Dallas Stars to Get New Logo, New Uniforms

Written By:  •  Monday, January 7, 2013

The NHL lockout has finally ended and with that… NHL uniform news!

According to Dallas News reporter Mike Heika, the Dallas Stars have asked for and received an extension from the National Hockey League to the deadline to submit a new look for the 2013/14 season, although they may be delayed until 2014/15 if they can’t nail the right design down in time.

Heika added that the new uniforms will feature a new logo, be “drastically different from the current look”, but still (thankfully) be predominently green.

The Dallas Stars have used a version of this logo since 1992/93, their last season in Minnesota

If true, I’m very glad they’re retaining green as the main colour – earlier rumours suggested the club was considering a switch to red, white, and blue which would have been a nightmare.  Nothing worse than taking a unique, good-looking colour scheme (with history of championships) and swapping it for one used by several other teams already in the league.  Not to mention the fact that “stars” would be incorporated into the design making it just another Washington Capitals or NHL All-Star Game uniform.

Like the Capitals in 1995, the Stars are changing their logo – both featured a star, both were basically fancy wordmarks – neither were anything exciting in terms of their design or execution but there is a history attached to both of them.  The Capitals switched to an entirely different look for 95/96 and while the new logo package was an obvious upgrade over their past set (and the team saw success they never saw before in the old look) the fans had too much of an emotional attachment to that classic red, white, and blue identity the team used for their first 20 years.  The club eventually returned to a modernized version of that original look for the 2007/08 season, and they look pretty fantastic.

Ed Belfour raises the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999

The Stars are retaining at least their main colour, green, already doing something that the Capitals didn’t.  What accent colours will be used to replace the black and gold? Will they even be replaced? Too early for us to know, but it’s those decisions that could seriously effect how this new look is received by the fans of the team.

It’s a shame to be losing a logo that has been around the sport for so long, originally adopted by the then-Minnesota North Stars in 1992, it’s the only primary logo the team has used since it’s relocation to Dallas. The club has played in two Stanley Cup finals with that logo on their chest, winning their only title in 1999, and was worn for several seasons by hockey hall of famers Brett Hull, Ed Belfour, Joe Neiuwendyk, and future member Mike Modano.

Hopefully the Stars will learn from mistakes the Capitals made and just modernize their existing logo while saving all that “drastically different” business for the uniforms.  Clark Rasmussen of DetroitHockey.Net made a couple of concepts that I’d be satisfied with, take a look and see what you think.

Heika suggests the new NHL deadline is set for the end of January and that the Stars are still waiting for the latest designs to come back from Reebok, naturally we’ll be giving you guys all the updates as we get them.


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  • Whoa! Hockey logo/uni news??????

  • THAT was quick…

  • Martin Walker

    This news sucks. Why tinker with a great logo??

  • I would REALLY like to see a U.S. Marshals’ style star/motif…black/grey, nm the green, something a little more Old West Classic.

    • Chris Creamer

      Green’s gotta stick around, they’ve used it since 1967!

    • Dr Evil

      Dallas Lone Stars with Red, White, Blue and Silver color scheme like blue jackets, or green, silver and black.

  • Chris Oglesby

    This has me worried. The logo is fine, the uniforms on the other hand needs to go

  • Chris

    The simple “Dallas” jerseys they have been sporting off and on over the past two seasons have been great. The logo with the star is a little dated. A home green jersey with gold and white DALLAS lettering and an away white jersey with gold and green DALLAS lettering would be nice, classic look. GO STARS!!!

  • James Kellam

    As a Stars Fan, This makes me so happy. It would be awesome if they went back the North Stars green and yellow but I doubt that would happen.

  • Hopefully that old godawful bull logo has zero influence on the new look.

  • Jacob

    Could they be going back to yellow accent? That would be “drastically” different than what they have today…

  • Jeff DeGolier

    Good! Even thou the Wild have come to Minnesota, I still see that “Stars” logo and think of the North Stars.

  • Douglas Snazel

    Always thought the black and green was uglier than sin and that the Dallas Stars never looked as good as the old Minnesota North Stars.

    Let’s hope the upgrade keeps some flavor of green going, but modifies that wretched logo into something that isn’t a complete eyesore.

  • Ryne LeCompte

    Anything is better than DALLAS across both uniforms. The ones they have now are awful

  • Rob S.

    The current jersey’s do not feature the primary logo. I’d hate to see that logo go away completely though. Also hope the shoulder logo stays.Their best look was when they first got to Dallas before those awful 1999 Alternates that became the main jerseys,the next season. I do like the concepts from Mr.Rasmussen…still classy! Would be worried though about what Reebok and the team come up with.
    Concerning the Capitals,The Uniforms before 95/96 were the classic.ones.I’ve hated their jersey designs ever since then,including the current one.

  • Don’t like that they’re messing with the logo. But I’m glad they’re doing away with those boring black & white “DALLAS” sweaters they wear now.

  • They need a new look

  • Aaron

    It’s fine that the Stars are revising their logo. But here are some suggestions. ..

    Stick with the green and gold although make it old gold western style and the green should be emerald like the Minnesota North Stars.

    I don’t think black is even necessary. If you’re going to go with an accent colour, go with a very dark green. Otherwise just stick with two colours.

    For the logo, wordmark logos are fine. Just make the word Stars in it’s current format with a western style lettering. Either the road or an alternate uniform should say Dallas, but with a star as one if the A’s. The state shape of Texas can remain the shoulder patch logos.

  • Aaron

    As for the concepts I just saw now, use that concept. But Mr. Rasmussen, where is the white version. The wordmark should be the main jersey and the star/roundel logo version shod be their alternate.

  • Josh Truax

    As a one-time fan of the Minnesota North Stars, I’d just as soon have the Dallas franchise drop every last vestige of their old identity. New colors, new logo, even a whole new name, a la the New Orleans Pelicans.

    • Aaron

      Well, the name Stars works great in Texas. In that situation, the Wild would want to be called the North Stars just like the Bobcats could potentially do.

  • See Stars still work in Texas Lone Star State

  • ingmar66

    New font is needed (maybe a nice faux Western style with shadow drops and bold outlines to make it more brassy, more Texan) and a new star design is needed. Maybe something with bolder outlines in dark green, silver and light blue and also a slightly US Marshall look without imitating the Texas Rangers too much. Keep the dark green as the main colour, but add the white, navy and light blue of the Cowboys and the Mavericks as a nod to their Dallas pro sports neighbours (and as horizontal striping on the sleeves) instead of the gold and black. Leave the green and gold combination to another Texas institution: the Baylor Bears

  • Max

    worst jerseys in pro sports. solid white with “dallas” in plain dark font. beyond awful. they should go back to the jerseys the worse from 1992-2006 and change NOTHING from them.

  • carg0

    thank god. the Dallas Stars are easily one of the worst looking teams in the NHL, hands down. those black uni’s with “dallas” written across were particularly offensive.

    i’d love to see a return to the style they wore when they were in Minnesota but that’s probably not going to happen.

    • Aaron

      How the Stars could do so is if they use the D star ala the N star logo. And then revert back to their original colours. Or if they don’t want backlash from the Past North Star fans, darken the green.

  • Matthew Schilling

    One thing I don’t like about those concepts is the use of silver/gray replacing black as an accent color. Black is a much better accent color, and silver/gray is become very trendy and overused. With that said, just about anything is better than those basketball jerseys they have now! Hope they go with something that resembles their 1999-2006 jerseys!

  • Correction: “a history of one, tainted championship.” Worst logo and nickname in sports. Good riddance. #nogoal

    • Jeriat

      – NO “Old West” style.
      – NO changing the name to “Lone Stars”
      – NO switching colors.

      And for God sake, will you people in Buffalo get over it already? That happened during the Clinton years.

    • Damon Selman

      Hull had control of the puck. Dallas would have won anyway. Just cry to ESPN!

  • cm62198

    Change ur name too so maybe the wild change there name to the north stars.

  • Jab

    They have to bring back a green uni and I’d love to see a nod to the North Stars if anything for the logo change (idk why they would want to get rid of the star logo). But as many have mentioned those boring word mark uni’s have to go, they’re just plain, generic, and awful. I also wouldn’t mind if they tried to go back to the “Modano era” unis, the sets from 93′-98′ & 99′-06′.

  • Aaron

    In fact, the uniform style they used durring their Stanley Cup win should come back. For both the road and home. On the home greens, keep that style of green for the front of the jersey, but the sides could have a very dark green.

  • John Aiken

    Dullass needs to drop the Stars and give the records back like Cleveland did when it moved. Cool pick Bill Shannon. In the crease

    • Aaron

      Since the Thrashers only had a short history in Atlanta, the Phoenix Coyotes should really give their (1972-96) history back to the modern day Winnipeg Jets as well. And you could probably say the same thing about the Houston NFL franchise. Although I doubt either of those situations will ever happen. However I’m wondering when the NOLA Hornets change their name to the Pelicans and give Charlotte back the Hornets nameplate, they’ll give back their history as well. Or OKC giving a potential Seattle NBA franchise back the Sonics’ history.

  • Ian Carr

    Please, please, please, not another damn circle logo. I just wish the old star jerseys could come back, but Reebok already killed them. Also, no/less black. Thanks.

  • Andre

    I love the idea of Dallas making green their primary but how about upgrading their name to the “Lone Stars”? Texas is the Lone Star State, just like Minnesota is the North Star State. The Stars name is too generic while the Wild name is one of the worst in major pro sports. How about having both the Lone Stars in kelly green and black and the North Stars back in their familiar kelly green and gold with the classic N-star crest? Both teams can even share the old North Stars’ history. Kind of like what a new Sonics franchise and the OKC Thunder will do in the NBA.

  • Andre

    I love the idea of Dallas making green their primary but how about upgrading their name to the “Lone Stars”? Texas is the Lone Star State, just like Minnesota is the North Star State. The Stars name is too generic while the Wild name is one of the worst in major pro sports. How about having both the Lone Stars in kelly green and black and the North Stars back in their familiar kelly green and gold with the classic N-star crest? Both teams can even share the old North Stars’ history. Kind of like what a new Sonics franchise and the OKC Thunder will do in the NBA.

    • Aaron

      A battle of the Stars in the NHL? Not a bad idea.

  • Andre

    Dog-gone computer glitch!!

  • Jeriat

    NO on “LONE STARS”!

  • PaulS

    A “drastically different” logo, from the folks that brought you the Mooterus, cannot be good.


    The Stars’ website is using a new logo, it’s the green/gold Star against a silver shield-no wordmark. Looks pretty cool, go check it out.

  • RCP

    The Reebok edge Dallas Stars jerseys suck. The third jersey was unveiled and it was the same as the white jersey and said DALLAS instead of the logo. Almost the same. Lets see what design the Dallas Stars will adopt.

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    attention. I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the advice!