MLS Reveal Week Day 5: Chivas Closes Us Out with Vertical Stripes

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MLS Jersey Week drew to a close Friday, with the announcement of probably the most conservative design released all week. Chivas USA showed their navy secondary

front - chivas USA jersey week reveal week MLS soccer new uniform jersey

A pewter Nike model, out of work since the NFL announcements, gets some work here, for the MLS

The jersey is navy, with red details on the neck and red adidas stripes down the sleeve. The Chivas logo is on the player’s left chest, and the adidas logo on the right.

closeup - chivas USA jersey week reveal week MLS soccer new uniform jersey

Corona sponsor is in white across the chest

The vertical striping is feint, but calls back to Chivas’ primary with bold red and white vertical stripes.

The team created a new mark by taking the center of the Los Angeles City flag, and adding a ribbon across the top.

rebano - chivas USA jersey week reveal week MLS soccer new uniform jersey

Rebano Angelino crest

If you don’t speak Spanish, not only does Chivas not want you as a fan, but you also probably don’t know that the banner says, “Angelio’s Flock” (also, Herd is an accepted translation.) This mark will be at the center of the back, high above the players’ names.

Almost incongruous is the American flag on the left shoulder. Marketing exclusively to the Hispanic population, one could wonder where the team is located, no city name in the name, no English spoken. Los Angeles has a significantly huge Spanish-speaking population, so the move could prove to be marketing wise.

shop - chivas USA jersey week reveal week MLS soccer new uniform jersey

At any distance, the stripes disappear.

How do you like the Chivas jersey?

Uht-uht. en español, por favor.



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  • John Pat Sher

    Chives USA should be relocated. They are a failed project.

  • Relocated and sold to a different owner. As long as they are owned by the same guy as Chivas de Guadalajara, they’ll turn off every non Chivas Mexican fan. Talk about a stupid marketing idea.

    • Chris

      Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, most of us Mexican Chivas fans are turned off by Chivas USA as well.

  • Chris Oglesby

    That makes me want to have a Corona.

  • Crash

    I think the most incongruous part isn’t the American flag. Just because it’s not about English doesn’t make it not American. However, the “USA” on the crest is odd because it’s “EE.UU.” in Spanish, so it would make more sense to have that in the crest. Yes, I know they’re officially Chivas USA, but if you’re going to make the switch, make the whole switch. If you don’t care if you lose English-speaking fans, then there’s no need for “USA” as part of the name or crest.

    Beyond that, I think the uniforms are pretty sharp, so long as you take the color problems produced by the insistence on differing fabrics that seem to be part and parcel of current-day uniform construction and design.

  • ingmar66

    The most bizarre team in sports history. They should become some sort of barnstormers or Globetrotters, only playing away games. I don’t think they will ever build up a solid home fan base in LA, with the Galaxy competing for the same soccer buck and Mexican non-Chivas fans turning their backs on this team. This away shirt is actually very decent, even nice (except for the puzzling Angeleno reference on the back), especially coming from the trefoiled terrorists of Herzogenaurach.

  • Sean

    Most Spanish markets have changed it from the erroneous EEUU to the more accurate EUA anyway.

  • Steve

    Soccer is not a real sport, please stop covering these “uniforms” on this site.

    • Matt

      Soccer is not a real sport? The site name is Sports Logos so why not cover these uniforms?

      I guess we could ask Chris to stop covering those sports that the rest of the world don’t consider real sports, like (American) football and baseball.

      The last time I checked, soccer was played a lot more people than some of the North American only sports……….