Oregon State Beavers New Nike Logo Leak?

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As we reported back in September of 2012, Nike has been working with Oregon State on new identify pieces. It was never made particularly clear what pieces would change, what what if any would stay the same. From images that have been floating around online, it looks like the primary Beaver logo is getting the Nike redesign.

Setting aside why on earth a school would sign with the same company that uses its in-state rival as their feature school in the first place, Oregon State has been slow to undergo huge changes. This new logo would qualify as such.

Oregon State Beavers logo beaver sportslogos.net - shirt

Via Instagram, by mikebrisk

Jacob Tauscher, an employee at Just Sports, a retailer with 27 locations throughout the Pacific Northwest first posted it, possibly from his store’s shelves (although Just Sports emailed us to say the photo was taken at a competitors shop). The shirt in question does not appear on their web site. The logo is shown on what looks to be in-store merchandise. Complete with Nike logo, sizing sticker, and security dongle.

Oregon State Beavers Tshirt

The new Beaver, if it is indeed genuine, has what we will call an “interesting” look. The silhouette seems somehow forced into its shape, as if its trying to be the outline of the state, county, campus, or an axehead. The teeth, in bright white, seem to spell out a letter N. The eye, also in white, has a double circle appearance.

Whiskers as slash lines, and additional “dots” give the shape a beaver-like appearance. The eyes look a little vacant, the shapes around them almost abstract.

As a whole, it is not a bad logo. But its difficult to call it a huge upgrade over their previous.


1997 – 2012 Logo with wordmark

It is certainly a massaging of the current, rather than a totally from-scratch work.

Our favorite here at Worldwide Logo Headquarters is their 1973 look.


So, what do you think? Is this legit? Or are we being punked? If it IS legit, do you like it? Does this help OSU keep up with their in-state design mavens, the Ducks of the University of Oregon?


 UPDATE: In our comments section, “BeaverFan” posted a photo they claim to have taken themselves, from an early drop-shipment to a store.

Oregon State Beavers tshirts


Looks pretty legit. Do you still doubt the authenticity? Or is this more photoshopping?

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  • J.Mueller

    I personally hate this logo. The beaver head looks misshapen and the left side is very similar to the Oregon Duck wings. I hope they are being punked but I think it is legit. I wish they would’ve stayed with the old one, because I’m not digging it.

  • First of all, thank you for using the word “dongle.”

    Secondly, I love the logo. I think it’s a big upgrade from their current logo. Their current looks like he’s having a seizure.

    • Katie Barrie

      It’s a piece of crap it looks like its trying to turn into a duck are you serious you must really like the ducks if you like this logo your whack.

  • i like it but looks too oregon like, like the outline forms the wings almost



      • Sandy Hilton

        You have a foul mouth if you were my child i would make you eat a bar of soap its obvious that he is very ignorant but you should still be polite!!!



  • Chris Oglesby

    Huge upgrade. The current one looks like its getting an anal probe.

  • Peter Baxter

    They needed an upgrade, but I don’t like this one.

  • Jeti Mar

    Looks like they took the old jags logo and morphed it into a beaver.

  • Tom Richards

    Naked mole rat!

  • Spinney

    Feels like someone hit “Live Trace” in Illustrator a couple of times and tried to work something out of it. HOWEVER, if someone made the decision to do it this way for a more rustic, tougher, woodsy look, then they were dead on. I suppose it depends on the intentions of the artists and the request of the school.

  • Alex Parisi

    I would’ve liked to have seen a full bodied beaver and not just the head. That Beaver tail is something to behold. Missed opportunity.

    • KTemp

      I agree with Alex. The beaver tail could be really cool. Could you imagine the tail texture on helmets or jerseys? That being said, I really like the new logo.

    • Alan White


      Someone had mentioned that the new Beaver logo looks like the, Patriots logo (shape). I think it’s whiskers look like fish gills.

  • Ian

    Old one is better IMO.

  • Looks like the new JAX Jags logo..

    • Uzz

      Are you blind ?

  • Logan R

    Dafuq did I just see?

  • SFforlife

    Trying to make any beaver look tough and angry is most likely going to fail, but this looks incredibly stupid. It looks like a giant gopher! Idiotic…

  • Rob S.

    Man, I am getting tired of complaining, but this logo is awful!!! The current one looks great 97-12. I continue to despise NIKE, Hate everything about that company.

  • Bliggy

    Love this.

  • Brian in Boston

    Why clients – particularly college athletic departments – continue to hand responsibility for their branding to Nike is beyond me. Miserably crap-tacular.

    • Squizz

      Really? Really? You don’t get it? Well Nike makes a lot of money, it brings revenue and recruits into colleges, and it sells. See people like you can complain about Nike and sports logos on a website like this all you want, do you think Nike cares? No they just laugh as the money rolls in, OSU will rejoice as they get coveted recruits and merchandise sales go up. You see Brian once you look beyond the socialist agenda of Massachusetts you will realize we as a nation are still a capitalist society, and in that capitalist society NIKE is a big deal, does that help?

      • Brian in Boston

        Squizz… no need to take my disdain for the dreck Nike regularly peddles so seriously.

        Believe me, I know why Nike continues to engage in their so-called “branding” efforts: it is the M-O-N-E-Y you mentioned. So long as the college clients continue to buy-in to Nike’s rep as a “branding” partner, Nike will continue to take their cash. And you’re right, the suits at Nike are likely laughing all the way to the bank… particularly at the college sports lemmings that continue to lap-up the pap that Nike’s selling.

        As for my being influenced by a “socialist agenda” in Massachusetts… you’re going to have to do better than that. First of all, the notion that everyone who calls Massachusetts home is a “socialist” is dated, hackneyed crap. Second, while I was born and raised in the Bay State, I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life living elsewhere. Why the moving around for me? Part and parcel of plying my particular trade in the capitalist system I’m a successfully functioning member of.

        Look, Nike may strike you as being a “big deal”, but from where I’m sitting, they’ve become – particularly with regard to their “branding” efforts on the part of colleges – a tired, overrated outfit whose work borders on self-parody.

        You’re free to celebrate their supposed greatness with each and every college identity they churn out, but I’ll pass on doing so until I see something that strikes me as actually worthy of praise. Frankly, it has been a good long time seen I’ve seen such a result from them.

        To each their own.

        • Squizz

          Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh my gosh your just a straight up dolt. Oh I needed the laugh thank you.

          • Pakwest

            You must work for Adidas.

          • Chris Creamer

            I apologize to the usual readers of this site for the level of intelligence that “Squizz” has shown in his comments… this is not YouTube, let’s take the quality of comments up a notch shall we?

  • Aaron

    Any sharper and you might as well call them the Porqupines.

  • KDub

    In a word, NO.

  • Mike
  • Cody

    Just awful.

  • Jeriat

    What…. in the hell….?

  • Bleuet

    The 1973 logo is the best one.

  • Jon

    “If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.”

    Apparently Nike wasn’t informed about that phrase…

  • So that’s what happened to all those failed Jacksonville Jaguars concepts.

  • ingmar66

    Never leave a mascot design to a sports company. The N teeth cynically stand for Nike, the gopher-like look is what Minnesota can expect should they ever redesign their logo, care of Nike, and the vacant look of this creature is mirroring the empty stare of the lethargic masses that are going to buy OSU stuff with this logo. Bring back and update the ’73 beaver! And employ independent designers!

    • MD

      Are you kidding me?

      The top part of the teeth shows the gum, suggesting that there are 2 teeth and not one large tooth.

      The lower part show that they are angled.

      If Nike’s designer was to A) Create a solid black line all the way down separating the teeth or B) Remove the curves at the top and bottom it would look AWFUL

  • Jasen

    Looks like the gopher from caddyshack

  • beaver fan

    THIS IS REAL. NOT A FAKE.. the shirts came on a drop shipment to the store and they were not supposed to have been sent out yet. THIS IS THE REAL LOGO. I have held the shirt and seen them in person

  • beaver fan

    one more thing this is not a leak from nike.

  • beaver fan
  • Chris

    Well, I have to admit that the new logo is a step up from the outdated logo that they were using…however, it leaves plenty to be desired. I think it might look good on a football helmet, but as an overall design it’s not strong and it will definitely not pass the test of time, much like the outgoing logo which is completely outdated and carries all the signs of what was ‘in’ back in the 90’s.

    The new logo has all the trappings of a logo with no staying power…and I think it’s disappointing, because while Oregon State has admitted that it was time for a make-over, it seems that they pride themselves on being unlike the Oregon Ducks, hence, they should have opted for a more classic look that will age better.

    I would have preferred a refresh of the 1973 logo, or perhaps (as many here have pointed out), a full beaver body. Even a beaver silhouette on a matte background could work to provide that sort of rugged + throwback look (think montreal 76 olympics, or roots canada logos).

  • Chris

    In addition, I hate franchises or college programs that run away from their own identities.

    The overall uniform should honour the colours, name and traditions of the team.

  • JD

    It looks like a naked mole rat, not a beaver.

  • RAB

    How do you not include the tail!?

  • 54321

    It must suck to be the in-state cousin of the most progressive uniform design team/franchise in organized sports.

    For that alone, I give them a pass – not for copy-pasting ideas, rather for at least looking up to date.

  • Alan White
  • MelMay

    FAIL! I LOVE my Beavers but HATE this logo!

  • Why is the Beaver head in the shape of a “D”? They are the Beavers, not the Ducks.

  • amoody

    Flat out Honest answer – what a waste of time and money. That logo is terrible. I’m a PROUD beav but I will not support this rediculous logo. Go back to the drawing board Nike Team, start over and this time come up with something that people will like.

  • Mike

    Personally, this logo is starting to grow on me. I hope this is a secondary thought. I would rather see a text logo for football helmets and playing fields.

  • Ian

    I think it’s terrible. Its the worst of all the logos. It doesn’t look like a beaver. I can’t even decide what it does look like. Personally I would rather go back to the 1973 Benny Beaver logo.

  • Beavblazer

    It’s photoshopped. On the retail picture, look at the upper left portion where the orange doesn’t match. Also, the swoosh isn’t centered.

    • beaver fan

      wrong both pics taken same day i had to remove the product from the sales floor due to Nike requesting we remove the product as it will not be for sale until April. so i snapped a quick pick in an area with bad lighting. the other pic was taken where there was way more light.

  • Pod

    don’t like it, but I didn’t like the older one either.

  • Concerned Uni

    Awful…just awful. Whats wrong with the current logo?

  • Dan

    Why do we need a Beaver logo to go on helmets, jerseys, etc.? How ’bout using the inter-locking OS on sports uniforms and Benny Beaver at games with the current logo on flags, T-Shirts, etc. as needed …

  • affolter

    No! No! No! I hate it. The current one is better. The ’73 version better yet.

  • dustyman

    what is nike trying to do take over the state of Oregon?

  • EG

    I have a legitimate question: Can I get shirts or sweat tops or decals with the old logo the one from pre-1996? I mean the FB team was bad then but this logo is far better than either.

  • James

    I may stand alone on this but I think it looks sharp.

  • rb
  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! Phil Wants to make us the laughing stock of the PAC 12.
    Very bad idea going with them as we all know where his heart and checkbook lay.
    Disappointing if we agree to this!

    • Katie Barrie

      If they agree to this they have ruined the beavers for life.

  • carrie

    a total thumbs down…that new one need to be chewed up and spat out

  • Kelly

    Well, since it’s not suppose to be released until Monday night here at OSU, I have a hard time believing somebody miraculously found a picture of the logo on a tshirt already in a business like the above photos. I’m hoping it’s a smoke and mirrors tactic and they’re just trying to ramp up the interest before the big release.

    • Dave

      Kelly- you’re not that naive are you?

  • Katie Barrie

    They are saying that they want to change the logo, the font, and the colors, (to blue and gold because of the oregon state flag colors) they have enough blue and gold teams not many orange and black, if they do that than they wont be the beavers anymore they will be something else but not the beavers. I feel extremely bad for the fans as i am one of them, as well as feeling bad for the players of OSU who have played for them for 2 or 3 years and then have to change to this crap its sad to say but my brother in law is already saying that if they change everything about OSU’s logo he will be going to the ducks.

  • Sara

    Oregon State NUTRIAS…. Ugh, hate it!!!!!

  • mc

    I am trying to digest the new UConn logo and I came across this. I am a classic kind of guy and don’t like any new team logo designs. Trying to make things fierce, sleek and more serious just makes all the logos look the same and takes the character out of them. It seems the same guy, or same team, designs all these logos. Very cookie cutter. Sad.

  • Rick Diggler

    I heard Phil Knight designed it,I see 5 ducks in it… The eye of the beaver is the eye of the duck and the beak to the right. The other duck is facing the opposite way underneath it in orange with the long whiskers being the wing and the other 3 are the whisker dots. 3 in a Fliying V pattern.. I love it… lol.. I would hate to be a Beavers fan… GOOOOO DUUUUCKS!!!

  • Dawson

    It looks like a skinny nutria. Old one looked like a dog beaver monster scary but cool
    OSU needs a logo that looked good on a mlb style hat