Oregon St Beavers Unveil New Logo, Team Uniforms

Written By:  •  Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Oregon State Beavers officially debuted their new logo last night confirming the leak SportsLogos.Net reported on early last month.

Nike was responsible for the new logo unveiled by the club, part of a two-year rebranding process the company stated in a press release.  The new mark represents a “contemporary” evolution of the beaver logo used by the school.

The new alternate and wordmark logos for Oregon State in 2013

“Oregon State Athletics has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last 15 years and our new brand identity is another sign that the Beavers continue to confidently move forward.  The ultimate goal for the rebrand is to attract high-caliber student-athletes to a contemporary brand, while respecting our heritage.” – OSU Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis

As part of the new logo package came the news of the retirement of the interlocking “OS” logo, at least amongst the athletic programs at Oregon State.  The orange, black, and white colour scheme will remain however a metallic bronze secondary colour has been added to the palette, on a limited basis, which “represents strength and integrity and draws inspiration from the well-used machinery utilized in the timber industry”.

Evolution of the Oregon State Beaver logo, the newest version on the far right

“Nike has a long-standing relationship with Oregon State Athletics and it has been an honour to work with them on their new brand identity. This new update respects OSU’s history and represents their future while creating separation and distinction in college sports.” – Nike VP and Creative Director (Football/Baseball) Todd Van Horne

Also unveiled were some of the new team uniforms to go with this new logo package, photos of these new uniforms can be found below:

New team merchandise can be purchased on the official Beavers online shop, also you can check out all the new Oregon State Beavers logos on our Beavers logo page.  Love ’em? Hate ’em? Just don’t forget to rate ’em!

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  • I can’t tell if it’s coming or going.

  • Karol Sidorowski

    nice one

  • Ron Fiedler

    Love the football unis!

  • Joe Buscemi

    hmm they’re pretty sick but whats the deal with the stripe from the helmet flowing down to the face mask? Unique i guess but I don’t like it.

  • NDwas

    I can’t think of a better word to describe these other than “delicious.” Such a smooth, clean look that is not necessarily expected from Nike but is certainly refreshing. Really beautiful work, and a great design that you can tell took a while to finalize. Awesome stuff.

  • Ron Fiedler

    Looks kinda like a samurai facemask?

  • Ryan Zundell

    Love these. Simple and clean design and stills says “Oregon State” to me.

  • Ehhh… Not a fan of those.

  • I’ve come around on the new logo from the time that you posted the leak. I’m still not crazy about the shape of it though. The “D” shape makes me think of in state rival Oregon Ducks. Otherwise, the logo is clean, will look good on merchandise and the new shade of orange looks good as well. The uniforms all look pretty nice as well. Nothing crazy going on there. When compared to the older logos, I think it is a definite improvement.

  • KTemp

    Maybe the stripe on the facemask is supposed to look like the teeth of a beaver.

    • Vic DiGital

      Good call on the two white helmet stripes being intended to evoke beaver teeth. Now I can’t NOT see beaver teeth.

    • Nick

      Boom. Great call. Now I like it even more

  • AAO

    This is really bad. Not that the previous one was any better. The interlocking OS was nice, and now that’s gone. But when you look at it, it doesn’t render, it doesn’t make a strong connection. The awkward highlighting in the face is terrible. It looks like any random creature trapped, confined inside something. You can’t really make out what it is either. The script ‘Beavers’ is also really weak. It doesn’t do anything for the brand but make it less unified. The block lettering is not bad, probably the only thing I approve of in the rebrand.

  • AAO

    Worst part is I heard (CCSLC’s own) Fraser Davidson had something to do with this. This isn’t typical of Fraser’s work, so clearly they had something to do with it’s incompleteness. Fraser’s work is more impactful than this.

  • KDub

    I like the football uniforms, but I think the new beaver logo sux.

  • Rob S.

    Hate this stupid Beaver Logo.Looks very Lame! Don’t like this shade of Orange, compared to previous,but I guess this new color represents “strength and integrity”..what a bunch of HogWash!
    Uniform is.not too bad,was expecting worse.I don’t like the the shoulder design and the stripes on the helmet are too wide.Overall really Don’t like this,but I have come to learn that Sometimes the uniforms look better on the field than Nike mock-up photos.

  • i think it is cool

  • like the unis n the look, hate the facemask, darn it nike

  • Billy

    They should have that beaver stuffed.

  • Dave

    Not a big fan of the football unis, but those basketball threads look sharp

  • John Robert Crawford

    Another week, another new college football uniform in the state of Oregon. Your turn, Ducks.

  • Steve

    Damn Sweet!!! Way to go Nike!!! Love the nice thick helmet stripes. These designs show class and restraint, can’t wait to see them in action.

  • Upgrade… alas they will forever be Oregon’s little cousin. Nike has spoken.

  • Roger C.

    Love the uniforms, hate the Beaver logo. It looks retarded.

  • bill

    More proof that Nike ruins every design they try to “upgrade”. I hope the NHL never let’s Nike design their uniforms. As for the Beavers’ rebrand, it’s yuck. The only things they did well were correct spelling and rendering black and white correctly.

  • Nick

    Love em, especially the basketball unis.

    Could’ve done without the striping on the facemask though…

  • AAO

    And now you’re 2013 Baltim–Oregon Beavers

  • Drew

    Are the non-white football helmets blank, or is it just me? I can’t see a logo on any of the renderings of the football helmets I’ve found other than the white helmet…

  • tommytimp

    I like these. The logo is not 100% fierce or anything, but it will serve for a beaver. Speaking of the timber industry, do I see the teeth of a buzzsaw in the lower left?

  • ingmar66

    The football uniforms are really nice, I dig the facemask-beaver teeth connection and the basketball uniforms are really good. But the logo in itself still looks like a guinea pig or gopher with rabies. And I hate the N shape in the teeth, a not so subtle nod to Nike. They should have done something with the beaver tail as a secondary logo or part of the script wordmark or something. And they should have some sort of interlocking monogram for the hats of the baseball team.

  • vap19

    Still not sure about the beaver logo, but the uniforms are great! Love the contrast.

  • Joe

    looks more like a Nutria than a Beaver.

  • Bill A

    I’ve eaten a lot of beavers in my time and I ain’t ever seen one that looked like that….

  • Jeff

    The script looks like it says “beaners” …

  • jay

    the all black helmets weren’t broken, didn’t need a fix…. the stripes are TOOOOO WIDE. The other uni changes aren’t really bad, the new metallic color is an update, but sometimes you just gotta go with tradition. Maybe just needed to inject the metallic bronze in, but not a COMPLETE overhaul. It seems that there’s change to fix or update and think forward, and then there’s change to just go with the trend of “rebranding”. Wonder what the student body thinks? Would a vote have been possible? Guess not, when Nike’s footin’ the bill….

    Logo’s always been just a face, but it looks like they “hid more of it”, ha ha. If they wanted to rebrand, maybe they could have found a body for the Beaver or like somebody said, a Beaver tail with interlocking OS, either one for alternate.

  • Brother Wolf

    Nice beaver.