San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XLVII Phantom Champs Gear

Written By:  •  Sunday, February 3, 2013

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on winning their second Super Bowl title in what turned out to be a much more exciting game than what it looked like it would be early on in the second half.

The San Francisco 49ers couldn’t quite take their 6th title back home to the Bay, but if they had here’s the merchandise their players and fans would’ve been rockin’ throughout the off-season:

All that gold looks kinda nice next to the word “Champions”… oh well, there’s always next year.

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  • knoper

    Chris, all due respect, but I just don’t get these. I mean, if there was something radically different, maybe, but otherwise, it’s the same theme with a different team.

    • Chris Creamer

      You’re right, but people still like looking at it – myself included. If you don’t get it, that’s fine – just ignore these posts… I won’t be offended.

      • knoper

        Excellent point. Pardon my whining.

  • More like what SHOULD’VE been…. what was up with that no-call at the end?

    • Jonathan Kim

      That was shocking but I blame Jim for not running with Kaep or Gore.

  • Kdemello

    Chris,where do you find all this?? i would love to know because i love phantom champions gear.

  • Andy

    Wow Chris, you got this up fast. Also the shadow of that cap makes it look like the bill wraps all the way around. Kinda caught me of guard at first.

  • Michael Kersey

    What “no call”?

  • How ironic that the 49ers would have had a championship shirt with lights as the background.

  • Michael you cannot be serious. That was CLEARLY holding on THE most crucial play of the game. Utter crap.

  • AC Smith

    Yes, there was clearly holding.
    AND, it never should have come down to that play.
    We had plenty of chances, and there are a number of areas we fell short. Any one of which might well have tipped the balance.

  • B. Coffey

    Check out the no call on the J. Jones kick off return. Watch Bruce Miller, #49.

  • Suazo Martin

    How can I get my Hands on These?
    I want Them ALL!!
    Please Help…

  • Nick

    Well, this hurts to look at.

  • Ralph

    Say, Chris……you wouldn’t happen to have the Jell-o Pudding commercial for Baltimore, would ya? LOL

  • Roger

    Maybe if the Niners restock or add more quality players on the D line and in the secondary they would have won yesterday.

  • OGpistolpete

    Seriously, can someone explain why there are TWO Super Bowl logos. They’re all like, “well, every Super Bowl from no one will have the same Lombardi trophy logo.” ….. “BUT WAIT HERE’S A COLORFUL LOGO WE’LL USE SPARINGLY!!” … I don’t get it.

  • JonathanI

    I hope they donate all these clothes to people who do not know or care who won the game but really need a shirt.

  • SFforlife

    That embroidered banner with all the years won hurt to see. More because it’s just strange to know the 49ers LOST a Super Bowl. All previous SB memories for the 49ers are great. The perfect record being ruined hurts IMO more than actually losing the game itself. Idk if that makes sense, but eh. In other words, I’d rather they had just lost in the NFC Championship instead of the SB. F the Conference Title if it means losing in the Bowl, I’d rather keep the record, and, memories, intact..

  • thomas

    don´t worry……….raiders will win next season

    • SFforlife

      Oh you.

  • Choc Hurd

    Jason Eldridge

  • Choc Hurd

    Lol Jason Eldridge

  • Choc Hurd

    Alex Shmakov

  • I saw a guy wearing a 49ers Super Bowl XLVII hat yesterday. So, he has a $35 cap that will forever remind him of a Super Bowl his team lost. Later yesterday, believe it or not, I saw a guy wearing a Detroit Tigers 2005 World Series hat. A series they lost. I’ve always been against buying Division or Conference champs gear for this reason. If your team goes on to lose the big one, you have a lasting reminder of the loss.