowledge a team playing in one of those four Bowl games, not necessarily winning them.  Keeping with the theme of the post, none of the following schools actually played in the game the merchandise depicts.

Georgia Bulldogs 2013 Sugar Bowl shirt

Georgia Tech 2013 Orange Bowl Shirt

Kent State 2013 Sugar Bowl Shirt

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2013 Rose Bowl shirt

OSU Sooners 2013 Sugar Bowl Shirt

Rutgers 2013 Orange Bowl Shirt

UCLA 2013 Rose Bowl Shirt

If you’re a fan of this sorta thing, first of all check back Monday night because we already got all the 2012 National Championship merchandise for both teams, so we’re ready either way!  You can also go through our archive of older phantom champs posts across pretty much every sport out there by clicking… here!

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  • ingmar66

    It is a good thing these shirts are not shredded, but sent to poor people around the world, it would have been such a waste of cotton (and the huge amount of water it takes to produce cotton clothing). On the other hand, wouldn’t it be nice fo poor people to wear the winner’s gear for a change? Time to donate NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Nike, adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Russell Athletic, Majestic and the rest of them! By the way, the UCLA shirt should have had the swoosh and the school logo switched, just like the other shirts shown.

  • Jj

    Huskies phantom hurts so much

    • Logan R

      I think it feels good because they didn’t belong there!

      • Michael Q.

        Why do you say that? They met all the requirements to go there. You can’t just put a team there that did or is better. You need to meet the requirements and teams like Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, and LSU didn’t meet them.

  • Here is the ACTUAL Mississippi State Gator Bowl championship shirt:

    Go Cats!

  • The kids in Africa are going to be so confused to see they’re getting UF shirts…

  • Burmy

    Dear Random Third-World Kid:

    You don’t know me, but I know you’re wearing that awesome “WIN-SCONSIN” t-shirt. As a Badgers fan, I would REALLY like to buy one of these from you…I am willing to pay generously so that your family will be well-fed for the next month.

  • Logan R

    Swamped em’. LOL