Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish 2012 Phantom Champs Merchandise

Written By:  •  Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Notre Dame’s attempt to win their first National Championship since the Reagan era came to a thud last night as the Alabama Crimson Tide went on to win their third such title in the past four years.

Behold the merchandise produced for the players and fans had the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish came out on top yesterday (there’s also some NCG “participant” stuff we found and included in here for the Georgia Bulldogs, which must’ve been made back in September or something).

Click any image below for the larger version, enjoy!

D’ya like seein’ phantom championship gear?  I knew you did!  Check out our archive of phantom merchandise here!

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  • How bout them dogs? PISS ON EM! #THWg

  • Samuel

    They’re not even using the right Notre Dame helmet for these images.

    • Kyle

      What’s wrong about them?

  • Mike

    I think this is a great part of your website, but seeing my teams three of my teams (Patriots, Celtics, and now the Irish) within a year sucks. It could be four times if the Patriots make it to the AFC championship and lose.

  • GN

    All this merchandise is currently en route to Africa.

  • Matt

    Looks like a lot of poor African kids are about to get some new clothes!