Falcons, Patriots Phantom Conference Champs Gear

Written By:  •  Monday, January 21, 2013

New England’s bid for a second consecutive conference title and Atlanta’s magical season both came to an end a little too early for both clubs last night as they were both eliminated in their respective conference championship games.

The games last night set up a Baltimore/San Francisco Super Bowl, which oddly enough, was our phantom Super Bowl matchup last year.  We get to see it for really reals this time!

As always, below is the actual merchandise produced in the event the Pats and Falcons ended up winning last night.  No you can’t buy it, sorry.

You can check out our past phantom champs posts right here!


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  • Tom Paolino

    Discount Price.

  • Aw, this makes me sad. But that’s what you get being an Atlanta sports fan.

  • Bill Quarry

    how much of this stuff gets printed in anticipation? and then what happens to it?

    • Joseph

      I think as soon as they know the teams playing in the championship games, they make this merchandise. So… it was about a week ago?

      As for the phantom shirts and caps, I think they are donated to third world countries so kids can have shirts to wear.

  • Chris Oglesby

    it gets shipped to third world countries.

    • Robert Tivari

      I remember a while back during the war in Bosnia, seeing Bosnian kids wearing Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champions t-shirts.

  • ingmar66

    Would have been a nice match up, ATL vs NE. But SF vs BALT is exciting as well. Go Niners (I’m always rooting for the NFC).