Barrelman Design the Milwaukee Winner

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The Milwaukee Brewers’ old-time Barrelman logo will garner plenty of attention this Spring Training, as the “Design a YOUniform” contest resulted in the Barrelman taking top billing.

A classic Barrelman-heavy blue-and-cream design by Ben Peters of Richfield, Minn., was announced Sunday by Milwaukee closer John Axford at the Brewers On Deck event as the chosen uniform of the three finalists.

The top three designs were selected out of 700 entries in the contest.

Peters places the Barrelman on the jersey sleeve overtop a newly designed logo that features an outline of the state of Wisconsin and some barley. By pairing current team colors with a more old-school looking font, the uniform itself has a classic feel, even if the cap has a bit more character with the face of the Barrelman squarely adorning the blue lids. The design was submitted with two options for the main “B” font, the Brewers told The “B” seen above is the final choice, while the “B” below was the secondary choice.

The design will first be worn on Friday, March 22, during a Spring Training game against the Cubs at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix. The look will take to Miller Park on March 30 against the White Sox in an exhibition game two days before the regular-season home opener.

Peters will get airfare and tickets for two, plus $1,500 to cover expenses, to attend the March 22 contest in Phoenix. Along with 10 T-shirts and hats with the winning design, he can choose a game-worn uniform and cap from any player the day his uniform was worn.

Merchandise featuring the winning design will also be available at the Brewers team stores in Phoenix and at Miller Park.

What started as a simple fan interaction project last fall turned into something much bigger, with the onslaught of submissions surprising even the Brewers and enticing them to extend the winning uniform from just a Spring Training game in Phoenix to an exhibition game in Milwaukee’s home Miller Park two days before the regular-season opener.

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  • Steve Cherry

    The Milwaukee Brewers are a AAA franchise now?

    • AlMaFI

      It’s just for a spring training game.

  • Kevin Joseph

    That script is downright sexy.

  • Chris Oglesby

    Love the barrelman hat and alternate logos. The script is gorgeous. Don’t like the single strip across the shoulders. I would have preferred a better striping pattern on the jersey.

  • that hat is sexy

  • Swiss

    Did you noticed the capital B on the jersey? It differs from the capital B on the design. I liked more the original design.

    • Matt Jones

      Yes, the B is different than the design. Looking closer, it looks exactly like the Atlanta Braves’ B design. Google it and see!

      • Swiss

        Maybe someone in the Brewers franchise wanted something with a link to the old Braves’ history when they were playing in Milwaukee so changed the B design.

    • I noticed that right away, I’m curious why they switched the “B” style at all, and especially to one that so clearly harkens to the Braves script

      • Swiss

        I’m with you in the same question.

    • I just checked with the Brewers on this and they say the design was submitted with two options for the “B.” The one chosen is different than the one on the original PDF.

    • J.B.

      I liked the original “B” better, too.

      IMHO Barrel-Man head for the cap logo is goofy. Sleeve patch is really nice, but a stylized German/beer script “M” for Milwaukee would’ve been better.

      • AlMaFI

        Agreed. The original B is outstanding.

  • kurt

    nice choice. the script and number style definitely make this. very cool.

  • Matthew Schilling

    Love this uniform, all the way from the barrelman logo to the number font! Awesome look!

  • Travis Gagnon

    I love it!!

  • Troy Griggsby

    The script is gorgeous and the Barrelman sleeve patch is perfect.

  • James Rosenthal

    sexy sexy sexy look of this uni. and i gota get that hat

    • Travis Gagnon

      What font did they use for this, this is sooo cool!!

  • It’s a good look, I’d kill the subscript Line but the rest of it is great.

  • BuffaloBillyJ

    Yay, another navy blue and gold design. The first submission with royal blue and yellow should have won. I like the script on the winning jersey, but the color scheme and hat are just awful.

    • Blake

      The font and script are excellent. The color scheme is nice; but it’s been done, kind of like a cliché. They should have gone with green, similar to the Packers and the Bucks or perhaps be a bit more groundbreaking. But for what it’s worth, it’ll suffice. The barrel man logo is too dated and cartoonish. The Baltimore Orioles and the Cincinnati Reds have a similar scheme. I know it’s part of their history and represents the brand; but it looks out-of-place compared to the other teams. Same goes for the Brewers, in this case. Overall, I like the uniform; but have mixed emotions.

      • Aaron

        I wonder how this uniform would look with royal blue?

      • Yeah, I liked the yellow one more

  • Very fitting script for a beer town

  • $1500 and travel a good deal for a design that could be worth millions in licensing fees and sports merchandise.

  • Austin Harbeson

    This should be the permanent look for them.

  • Austin Harbeson

    This should be the permanent look for them.

  • Frankie Yankee Schnook

    I love it its not tacky at all looks retro nice blend, well done to the winner, he deserves it

  • Brian Jud

    Only a couple exhibition games? Should get at least one regular season game, though I guess that wasn’t the contest.

  • Aaron

    Like the uniform design. Kind of has that old Chicago White Sox look to it. The caps, better suited for a BP cap. They should try adding the classic MB glove logo to the cap instead. Mind you the current M logo would go well with this.

  • ingmar66

    Like it a lot, but the B on the design was better, more beery with a German touch. I guess using that Braves B makes it easier to produce the shirts. That hat should be a permanent road hat or something, I love the Barrelman! The winner deserves far more than 1500 bucks, travel and some shirts. On one hand it is great to involve the fans in designing stuff (especially if it looks this good) but professional designers are put out of work by actions like this. Are the Brewers very commited to their fans or very shrewd from a business point of view?

  • Minor League Branding Firms (and you know who are) TAKE NOTICE. Here’s a clearly obvious example of how to create a “fun uniform”, how to make it look “professional” — and done WITHOUT the use of overdrawn illustrations and glaringly over–obvious conceptual ideas forced down the consumers throats.

    This is the right way to go folks!

  • Georges

    It seems to me the Brewers have the nicest uniforms in the Major Leagues. This is why.

  • Nascarfan4

    Yay! My vote actually was worth it!

    • AlMaFI


  • Keegan

    If the Brewers went back to the old glove mb and use this as an alternate, I would be a very happy camper.

    • Aaron

      Exactly my point. Obviously as a home alternate. But as mentioned, the current cap fits well with this uniform set.

  • AlMaFI

    Very pleased with the results of this contest!!! This is exactly what the team was looking for in a temporary one-time uni–something fun and memorable, yet connected to history. Roll out the Barrelman! Zing Boom Tarrarrel!

  • Cameron

    Not a fan… could have done better

  • Matthew Talbot

    I like everything but the hat.

  • Matthew Talbot

    I like everything but the hat.

  • Jumbotron

    I like the jersey (colors-script-design)

    the cap is not my favorite


  • Ben Peters

    I want to thank Chris Creamer for advertising the contest here. Otherwise I never would have known about it. Thanks for all the comments on the script. Yes, I knew the cap was a big risk but I thought it was fun. I appreciate the comments about the 1st “B” but I thought the new “B” is a lot more graceful and elegant and just looks better over all. I didn’t think at all about the Braves “B”. I see now it is similar, but it is quite different if you compare. I didn’t like the lower left portion of my first “B”, I thought it stuck out too much. And at first I thought it was clever how the top part of the “B” matched the end of the tail swash, but then I thought it was too repetitive. I also want to thank the Brewers, it was a fun contest, a great experience, they were extremely gracious hosts. First class all the way. -Ben