White Sox Throwing Back Once Again in 2013

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Just as they did last season the Chicago White Sox will be honouring the anniversary of a memorable season by wearing throwback uniforms in 2013.

While last year was in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the 1972 club, 2013 will pay tribute to the 30th anniversary of those one-year wonders back in 1983 (the team was a one-year wonder… the uniforms, unfortunately, lasted much longer).

A front view of the new White Sox alternate uniform for 2013

Starting in April and going all the way through until the end of September, the Chicago White Sox will wear their uniquely styled ’83 uniforms for every Sunday home game.  Pant numbers and all.

A view of the back of the new White Sox alternate in 2013

From the graphics the club submitted to Major League Baseball it seems that the new uniforms will not feature the elastic waistband the original uniforms had, and also unlike the ’83 jerseys an MLB logo will be on the back above the player name.  Bringing back the red shoes is also a nice touch.

We’ll have to wait and see if they go all out with a matching helmet, but they did so with their ’72 throwbacks last season, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t with this one.

The original Chicago White Sox uniforms from the 1983 season, note this version doesn’t use the belt like the 2013 will

Expect to see the new uniforms unveiled next weekend at the annual SoxFest fan convention.

UPDATE (1/24/13 5:13pm ET):  The Chicago White Sox just tweeted out a photo of the actual uniform the club will wear, as we announced above it is indeed the 1983 uniforms AND an added bonus we didn’t know about before — comes with the 1983 All-Star Game patch on the sleeve.  Nice work Chicago!

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