Sporting KC Unveils New Team Jersey with Sponsor

Written By:  •  Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sporting KC, the reigning Lamar Hunt US Open Cup champions, unveiled their new road jersey at today’s 2013 MLS Superdraft via their official website, debuting their first-ever jersey sponsor in the process.

Beginning with the upcoming 2013 MLS Season, the front of all Sporting KC jerseys will bear the logo of Ivy Funds, a Kansas City based investment management company.  The jersey deal is part of a multi-year agreement (I couldn’t locate the exact length of the deal) which would see their logo on the chests of KC’s players for at least the next two seasons.

Stipes on the shoulders, stripes on the badge, stripes on the adidas logo, stripes on the sponsor logo

In addition to showing off the logo on their road jerseys, the club  announced that the team’s powder blue home jerseys will also be getting a new look, in addition to adding the Ivy Funds logo, and that they will be unveiled on February 27th.

Last year vs. this year… is that sublimated pattern for 2013 new or just hard to see on 2012?

Initial reaction seems to suggest fans find the advertisement to be too high up on the jersey, getting a little too close to the club shield.  We concur.

UPDATE (1/17/13 3:30pm ET): According to a Tweet courtesy Chad Reynolds, graphic designer at Sporting KC the Ivy Funds logo will be moved down:

“it’s moving down. that was a quick-turn prototype for release this week. Placement moves about an inch south”

Great to hear! Thanks Chad

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  • Blake

    I think the logo placements should be the other way around with the Ivy Funds scaled down.

  • Nathaniel Melvin

    Just as long as the NFL, MLB, and NCAA do not follow suit, I’ll be fine.

  • Douglas Snazel

    Sporting KC, uggh, I still can’t get over how awful that name sounds.

    At least they didn’t go with “Bayern KC”, but give it time, I’m sure MLS will find new depths to sink to. I mean any league with a team called “Real Salt Lake” just cannot be taken seriously.

    • I think the Ivy Funds logo should be scaled down just a hair and be moved a centimeter down.

  • Ron Fiedler

    Real Salt lake always makes me roll my eyes…

  • Drew

    Yes, the pattern has been there on the darks since the beginning.

  • JR

    i kinda figured this was just a prototype. not only too high, but it seems the logo is also a little too small. should be a bit bigger for my tastes. glad they’re getting something though. shirt always looked weird all blank like that. glad they’ll be going into CONCACAF Champions League with something fresh.

  • Rob S.

    What a joke! I’d rather watch a bunch of 8 year olds play soccer than have to look at these an entire game.

  • John Burlie

    Wow, it is very simple, easy on the eyes; but it looks amazing. I’m a sucker for unique embossing, gonna buy this jersey! I will have to agree with Blake, The Sponsor shoudl have the logo above, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

  • ingmar66

    Bland logo, bland name, bland shirt. Nothing exciting happening here,

  • SKCfan1993

    The problem is that you compared 2013 authentic jersey, to the 2012 replica jersey, of course it wont look as nice. Fraud