Brewers Add Gold Jersey as Alternate for 2013

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The Milwaukee Brewers this morning announced they were adding their one-game-only gold jersey from 2011 as a full-time member of their set for the upcoming 2013 season.

Worn for a game back on September 10, 2011 as part of a “Go Gold!” promotion with the fans which encouraged all fans and staff to wear gold. Gold jerseys were later worn again in 2012 but in Spanish, featuring “Cerveceros” across the front of the uniform in the same style.

With the addition of this gold jersey the Milwaukee Brewers will have an incredible six jerseys in their set: home white, road grey, home navy, road navy, home retro white, home gold… and that’s not including any of the special foreign-language jerseys the club will surely wear throughout the year.

Milwaukee Brewers new gold alternate uniform for 2013

Milwaukee Brewers COO Rick Schlesinger explained why the club added yet another jersey to their already crowded rotation:

“Our players have worn a similar gold-colored jersey on our annual ‘Cerveceros Day,’ and the feedback from fans and players has been overwhelmingly positive.  We believe that this jersey will be a very popular style, both on the field and at our retail locations.”

The new uniforms will be unveiled at the Brewers annual fan event “Brewers On Deck” this Sunday and will be available for purchase exclusively at the Brewers team shop at Miller Park through February 3rd.  All jersey purchases this first week will come with a free gold jersey chocolate bar:

Milwaukee Brewers jersey chocolate bar, free for fans who purchase new gold jersey this week (

The Brewers are such a fun team.

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  • And if you want to count BP/ST jerseys, that’s the regular one and the fan version. That’s a lot.

  • Chris Oglesby

    I like that gold alternate.

  • pretty sweet

  • pretty sweet

  • Troy Griggsby

    Just need a juicy brat and a cold beer to go with all that mustard.

  • Aaron

    If anything, the gold jersey should be the home alternate and the navy one should be strictly a road alternate. If the Brew Crew want to really go all the with this, pair this jersey with a navy/gold three panel cap, just like Baltimore does with their home caps and like the Brewers did back in the late 70’s early 80’s.

  • Jeff L

    Is the 6 jerseys in the set a MLB record? How is it decided which jersey to wear for a game?

    And ohhhhhhh receive a gold jersey chocolate bar if you purchase a gold jersey. Like that’s really going to convince people to buy them!!!

    • Kyle

      I believe the starting pitcher for the game picks.

  • Aaron

    Better yet, these jerseys would look cool with MB glove cap.

  • Alex Giobbi

    I suddenly have an urge to buy one of these. Don’t know why, maybe because of the free chocolate.

  • ingmar66

    Very nice and tasty jersey, but why not give away a specially designed six pack of Miller cans when purchasing this jersey for those fans who do not like chocolate?

  • Joseph Newell

    I like these! Just think their road gray’s should say “Milwaukee” on them.

  • Steve Cramsie


  • TylerVixmer

    best alternatives in the league