Miami Dolphins Owner Confirms New Logo on the Way

Written By:  •  Monday, January 7, 2013

Miami Dolphins new logo 2013

Yep, the Miami Dolphins absolutely have a new logo, but we still have to wait before we officially see it. So says owner Stephen M. Ross in a media luncheon in Davie today.

As reported by the Dolphins official twitter account, @MiamiDolphins:
“Ross: We will have a new logo, you’ll have it by the draft”

New Miami Dolphins Helmet 2013

The 2013 NFL Draft, by the way, will be held on April 25th.

As we posted last month, there are some leaks of what several folks are saying is the new Miami Dolphins logo. The images above and to the left are of that leaked logo and are not necessarily what the team will be using next year.

The one at the top of this article has been ‘shopped onto a helmet by a Dolphins fan, Greg, as first posted on Deadspin.

This appears to us at World Sports Logos Headquarters as a very legit possibility of what a new logo would look like. If you take into account the modernizations of the Cardinals and Falcons logos, this would follow suit, taking a strongly aging logo, and giving it a spin in today’s advanced graphics tools.

What do you think, sports fans? Since the owner has confirmed the new logo is coming, do you like that there is a new one? Do you hope its this one? Or do you think we are all wrong?

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  • Taylor

    Looks like they’re trying to match the Marlins’ aesthetic.

  • DAn

    Hate it. The dolphin wearing a helmet is a classic logo that goes back to the beginning of the franchise. It has a classic cartoon look that I love. This is generic. No character to it at all. I might be in the minority, but keep the classic look!

    • wolfgangII

      I agree. If they want to modernize it, respect the helmet dolphin.

    • Ted

      Totally agree. Nothing wrong with the current logo

    • Troy Stuckey

      I am disgusted. Don’t mess with the logo. It is already the best in the league. The logo represents tradition. You can change anything else but you should never mess with the logo.

  • Josh

    Too sleek and streamlined with no nuance or personality. Nothing about it says “sports” let alone “football”.

  • bob loblaw

    Looks kind of like one dolphin doing the other one from behind, sort of doggy-dolphin-style.

  • The Big Guy

    Looks soft.

  • FinsUp

    Stephen Ross is a douche.

  • Josh Truax

    The lack of eyes makes the logo look more like a fishing lure than a dolphin.

    • Bean

      It does need eyes.

  • F19

    Really hope the “leaked” logo is not the real one. The Dolphins have become less important to me personally over the years, but they are still a big piece of my sports fandom and it would really be a shame to lose some of the old character of the original and 1997 revamp logos. Need the helmet on the dolphin. Simplifying the ’97 logo would be fine. Somewhere between the late 80s original style and the ’97 version would be ideal for a new design. Though I wouldn’t mind reverting to the original logo at all.

    Here’s hoping for the best. The Marlins have been an unmitigated disaster, and the Panthers flirted with the same recently with that terrible alt logo and fauxback 3rd sweater. Don’t want the Dolphins screwing things up. They’ve already been more or less inept on the field the last decade, but at least they looked respectable.

  • This looks like an airline’s logo!

  • Chris Oglesby

    I kinda think the logo they have now is perfect as is.

  • The Carolina Panthers logo was much more appealing to me as a modernization of a logo. This one takes away from what made the dolphin logo so unique, which was the dolphin wearing the logo. It looks like the logo for a water park, or resort.

    If you would like to see some of the new Charlotte Hornets logos our movement has come up with for their return…go to

  • F19

    Also that so-called leak flows wrong on the helmet. Flip that tail down and it’s better(but still needs the “M” helmet and some eyes),

  • redhering

    DEAR GOD NO. need the personality to bland for the best color scheme in the league

  • Zach Andre

    So stupid, the Dolphins logo is classic and the best one in the league. When they change I am going to be really disappointed

  • Better than marlins

  • If you go to the Concept Forums section of this website (, there are tons of great fan-made Dolphins concepts that are better than this one. Like this one. If you are at all a fan of sports logos, explore the forums on this site.

  • Troy Griggsby

    Sports should be fun. This is not fun. There’s nothing wrong with the original M-helmet Dolphin logo. It’s timeless. Like many other brand refreshes, this is an owner that’s looking for something to do because he can. Ugh.

  • Michael Jaworski

    Absolute awful decision to change a classic logo. And I thought the Marlins one was bad. Way to turn off your fans.

  • As a lifelong Dolphins fan I’m appalled at the thought that this can be our new logo. Mr. Ross is an embarrassment to the Dolphins legacy. I wish he would sell the team to a real football fan with some business acumen

  • Huh, I don’t get it? Why revamp a logo that looks like it was made yesterday??? I understand the last fins logo change.

  • Tony Schmitz

    Its aweful! take the current Dolphin WITH THE HELMET and put it over this new revamped Sun! That would look good. Hate to see how they try to change the uniforms

    • Aaron

      That’s really all the Dolphins had to do with the logo. As for this, hmmm, looks fine I guess. I ‘ll have to see these in action before I make a final judgement. The last one is a timeless classic though.

  • Steve

    Weak sauce big time. I have seen many other possible designs that looked way cooler and tougher, but still simple and sleek. Poor Dolphin fans, i feel bad for them!

  • I’m not a dolphins fan but I admit I like the old logo better than this one.

  • Ew

  • I hope this is the new logo, I can live with this

  • ingmar66

    This is very bland and way too generic for an update of one of the best logos in the NFL. This uninspired result? Could be a supermarket chain in China, could be a new fragrance from Mexico, could be an investment firm from the Cayman Islands, could be the State Lottery from Tahiti. Sun tan lotion from the Bahamas? A new Club Med logo? Bring back the M helmet and the football and why should the poor creature be blind? Also this sun looks like a gear of a racing bicycle. This is wrong in so many ways, just like the Miami Marlins new logos! I pity the pro sports fans in Miami, as the Heat and Panthers logos are also clearly not in the sports logo top division. But they are still better than this poor porpoise.

  • i like the current fins logo, this one looks like a sea world logo

  • Aaron

    ATTN: Chris

    You also noticed that neither the Cardinals, Falcons had to get rid of anything very noticeable. The Dolphins omitted the helmet from the logo.

  • Aaron

    Oh yeah, you also forgot the Seahawks, Lions and potentially the Jaguars.

    • wolfgangII

      and Vikings tweak to the horn helmet logo.

      • Aaron

        And a tweak in the blue and gold witht the Rams.

  • Swiss

    I like the new logo but I wouldn’t use it on anything about the Dolphins… because the helmeted Dolphin carries alots of tradition… it’s like the interlocked NY of the Yankees or Mets, don’t touch it too much.

  • I like the new logo but I wouldn’t use it on anything about the Dolphins… because the helmeted Dolphin carries alots of tradition… it’s like the interlocked NY of the Yankees or Mets, don’t touch it too much.

  • Don

    I personally think this logo is great. I was never a fan of the old logo and they needed a change. I think a lot of teams needs to change their helmets and logos. My beloved Patriots for one.

  • Carlton

    Ugly. Looks like a flying Whale…or an Airlines logo.

    This is the way to go:


  • Andrew

    Absolutely dumb idea. The logo and look they have already is fine as it is. Dumb.

  • Jed

    I’m a HUGE Dolphins fan but I feel they can do better IF this happens to be the one released. We’ll wait until the draft in April to officially find out what has been chosen and by the way, to the owner of the Fins, FIRE JEFF IRELAND!!!

  • Travis

    Eh, it’ll take some getting used to…

  • Matt

    This new logo is horrible. There is no reason to change the current Dolphins logo.

  • Matthew Schilling

    Horrible. Is this a spinoff of the Miami Marlins’ logo? p.s. Marlins, bring back the fish!

    • Aaron

      At least this logo has an actual dolphin.

  • Dave

    The dolphin in this logo looks a whole lot like the Donlphin’s stadium logo circa 2006-2009.

  • Michael Q.

    Awful… just awful…

  • agege

    They could at least make it less cartoony.

  • agege
  • Dave Giff

    It’s just boring and an odd shape. Looks like a glass tchotchke from the Jersey shore.

  • Jarrod Boyd

    Must have been designed by the guy who did the Buffalo Sabres revamp a couple of years back.

  • Ivan

    Change what’s on the field not the helmet. By the way this logo looks like an ad for Sea World.

  • Not A Dolphins Fan

    I don’t like the new logo idea

  • Rob S.

    This design is horrible!The Dolphins had already modernized their logo with the current one not too long ago. The current one is perfect. Dolphin fans should create a backlash and protest this design immediately, like the 49er fans did when their team presented a piece of junk to replace their classic helmet awhile back.

    • Aaron

      The Dolphins also had a design helmet prototype years back as well and it never saw the field. Thank goodness.

  • Toofy

    Super pumped that the dolphin will be losing its goofy helmet. This is an upgrade in my opinion.

  • Frances

    Idiotic fool don’t do that I really hate it!

  • Eduardo

    Agree that it looks like an airline – or other corporate – logo. In that regard, it’s sort of cool……………..but not appropriate for a football team. Also, it looks more like a porpoise. The old logo had that certain DNA from the old AFL that this new one completely lacks.

  • Steve D’Acchioli

    Let’s not forget the Seattle Seahawks modernization of their original logo. In this day and age of logos changing at a rapid rate in all the 4 major sports, it is fun to see the new ones and compare them to the ones they are replacing. I for one am old school, being 61 years of age. When my NY Giants went back to the old “NY” logo, I was happy. But, I will reserve my judgement when the official Dolphin logo is revealed in April.

  • Bob Gassel

    I like it because it’s still instantly recognizable as the ‘Miami Dolphins’, and I bet the sizing, angle and orientation on the helmet mockup is wrong

  • David Turner

    Out of ALL the logos out there, this is the best I’ve seen so far. The leaked logo looks like a 747 airliner.

  • I have an inkling we may go Oregon-like crazy with our uniform coming since Nike is involved and Fins fans have become disinterested in their franchise the past decade.

  • Dante

    Everyone should check out the blog link several comments back. That concept should be pitched by all of us logo lovers to the team. I don’t know about it being “soft,” but I like the decision to upgrade the logo. I actually would like to see the aforementioned concept attach a hemet logo to the collar area. That should make some fans of the old design happy.

  • 13owie

    Looks like a beached monorail. Kinda smells that way too. Maybe this leak is only to make the actual/eventual change more palatable. Needs eyes at least. X |

  • Sean Carter

    hope this logo doesn’t end up in graveyard like one day logo that 49ers had in early 90’s

  • KDub

    The Fins have one of the best logos in the NFL. Quit screwing with it and worry about fixing your sucky football team.

  • Joe

    good improvement, in the style of the Bills & Lions, I like it.

    • kim fitz


      HIRE THE DESIGNER FROM:: The Oregon Ducks!

      Now….those are uniforms 😉

  • EMI

    Logo looks good, but I liked the old one too. NFL usually is the league that logos never change significantly, so its refreshing to see something new.

  • Tom Paolino

    Love the Original Dolphins Logo…This is a nightmare

  • Damon Selman

    This just doesn’t work.

  • John

    Other than the game itself, one of the things I love about the NFL is the tradition of the logos. It seems other sports are always changing their logos. The recent changes to NFL logos such as the Lions, Cardinals, and Vikings are so subtle it’s hardly noticed. I also liked it when the Jets and Giants returned to their traditional logos. I wish the Patriots would do the same. Obviously I wish the Dolphins would keep their current logo, but even if they change don’t use this one it’s terrible.

  • Aaron

    Maybe add the helmet on this logo and the ligo would only look like it was subtly changed. Don’t forget, the Bills current logo wasn’t the original.


  • Gazzoo

    Yet ANOTHER logo treatment has apparently surfaced…no one can vouch for the source of this blurry photo, but it seems legit.

    • Chris Creamer

      I’m highly skeptical of this version, looks like someone’s photoshopping attempt to get something going viral. I’m calling this one Fake.

  • Ben Yelich

    Miami needs new colors & new team name. What is so scary as a dolphin with teal and orange. LOSERS!!!

  • TimC

    The current one is fine. This new one is awful. Like someone else said, leave the logo and worry about fixing the team.

  • The logo in this logo looks highly similar to the one used for the stadiums when known as Dolphin Stadium after they dropped the “s” from Dolphin.

  • r.d.

    Yo know,after the bronco’s changed their logo,they won the next 2 super bowls,tampa bay changed their logo and colors,they won a super bowl.If nothing else,changed the fins colors,never was very fond of orange and teal.