2013 NBA All-Star Game Uniforms Unveiled

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The 2013 NBA All-Star Game uniforms were unveiled earlier this morning courtesy a press release on adidas.com.  This years game will take place at the Toyota Center in Houston.

SportsLogos.Net first posted what we then suspected were the Western Conference jerseys back in August 2012 via the mascot logo designed for the game, those suspicions turned out to be accurate.  Pat on the back!

The uniforms were designed by adidas, who described what they were going for like so…

The uniforms take inspiration from Houston’s rich aeronautical history and the speed of the jet planes that dot its skies

“Clutch” the Houston Rockets mascot gave us a peak at the Western Conference jersey back in August

Updating we said back then, the jerseys are red and blue with shooting stars going up either side of the shorts into the jersey top.  “WEST” or “EAST” is spelled out on the front of the jersey in the style of a stencil, duplicated on the number fonts. A small “2013″ is on the jersey collar, in gold on the West and in white on the East.

2013 NBA All-Star Game Uniforms

There is a sublimated pattern which was not depicted in our August sneak-peak, according to the adidas release, the pattern is a camo-style which is meant to “evoke the world’s fastest fleet of aircraft with the classic silhouette of a basketball net”

A closeup of the lettering and sublimated patterns

On the backs of the jerseys player names go below the numbers, the font for the player name is not the same stencil-style used throughout the rest of the uniform:

Player names go below the numbers on the back of the jersey

The jerseys stack up fairly well when compared to uniforms of All-Star games past (check out our retrospective here), I think I speak for everyone when I say, at least they’re not purple and teal again!  If you’re in the mood for more, we got your history of the NBA All-Star Game Logo here too!

You can catch these uniforms on the court at the 2013 All-Star Game which will take place on Sunday, February 17th.


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