Photos of all 2013 MLB BP Caps

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Thanks to a posting on our Facebook wall from Joel Johnson we now have actual photos of every new MLB batting practice cap for the upcoming 2013 season.

The photo appears to come from a catalogue, perhaps a NewEra one, still awaiting word on the original source of the image Unfortunately there are no pictures of the backs of the caps, so we’ll still have to wait and see what logos each team will be using for those.

Every new batting practice cap used in MLB for 2013, click through twice for link to larger image

What we can learn from this image is more of the specifics of the material and construction of the caps, they are listed as 59Fifty’s, the same caps used in regular season games, but using “Performance Polyester” fabric.  Looking at the large photo of the Astros cap in the new catalogue image as well as the previously seen Blue Jays and Mets pics we can see the fabric looks to be ventilated, similar to previous BP caps.

Toronto Blue Jays BP cap for 2013 features a maple leaf on the front. Click for larger image

Also of note, that Braves cap has not changed despite suggestions it would be changed before the season.  Although, this could just be an old photo.

To see larger computer-rendered images, as well as a team-by-team breakdown of the new 2013 MLB BP caps, check out our handy preview guide.  Just choose the division below:


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  • Matt Campbell

    Does anyone know when these go on sale? Gotta get my Chief Noc-a-Homa before they outlaw him.

  • The Blue Jays spring training location says they go on sale tomorrow… that’s the only date I’ve heard from any team

  • Logan R

    That Mets one is pretty! Are these coming to stores?

  • Brian LaCalameto

    Reds take two steps back with the black road cap.

  • Get rid of the black!! Sick of it.

  • Michael Q.

    I don’t care what anyone says; the Braves hat is cool!

  • Dave Kostka

    Curve those brims!!!

  • Agent New Era

    C’mon Giants! Maybe an orange crown with black brim. Perhaps even use the Giants script logo over the baseball which is their alternate logo, or even the cursive “g” logo.

    BP hats should be different than the main ones, off-kilter even. Kudos to the Braves, Blue Jays, Reds, Brewers, Rays, Mets, A’s, and Rockies for running with it!

    • SFforlife

      Thank you! I’ve been saying that all along….can’t believe the Giants made theirs looks exactly like one their already wear. Where’s the incentive for fans to buy them now? Stupid idea, should’ve added another logo or changed the cap design…they have a plethora of different choices, so there’s no excuse. Disappointing.

  • camly75

    Wow most of those look really ‘gangster swag’

    • BuffaloBillyJ

      My sentiments exactly. New Era caters to the “fitted” and “flat brim” crowd. Baseball fans wear ’47 Brand so they don’t look like a thug.

      • SFforlife

        Oh get over yourself. You can wear the fitted hats and look just fine. I’m a “baseball fan” and I wear fitteds. BFG.

      • …do the players who wear 5950’s look like thugs?

        • SFforlife

          Most of them, no….when some of the players wear them slightly sideways…maybe a little, but still, not really.

      • Scott

        Authentic MLB hats have always been fitted and shipped with a flat brim. The reason it’s shipped flat is so you can bend them yourself. It wasn’t until recently people started wearing them flat with the stickers left on them because they decided to see just how stupid they can look. Seriously what’s the deal with people leaving the size stickers on hats? Looks so stupid.

  • JJHoser

    I need that Rockies one so bad. My boys in the big CO are gonna kill it in those hats!! I love that they finally put the mountains somewhere other than our scoreboard.

  • I called up the Rays team store in downtown Tampa yesterday, and here’s the news I got:

    Hats on sale at the Spring Training sites on Feb. 23 (so, right at the start of the ST)

    Available at mall stores and online March 1.

    Also, the Rays second BP hat (the light blue crown / navy bill) will NOT be available March 1… it’ll be a few weeks behind.

  • Tony

    Did anyone notice the Dodgers have a home and a road BP cap pictured? I only remember seeing images of the gray one… I like all these caps. Especially the Mets, and Jays. And Detroit’s road cap, it looks very turn of the century…