The 16 New Uniforms for Chinese Soccer

Written By:  •  Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nike today released the new uniform designs for all 16 teams in the China Football Super League, with looks that include gradient shading, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, split-look fronts and plenty of bright colors.

Of note, the Guangzhou Evergrande F.C. offers a red that darkens as it nears the shirt’s hem. Gold sleeves signify the club’s status as the defending champions.

The Beijing Guo’an F.C. uniform offers split-green shading (including all sorts of different colors of green when you add in the shorts and socks) and the Shanghai Shenhua F.C. offers the boldest striping, combining two shades of blue with red.

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  • wolfgangII

    Nice post, Newcomb.

  • Pay attention Adidas! This is how you properly design kits for an entire league!!

  • ingmar66

    No shirt sponsors? Nuff respect! I especially like the split green with yellow accents shirt. Nice enough job by Nike, but it still looks a bit artificial. You can sense that these teams have no 100 year old history like a lot of European teams. Their names and logos also indicate this. Give it 50 more years and it will feel more natural. Then again, leagues like this one mostly exist for Asian gambling purposes, I guess, and will therefore be rather shortlived. They are dissolved every few years to show that the FIFA is trying (in vain) to fight matchfixing.

  • John

    A beautiful league, kit-wise

  • Nice looking kits! My favorite would be the Shanghai Shenhua F.C. blue stripes.