New Orleans Pelicans Logo Leaked?

Written By:  •  Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And we’d like to make that question mark as big as possible in the headline please.

According to a poster on, one who had previously posted “insider information” which later turned out to be accurate, the image you see above will be one of the new logos for the New Orleans Pelicans (née Hornets).

In a later post the user further explains that the primary logo will be the same as the one shown on the cap but with “NEW ORLEANS” across the top in white with a small red fleur-de-lis and “PELICANS” in white with a red background rounded at the bottom.

A possibly leaked New Orleans Pelicans logo

This information and the design matches what was eventually reported weeks later that the colour scheme would be blue, gold, and red.

I really hate to post this without anymore information, but I thought that I’d at least make you aware of it.  We have seen hundreds of Pelicans fan concepts over on our message boards and on various online contests but this is the only one claiming to be a leak that we can’t trace back to someone posting their concept.  Having said that, if you’ve seen this as a concept anywhere, please point us in that direction so we can correct this story as soon as possible.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out tomorrow when the New Orleans Hornets are expected to announce their new name and unveil the new logos and uniforms at 4pm ET.


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  • God I hope not…it does fit what a lot of NBA secondary logos look like..which isn’t bad in that regard..

  • Brad

    I actually like it if it is indeed their logo.

  • It doesn’t blow me away, but it also doesn’t make me bash my head into a wall (cf. Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, Charlotte). I think that counts as a win.

  • Troy Griggsby

    I’ve seen several contest designs and blog reader submissions a la SportsLogos, Uni-Watch, et al that blow this away. Figures.

    • Nick

      I agree. While I don’t mind this logo, the design contest concepts we’ve recently seen in the past weeks blows this logo out of the water.

  • Greg S.

    Looks like 2 Blues logos with a bird in the middle…

  • Diane Firstman

    It looks like an African swallow trying to carry a coconut ….

    • ingmar66

      Hahaha! We are the Knights who say…

  • can you pls post link to concept forum?

  • I know I’m going to catch hell for this but I actually like it. When I heard about the color scheme they were going with I feared it would blend in with the two blues and red/blue teams or the old Cavs alternate jersey. But this appears to be a look that could be unique and that would be something new for the NBA.

  • Zoltan Lasak

    Not bad actually if true. If nothing else it is original.

  • The thing the most hate about it: the flour the bee logo will be gone

  • Horrid, I loved the Rougarou idea. That would have been sweet.

  • BOOO!!! Change it back to the Hornets!

  • Ryan

    So let me understand…

    The Pacers and Warriors are the original blue and gold/yellow teams, but the NBA has since allowed the Grizzlies, Nuggets, and, on some level, the Jazz in on the scheme. Now the Pelicans get in on the action? The Pcers and Warriors should protest.

    • Aaron

      At least the Pelicans are planning on having some form of red in their uniforms. This is an alright concept, although most of the concepts I’ve seen are a little more powerful looking. I personally think they should consider wearing purple, green and gold possibly with a splash of the creole blue the Hornets currently have. Give it a bit of a Nardi Gras look but in a simplified way.

  • Andrew

    Not horrible if true, although it looks too much like the Hawks logo to me with the wings.

  • Chaas Travers Chagollan

    Dale Schlegel

  • Noviembre
  • Kind of Batman style

  • intimidating!! I would be scared!….not. On a serious not; I’m actually terrified of hornets!

    • Jimmy J.

      You’ve never been drunk on a pier at 3 A.M. with a Pelican dive-bombing you.

  • Nick Ornstein

    I always loved the Charlotte Hornets’ name, logo, location…EVERYTHING. My mom kept a Charlotte Hornets jersey of mine all these years. I had it when I was 6 or 7. That was probably my favorite team name EVER. Even though I like the Wizards. The team name is crappy. When they moved to Charlotte I was like oh God. But, at least they kept the team name. And now they are gone. RIP Charlotte Hornets.

    • Nick Ornstein

      I meant to say that when they moved to New Orleans, not Charlotte.

      • Nick doobs

        I got a feeling you will be seeing Charlotte reclaim the Hornets. I hope they do. It makes sense to me.

        • Aaron

          Just like you’ll likely see a return of the Seattle Supersonics and potentially the Quebec Nordiques. And Winnipeg, Cleveland, Ottawa and Montreal reclaiming the Jets, Browns, Senators and Allouetes respectively! Makes sense to me as well. Maybe KC if they get an NBA team will reclaim the Kings, eh?

          • Rob H.

            I don’t know why these cities want the nicknames of teams that jilted them back. I say good riddance, tell them that we’ve moved on, we’re eating better and living right, and we hope the best for you. This all started with the Cleveland Browns. Instead of clinging to the past like a unhealthy co-dependent ex-lover, they should’ve let Baltimore take the Browns name with them, and gotten their own new identity with a franchise name. How’s the karma for you? Now the new Browns are celebrating thirteen years of suckitude and the “Ravens” are playing for their second Lombardi.

  • Kenneth Lemoine

    oh no

  • Looks D-league, but much better designed than OKC’s.

  • Looks D-league, but much better designed than OKC’s.

  • ingmar66

    It is not bad, but this looks like a secondary logo. What about the logo that was posted earlier, with the bird in flight from a profile position? It had a lot of red, blue and gold and did not look too terrible. But first of all, let’s hope Hugo returns to Charlotte, we gotta have the Charlotte Hornets again!

  • Dave

    I say it is a phoney. Or if it is real, that sure isn’t a real hat. Logo isn’t even remotely centered on it. Looks like someone slapped it onto the hat on Photoshop.

  • SO many things wrong with this entire thing from an outsiders perspective. I’ve never been a fan of the N.O. team remaining the Hornets because it didn’t seem to fit. However, they did an amazing job with the uniforms and matching the colors and designs with the Mardi Gras feel that I started to ignore the “hornets” part and almost refer to them as just New Orleans. I know the tie in of the bird to the city/state but the new colors and design seem to be terrible (and a Pelican just doesn’t resonate with me outside of the reasoning). Not a fan of the rebrand at all.

  • Rome7hills

    I like the name and logo. Hopefully Charlotte can reclaim the Hornets.

  • Neonix

    It’s not THAAAT bad, but I hoped for better. New Orleans is a city with such a distinct character, I would have like to see that reflected in the logo… The logo we see here is too generic and could belong to any city (in the NBADL even). On the plus side, it does look like an alternate logo, So we might have something else to please us.

  • Marc

    This a great logo, but I am sure the words NEW ORLEANS AND PELICANS will be featured around the logo. It is a simple looking design that has great color and stands out as its own. I also believe that with a little twinking, this could be a logo that can last for sometime. I hope this means that the Hornets name will be transfered back to Charlotte and we can see an end to the Bobcats moniker.

  • Donatas

    It seems that I’ve seen this thousand times! But where? Absolutely no idea…)) I guess Atlanta Hawks will be happy with this new logo!

  • Chris Oglesby

    While I don’t dislike it, there are some posted in the New Orleans Pelicans thread that are far better designs. Conrad’s concept I thought was certainly better than this one. It’s not bad but I think better can be drawn.

  • Brian Jud

    I like it a lot, though it looks a little like a tri-corner hat. Actually, a lot.

  • Aaron

    Just put some wings on this cap possibly the brim ala Seattle Pilots and I think we have one if the best selling caps in the NBA.

  • Mitchell

    Ummm… this looks too similar to the Hawks logo. Bird with wings open wide, looking directly at you while holding a basketball.

  • I like it. Hope to hear about the trading of the Hornets name to Charlotte soon as well.

  • Derek

    Should’ve kept the Mardi Gras colors.

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