Brampton Secures CHL Expansion Team for Fall

Written By:  •  Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hockey is coming back to Brampton… except this time they’ll be welcoming the pros.

Having just lost their major-junior Ontario Hockey League team, the Brampton Battalion, to the hockey-starved town of North Bay; residents of the right-next-to-Toronto-suburb can look forward to seeing a higher level of action hit the ice of the Powerade Centre this fall with the addition of a new Central Hockey League expansion team.

The Brampton Battalion are moving to North Bay following the 2012-13 OHL season

Brampton will be the first Canadian city to ever have a team in the professional Central League (two levels below the NHL, one below the AHL), and as the league currently stands they’ll also be the only team based in the Eastern Time Zone, the next closest team located in Bloomington, Illinois – a thousand kilometre, ten-hour trek by bus.

Fans can submit their picks for the new team name courtesy a form on the team website, the winning pick will net tickets, transportation, and accommodations to a 2013 Stanley Cup Final game.  Should they carry on with the military theme? Should they go with something from their past? Or something completely new… it’s up to you.

According to an article in the Brampton Guardian the city is expected to sign a 15-year-lease to the suddenly vacant Powerade Centre and that the team is planning on signing an affiliation agreement with an NHL and AHL club before the season starts this October.

The team will be owned by Gregg Rosen, former owner of the junior club Kingston Voyageurs.

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  • Jer

    I highly doubt this team will have any more success than the Battalion. I loved my hometown Battalion but let’s be honest, the team couldn’t draw. How will a league that is considered a lower profile than the OHL going to change the attendance? (It won’t)

  • Aaron

    I wonder why it wasn’t the ECHL getting a Brampton team. I think if they affiliate themselves with anybody, it should be the Marlies/Leafs.

  • Georges Lemeque

    what a shame the Battalion departed, the fans who showed up were boisterous but there are too many recent immigrants in Brampton who only want to watch cricket rather than hockey, for shame!
    I sincerely wish best of luck to CHL team and I will watch the game whenever im in town!

  • Matt Marczel

    Good for Brampton, and I’m eager to see what kind of brand this team puts together. Also Chris, just an FYI, the Central Hockey League is a 4th tier pro league, below the NHL-1st, AHL-2nd, and ECHL-3rd.

  • Matt Marczel

    I submitted a few names in the contest, what do you all think of these ones?

    1st choice was – Brampton Brigade
    2nd Choice was – Brampton Majors
    3rd choice was – Brampton Bombers

  • Aaron

    If any Ontario town in the Central Hockey League, it ought to be Thunder Bay and Brampton in the ECHL. And I don’t get why Brampton doesn’t retain the Batallion nameplate and give North Bay the Centennials name back. I realize North Bay has a military history. Brampton or North Bay Brigade sound cool though.

  • JeffB

    I know this has only been posted for a few hours, but I am surprised nobody has commented “PRO HOCKEY FINALLY COMES TO THE GTA!” yet.

  • MCG

    Higher level? What a joke..

  • ingmar66

    Brampton Bruisers? Brampton ‘Burbs? Brampton Brigade or Majors sounds OK, but does the team name really need to have a military connotation? What about Brampton Hamsters?

  • Discrim

    As John McEnroe would say…you cannot be serious. To say this development is somewhat of a headscratcher would be an understatement.

  • John Burlie

    I wonder if the name Brampton is necessary. Hopefully the name Toronto of Ontario could be used, which would most likely encourage more to go to a game.

  • John Burlie

    Chinguacousy would be an interesting name to use as well. The name needs to grab something relatable to the city, one that doesnt have much history that would sound well in hockey unfortunately.

  • Ken

    This is great news.I saw some fantastic hockey action in Flint and Pt. Huron in the IHL.Both Michigan towns lost their teams due to the poor economic situation.The team needs to be promoted to the entire Brampton population.Some of our citizens who were not born in Canada like I was, need to be exposed to our great game.Free sample tickets will need to be available in order to promote the game to everyone.

    There are so many great hockey players fom this Peel area.Attendance would increase with more local players in the hometown line-up.Ticket prices will be affordable so we can take our children and grandchildren to a “live” game.
    The Powerade Centre is an excellent facility. I am proud of this community meeting place.The free parking is very much appreciated.
    I think we should avoid a military theme for the team name and logo even though my own son-in-law is proudly in Our Armed Forces.
    I hope some of Brampton’s large companies will support this effort by purchasing tickets to distribute to the kids.
    Let’s be positive and make this project work.I thank Mayor Fennell for her efforts regarding this endeavour.

  • Hello, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

  • Aaron

    Well, if Brampton, Ontario can get a Central Hockey League team, I think at least Michigan and Ohio should have a team each as well. Would seem a little weird if there’s only one team in the Eastern time zone playing in a league called the Central Hockey League, wouldn’t it?

  • RCP

    I don`t think Brampton will survive more than a year in the CHL or ECHL. The closest team to 10 hours away and the farthest team is near the USA-Mexico border. Travel costs will be outrageously expensive. Brampton will most-likely regain an Ontario Junior Hockey League franchise since the Brampton Capitals were bought-out in 2012.