Nike Unveils Trio of New Soccer Kits, Including Volcanic-Inspired Portugal Away Kit

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For storied teams, uniform designers only get to make changes in the small details. But there are other times fans get major color changes and visual overhauls, such as what Nike did by today announcing the new Portugal away kit for 2013.

Saying the all-black uniform—from jersey to shorts to socks—was “inspired by the volcanic rock associated with the country,” Portugal got head-to-toe black, even if it kept its well-known cross, but this time in a muted gray on the black background.

Black basalt rock is used extensively throughout Portugal and was the driving force behind the look. Along with the tonal cross, the shirt has a full-color crest on the right breast and the players’ numbers are in charcoal on the back and the left breast. The names of the players will appear in white on the back.

The black shorts also feature a full-color crest and charcoal numbers. Not surprisingly, and in an obvious marketing decision, a white swoosh stands out on the shirt, shorts and socks.

Each kit uses an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles to create the 100-percent recycled polyester shorts and 96-percent recycled polyester shirts.


You can’t expect too many changes to the traditional yellow-and-green jerseys and blue shorts of Brazil. This week Nike showed off the new kit, with few visual changes. The jersey keeps classic rib collar in green with a V inset. Laser venting, including holes shaped liked stars, bonded seams and hemline vents added performance aspects.

The shorts remain classic blue with bonded white stripes along each side. The socks are white with green trim with “Brazil” detail on each.

“To wear the ‘amarelinha’ is the greatest honor for me and my teammates,” Neymar said. “Football is part of our lives in this country and the new Brazil kit is a classic design with all the technology that we need to perform.”

Professional Colombia Club: Atlético Nacional

Also released this week were the first Nike-made kits for top Colombia professional team Atlético Nacional.

The new look includes bold green and white stripes and an “AN” badge set against a fortress insignia, all encompassed on the breast.

The away kits will feature bright green.

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  • Brazil kits looking good as usual.

  • @Creussner

    Football-Shirts should have collars like the brazil shirt.

  • ingmar66

    Only New Zealand should be allowed to wear all black uniforms in soccer. Even if there is a story about volcanic rock behind this away shirt. All Black is for the All Blacks, period. Brazil looks good (they had some gruesome versions of the classic canary shirt in the last few years), what is that detail in the neck? Is it a dog with some stars on top? Atletico Nacional is not special at all: it is just the FC Barcelona kit of last season but only in green and white instead of red and blue.

  • Patrick

    Portugal away unis are slick.