Nike Unveils 2013 Pro Bowl Uniforms for Sunday

Written By:  •  Friday, January 25, 2013

Honolulu, Hawaii, will feel a little retro on Sunday during the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

The uniform, designed by Nike, goes to the opposite end of the spectrum from what some might expect from the apparel giant, but falls in line with the tradition-heavy NFL.

The looks of both the AFC and NFC feature simple designs, inspired by 1970s uniforms, according to Nike press materials. Red, white and blue—as is customary—plays centrally.

The NFC will wear a blue jersey with white lettering and red trim, white pants and blue and white accents.  The player wears the helmet of their actual team (in the example above it is the Seattle Seahawks).  Team logo patch and Pro Bowl patch on either side of the front of the jersey.

The AFC uniform features a white jersey with red lettering and blue trim, red pants and additional red accents.  Like the NFC, players wear their team helmets – above is the Indianapolis Colts example. Team logo patch and Pro Bowl patch on either side of the front of the jersey.

The Elite 51 uniform is the same cut as what most NFL teams wore during the regular season.

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  • Those helmets are the Seahawks, Colts, respectively for the NFC and AFC. I don’t think they’re actually going to make new helmets for every player.

    • Badger Mike

      Yep. ^ What he said.

  • Pro Bowlers wear their own helmets. That’s a Seahawks helmet and a Colts helmet.

  • Craig Michaels

    Those aren’t unique Pro Bowl helmets. Players wear their team helmets in the Pro Bowl. Those are Seattle and Indy helmets in the photos.

  • You’re absolutely right, I’ve fixed the story

  • Craig Michaels

    Just keepin’ ya credible, friend.

  • I HAVE to agree with Craig on this one. It makes more sense for the players to just wear their helmets than the ones here.

  • Seahawks, obviously

  • James S. Nies

    I like these uniforms. Usually the pro bowl unis are as much of a joke as the game is. But these are good

  • David (nuordr)

    Are there strips on the pants? If not, then this is a fail!

  • ingmar66

    The semi-menacing poses and underlighting make it hard to distinguish any details on these uniforms. They look promising. But on the other hand, it is just the Pro Bowl, so who actually cares? The most useless all star game in pro sports.

  • Mike S.

    they should have the players wear their own uniforms

  • they should let the players wear their own uniforms like they do for baseball’s ASG

    • Christian

      Well think about it. Baseball has their own team jerseys because they have their traditional white vs gray. If the NFL, NBA, or NHL did that, then it would look like a bunch of skittles out there, lol. I’ve always thought that they should do pro bowls in NFL stadiums and do it like Baseball where they have jerseys of the team that plays in that stadium make jerseys with their colors (baseball does it with the BP jerseys). But the traditional blue vs red for the NFL has always been the case, and they should stick with it in my opinion

  • Chris Oglesby

    Maybe it’s because I have gotten used to the out there pro bowl and all star game uniforms from the NFL and other leagues, but these seem awkward to look at given all star game uniform trend we have seen. I don’t dislike them but to a certain degree they do give off a ‘college uniform’ vibe and a Madden Create-a-team vibe.

  • Scott

    Does anyone know where to buy the 2013 probowl jerseys at yet I can’t find anyone that has them yet

  • David

    Why is no pro bowl gear for sell online?