Greeneville Astros Update Identity to Match Houston

Written By:  •  Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Greeneville Astros, Appalachian League affiliates of the Houston Astros, unveiled their updated logo and uniform set to keep in line with the new look of the parent club.

It’s a direct copy of the Houston set, the primary logo changed only to replace the H on the star with a “G” and the city name in the circle above the star.

Greeneville Astros New Uniforms 2013

Greeneville Astros new uniforms for 2013. Road, BP, and Home

As for the uniforms they introduced three at the unveiling today…

At home it’s the Houston Astros home jersey, white with “ASTROS” arched across the front – an all navy blue cap with the “G-Star” logo on the front.

For road games they are wearing an all-orange set (not the pants, they’ll be grey), the jersey is modelled after Houston’s home alternate jersey but reads “GREENEVILLE” instead of “ASTROS”.  The cap is all orange with the “G-Star” logo on the front.

Also introduced was the batting practice uniform, which like the big league club has the rainbow striping up the side panels of the jersey.  The cap is navy blue with orange bill and has the actual full primary logo on the front.  Of note, the logo on the chest of the BP jersey appears to be slightly different than the Houston logo in that the left side of the star is yellow instead of a lighter orange.  We’re not sure what the story on that is.

Greeneville Astros’ previous and new primary logos

The team also announced today that (like the Houston Astros, again) they’ll be bringing back an old mascot – “Tex” and “Tess” will be back on the dugouts and in the stands for 2013.

New logo merchandise is available for purchase as of right this second at the team shop at the ballpark, it will be made available online “shortly”.


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  • Jon Young

    Good lord.

  • Alex Giobbi

    Not bad, although the G is a bit of an awkward fit.

  • Jtddd94

    Now that’s just downright awesome. Kinda makes me think of the old Galveston Gamblers just a bit.

  • Douglas Snazel

    Love the new Astros logo and treatment, it’s really classy. This is pretty cool for a minor league team which usually has to put up with cartoon photoshops of angry water fowl and other horrible abominable logos.

  • Aaron

    Fine setup, but the road uniforms should be grey.

  • Wow that old font was horrible… looks like Green Eville…

  • ingmar66

    Not bad but a bit bland, They should have had something (other than the G) to distinguish it from the parent club. Like a shooting star or a G in a totally different font or, better yet, this logo but in different team colours.

  • DoubleB

    I will say I am very glad that they aren’t wearing the city name at home and team name on the road like I’ve so often seen! It makes way more sense to have the city name on the road!

    • Aaron

      The only team I know of that does that are the Sacramento Kings.

  • John Burlie

    The right sides of the ‘G’ shoudl be shaved off as the left is. It kinda looks strange but it’s not over board. The black jersey has some interesting colour patterns I must say.

    • Aaron

      Black! It’s actually navy blue.

  • Sean Carter

    glad they decide to change their identity before 2013 season since they are in same league as minor team that plays in my home town of kingsport