Toronto Maple Leafs Show Off Their Cool Hockey-Sticks-Logo Art

Written By:  •  Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo hockey sticks

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a groovy new feature on the wall of their dressing room; a giant Leafs logo, made of hockey sticks.

The Leafs official Twitter account posted the photo this afternoon.

What do you think? Gonna start buying old sticks to make your own face for your living room wall?

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  • Badger Mike

    Yep! Sure am. I’ve got a whole bunch of sticks laying around. Great idea.

  • Aaron

    Very nice. A very natural collage. Maybe something like this with hockey pucks and you’re all set for hockey season.

  • I need to do this with my old sticks.

  • di

    Well the ‘giving back’ to the fans begins! They should have put fans faces mashed into that leaf, with a blue light or white light coming from behind it instead of this.

    Sadly, I still say Go Leafs Go and will support watching games from home on my comfortable couch.


  • Jj

    Creamer should do this with the C-Leaf.