Lakers Add Jerry Buss Memorial Patch

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featured - LA Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss memorial patch jersey

The Los Angeles Lakers have unveiled the patch that is being added to their jerseys, in order to honor their owner, Jerry Buss, who died Monday at the age of 80.

The patch is simple, featuring the owner’s initials JB in yellow on a purple patch, outlines in black.

Jerseys hanging - LA Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss memorial patch jersey posted this picture of the jerseys hanging, with the patch

The Lakers already are selling the patches on their website, to add to your jersey or your patch collection.

closeup - LA Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss memorial patch jersey

The patch, close up

Buss is recognized in the NBA as a remarkably successful owner, netting 10 World Championships since buying the team in 1979.

patch wide - LA Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss memorial patch jersey

The JB patch goes on the player’s right chest

The patches will be worn on both home and away jerseys, though the yellow is the only look that has been shown. One assumes the patch will be the same, and will be placed identically on the white jersey.

memorial - LA Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss memorial patch jersey

The NBA’s memorial graphic

I clean, simple memorial patch for the Lakers, in team colors rather than black and white. A nice reminder of the owner that touched many folks lives and earned an outpouring of condolences.





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  • Andrea Profili

    I Prefer the black band.

  • Troy Griggsby

    Great gesture, awful execution. It should mimic the wordmark or be solid purple with white/silver letters. Trying to hard.

    • wolfgangII

      Yeah. I feel the initials are hard to see because the white outline. Maybe putting a black or purple outline between the yellow and white

  • Jimmy Kemp

    Nice! What would they do if they had ads on the jersey, hope they never do that.

  • Aaron

    I wonder if the LA Kings will honour him?

  • Thomas Murphy

    rather have “buss” then JB, it’s like their honoring bieber

  • ingmar66

    Buss or Doc would have worked better. There is only one JB (not the teenage heartthrob from Canada) and the The Hardest Working Man In Showbusiness, the Godfather of Soul, unfortunately already passed away some years ago and had no (known) connection with the Lakers. This logo is nice and simple, but a black outline of the funky font woulld have looked superior. Rest In Peace, Dr. Jerry Buss. Buying the Lakers in 1979 is the one of the most important moment in the history of the franchise in Los Angeles. He played a big part in all those championships by appointing the right people at the right time.