Photo Gallery: Fancy NHL Red Line Designs for 2013

Written By:  •  Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The newest way teams are getting creative with NHL ice designs is by incorporating their logo or some other design related to their branding right into the centre ice red line.  This season will see several new teams (such as Dallas, Calgary, Montreal, and Winnipeg among others) adding this feature to their ice design.

Below is just a simple photo gallery of all the fancy red line designs (except Phoenix, can’t find theirs) that we could find heading into the abbreviated 2013 National Hockey League season.

Click any image for a larger version:

If you know of any designs we’re missing, please let us know in the comments — link to the photo and we’ll add it to the collection.

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  • this is cool but what does the Hawks look like

    • Steve

      I don’t think they we doing that. would be cool to see the C and crossing hammers emblem down the red line

  • Aaron

    Pretty cool way to promote themselves, although for some teams not really needed. I’m curious to see how the other missing teams are doing this.

    • Chris Creamer

      Mostly just a solid red line or a dashed red and white line… nothing special

  • Harry, Blackhawks just use a basic red and white stripe — nothing special

  • Aaron

    Actually, putting the main logo itself on the redline isn’t necessary. For Nashville’s all they have to do is put the guitar pick shoulder patch logo or just guitar strings going down the red line. Maybe music notes? I’m taking a guess the Oilers will likely put oil drops all the way down the red line.

  • Justin

    Seems like these could eventually be sold to sponsors. Red Stripe seems like a natural fit.

  • Titanole

    I’m not crazy about the red lines that appear more white than red (Nashville, Dallas, Montreal). The Leafs red line may technically have more white in it than red, but it actually appears more red than white.

  • The Panthers used to have paw-prints but I believe that has stopped.

  • Jacob

    Thanks to NHL 13, i’ve known about these for months.

  • Bill A

    Flyers should have one painted like a green-colored choker for all the money they spend to…..uh…..choke when it counts the most.

  • Braves!

    The Thrashers used to have the coolest design with the arrows from their jersey.

  • Jeannette

    The Canucks should put the stick n rink logo on the red lines.. That would be perfect along with the Orca in the centre!

  • Brian Jud

    The Jets’ red line looks pretty cool

    • Brian Jud

      Also, good in the sense that it’s a great application of their logo. It fits.

  • Just as an FYI, Dallas has had a redline with stars on it since 2008. This is not new in any sense.

  • Mitchell

    I’m so glad all the jets in the Jets line are going in the same direction. Imagine if they were alternating, one going that direction, the next going the opposite way. Jets would be colliding all the way down the red line.

  • Zeus

    I would throw the Flyers up there too- no logos or particular patterns, but the three stripe thing they do is a play on the tail of their logo, and no other team has that design.

  • Brandon Wilson

    I got an idea. Let’s get rid of the Red Line! I wonder how the ice would look without it.

  • Mike Majeski

    The Blue Jackets have stars on theirs, appear to be the same angle as the star in their logo:

    Better view from the Frozen Faceoff site:

  • OchentaYOcho88

    The red line is needed in the rules of the game. Without the red line it could be a pain in the arse to call icing…

  • Jj

    Blackhawks could use the Tomohawk logo, that would be purely awesome.

  • Raymie

    The Coyotes one is a repeating silhouette of the team’s logo (see :50 in):

    Last year it was the team’s distinctive stripe pattern which is also all over the arena (the locker room hallways).