NCAA Washington Huskies Football Might Have Matte Black Helmets

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Washington Huskies Nike New Helmets

Sometimes the best source for uniform leak news comes from those who are the exact target of all of this uniform carousel madness: the recruits. A Washington Huskies commit, Azeem Victor, a LB recruit out of Pomona High school, took a tour of the Huskies facility and tweeted out the uniform.

“Home Uni’s #GoDaWgs That flat black tho #GoDaWgs” – said Azeem

Washington Huskies Nike New Helmets Flat

Matte flat black helmets. For the blackout game?

We, like other outlets are assuming that he mis-tweeted, and that this is actually an alt uni on display for the recruits, rather than a new home uni. Maybe not even completely approved, perhaps just on display. A technique we’ve seen across college sports. Trying out colors combinations to see what their prized recruits’ reactions will be. Similar to what automotive manufacturers do with their concept cars at autoshows.

Most likely, as we decided during our Worldwide Headquarters morning meeting, is that this will be the uniform used for the Huskies yearly “Black-out” game.

Having a “{color}-out” game only seems appropriate to this author if said color is actually a color of the team in question, but that certainly hasn’t stopped a huge number of teams from whiting and blacking out several games.

We’ve seen several matte-finish helmets of late. From Michigan to Boise State. Ferris State to Central Michigan. You can read all about where these fancy helmets come from, or see a list of articles we’ve written about matte helmets.

Do you like the look? Sick of matte and flat helmets? Loving the all black look for the Huskies? How many games would you think it was appropriate to see then in all black?

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  • Hate mate helmets, i hope we never see those in NFL

    • wolfgangII

      My toughts exactly

      • StudioCascadia

        Seattle already has “Seahawk Blue” matte helmets.

  • STOP with all the black! We get it, you guys like black, enough already!

    • Aaron

      Yeah! Please. Only teams that use black as part of their colour scheme. As far as matte helmets go, if teams want to go retro sometimes, let them. But not every week.

  • BL.

    I dig it.

  • Tom Richards

    Probably just for show. Hopefully, that is.

  • Ben Anijar Andersen

    Thats one of the many reasons I prefer the nfl.

  • “Most likely, as we decided during our Worldwide Headquarters morning meeting, is that this will be the uniform used for the Huskies yearly “Black-out” game.”

    Gotta love those Worldwide Headquarters morning meetings!

    As far as the helmet: meh. Flat purple matte might be interesting though…

  • Jumbotron

    matte is for biker!

  • ingmar66

    Boring,every college is getting into that black and matte stufff. Keep it simple and basic: purple and gold

  • nasarogue

    ok first off i may not be a university of washington huskies fan but the matte looks wrong they should keep the gold helmets that they have had for a long time