More Sleeved Basketball Uniforms Coming from adidas

Written By:  •  Friday, February 15, 2013

Adidas has really taken to this whole sleeve concept in basketball. On the heels of revealing the new Golden State Warriors’ sleeved concept, adidas announced this week that the April 3 McDonald’s All American basketball game in Chicago will feature two teams donning sleeves.

The new “adizero short sleeve uniform” will get further billing as adidas looks to promote their modern sleeved look, hoping it catches on as the latest trend in basketball uniforms.

Made from 60 percent recycled materials, the uniform matches the technology announced in the Golden State uniforms, complete with quick-drying ability, zoned construction and 360-degree stretch fabric that will prove key in determining how well athletes can move throughout the arms and shoulders.

In sticking with a high school all-star game theme for adidas, the uniform features a camo print design. The East players will wear a bold black “impact camoversion” and the West players will suit up in a less intrusive red. Player names and numbers are colored in chrome, inspired, supposedly, by the shine of championship trophies. Oh, please.

The woven shorts include a compression base layer and a closer fit, dropping the overall weight of the uniform even further.

McDonald’s All American athletes will also wear adidas shoes during the event.

But it’s the sleeves we care about.

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  • AJ

    See those don’t look bad, as long as the top half and bottoms MATCH.

  • wolfgangII

    I don´t mind the sleves, but the design of this uniforms is horrible.

  • Not fair! The red team won’t be able to defend the camouflaged team because they won’t be able to find them. Seriously though, those camo uni’s are bad. And to quote Run DMC, “that’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good.”

  • nasarogue

    i think adidas took the sleeve thing to far i mean they look like shirts for a soccer club not a basket ball team. Nix the basketball shirts Addidas and stick with shoes

  • ingmar66

    Like I said before, adidas is totally fixated with soccer. These must qualify as some of the worst basketball uniforms ever: the camo, the sleeves, the horrible three stripes (which have ruined many traditional clean looking soccer shirts in Europe: Real Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam, Chelsea, AC Milan, the list goes on and on) which are present on the shirt but missing from the shorts (so they do not match), the block on the side of the shorts which looks awkward. There should be a law against this company ruining the aesthetics of modern basketball. Please get out of basketball, adidas! Stick to soccer and track & field and your nice retro collections (because back in the days their basketball shoes were really cool)!

  • I hate this! Sleeves do not belong on basketball jerseys!

  • Justin

    Love the red one… and I love the idea of sleeved basketball jerseys. I love to represent my teams but being a bigger guy no way am I gonna sport a tank top basketball jersey and I don’t think many other people would wanna see that either. And a regular t-shirt underneath just doesn’t look right. This style of basketball jersey I could be comfortable in.

  • Jeff Higgins

    If I wanted to watch soccer I would.Adidas needs someone telling them that too. I wish Nike would bring back the onesie football jersey said noone ever.

    • Jeff Higgins

      And also the sleeves thing in basketball I think is to get ready for advertising on jerseys.. more room = more money to b made.