Mariners Dropping Teal, Going Cream and Gold in 2014?

Written By:  •  Friday, March 8, 2013

It would be a shame if this were to end up happening, but the Seattle Mariners may be getting rid of their iconic teal secondary colour in favour of “old gold”.

In a post made by Ebbets Field Flannels on their Facebook fan page on February 28, 2013, which was quickly deleted:

“Doing some informal consulting for the Seattle Mariners on their 2014 uniforms. They are going creme instead of white for the home (we love it). We are gently pushing for them to lose the teal and adapt old gold as the secondary color after navy.”

Compare! From left to right: 2012 Mariners home uniform, followed by it tinted to cream as per plans for 2014, finally tinted to cream with old gold in place of teal

If this were to happen it would create a colour scheme similar to Seattle’s original Major League Baseball team the Seattle Pilots who lasted one season in 1969 before moving to Milwaukee to become the Brewers where they made that blue and gold their own.

The Mariners also used a similar colour scheme for their first 16 (mostly forgettable) seasons before adding the teal during a major re-branding in 1993.

The Seattle Mariners one wore blue and gold, as seen in this photo from 1978

While the idea of using “old gold” instead of teal appears to be solely from the side of Ebbets Field Flannels at this point (let’s hope it stays that way), what does appear to be set according to the post is the switch to cream/heritage white home uniforms.

Seattle would join the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets as teams using cream-coloured uniforms as full-time home jerseys.

The New York Mets and San Francisco Giants, the only two other MLB teams to wear cream coloured home uniforms

Personally I’d hate to see the loss of yet another unique colour scheme in baseball, and while I appreciate the roots the blue and yellow colour scheme has in Seattle, their best seasons clearly happened wearing navy and teal.  Try to picture Ken Griffey, Jr without thinking of teal?  It’s a tough task to accomplish.


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  • ..what?

    gold and cream?

    come on!!
    where’s the city identity?

    Hope it matches with a deep navy blue or at least leave the silver.

  • Brian Jud

    Odd timing, given that neon/bright ’90s colors seem to be pretty popular, especially in Seattle. But obviously I’m not a marketer with any research.

  • Chris Richards

    Too bad, I was hoping hoping they would unretire their 1981-1986 uniforms. They looked really good in a game in 2011. Navy, teal, and silver has had its share of last place finishes too. Not a fan of creme.

  • Nicky Santoro

    I’m all for it!
    I hate teal in sports uniform, and I personally think that the Mariners’ current look is one of the blandest in the league. I love the old Mariners look and color scheme (especially the trident logo), so I would really welcome this change. In the rendering above, I vastly prefer the cream and gold look to the current one.

  • Aaron

    If the Mariners are going to implement old gold and cream, at least leave the teal on the uniforms. That’s a unique colour. In fact, maybe the Marlins will revert back to teal if that ever happens.

  • Otis

    Forget cream, bring back the blue and gold trident.

  • Steve

    I am absolutely sick of the cream colored home unis. They all look really bad at the ballpark and on TV. I don’t know why they are so popular?!?!
    The Giants, Mets, Braves and Indians cream unis look like garbage.
    STOP with the cream!
    If the Mariners drop the teal it will be a sad day in baseball.
    and also, Mariners, I’m sorry but the Brewers have already claimed the navy/gold color scheme. Keep your originality and keep the teal!!


    It would be a shame to see the teal go, but the creme and gold isn’t half bad

  • 1434

    The Mariners teal, navy, silver unis are the only use of teal, in any sport, that I don’t have an intense dislike for. Every other team wearing teal, just looks incredibly dated and silly.

    Even when the Mariners are bad, I see that teal and I think of them winning 116 games, Ichiro and Griffey Jr. They just look legit, in my mind.

    Kind of like when the Blue Jays went “back” to their current set. Even if they are bad, I see those unis and I think of those ass kicking teams of the early 90’s. They just look right.

    Cream and gold? For some teams, yeah. For the Mariners? Meh…

  • Rob

    How can you possibly like this? It looks awful!!!!

  • Matthew Schilling


  • John Tyler III

    BORING !

  • Joe Buscemi

    Wow that’s a big mistake, they should keep teal unique to their team. If anything go back to the “Trident” color days.

  • Bryan

    The Phillies also have a cream alternate uniform they wear on afternoon games.

  • jay

    The City of Seattle is connected to green in symbols and traditions all around. Thought it was a connecting thread. Former Sonics? Green and Gold. Seahawks? Green, Blue and either Grey or Silver, depending on which era. Sounders? Green and Blue. Isn’t this THE EMERALD CITY? Teal seems to fit right in.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    NO!!!!!!!!!!! The Marlins made a mistake too, their uniforms now look like a fifth grader created them. The Mariners uniforms are nice, they have wore them for 20 years now, they established an identity. While I wish my Tigers weren’t so ultra conservative, and would wear an alternate jersey for the road, but I’m thankful they don’t mess around with their uniforms like so many teams have.

  • James Kellam

    One word: Lame.

  • Chris Ciolfitto


    Massive dislike!

  • Tony Butcher

    The Mariners uniforms look fine. I’m a Sharks fan and I say teal is great.

  • Chad

    I thought the Mets cream unis were and alternate.

    • Chad

      an alternate

  • Roger C.

    This is what happens when you hire hipster design companies.

    • ykiki

      No, you didn’t just call Ebbetts Field Flannels a “hipster”company did you?

  • That’s straight up stupid

  • bill

    Keep the teal. Cream looks terrible for home unis on any ballclub. Hipster design companies should mind their own business, not try to make team unis “hip”.

  • No comparison to the fast food Miami uniforms. I always liked blue and gold and the are appropriate naval colors

  • bigbob

    Cream is classic and I wholly support the move to old gold. While they’re are at it they should resurrect the Neptune’s Fork logo as well. They could modernize that and make the hats very minimalistic but also modern. Also the gold is a shout out to their Pilot’s heritage as well. Teal is so ’90’s.

    Just my $0.02

  • That gold pic gives me (tiny) hints of Nike Seahawks. After seeing it for more than 30 seconds I’m missing the teal already.

    Sure teal was overdone but just like black (White Sox) & silver (Kings), every fad colour has a home- & teal belongs to the Mariners & Sharks no matter what era.

  • Alex


  • John

    I think it’s a good idea. The teal is tired… re-brands are good for any business. Unless you have an iconic logo/uniform like the Dodgers or Yankees, teams need to re-evaluate their image every few years. Trends change, fashion changes. This is a clear example.

  • B. A. Smith

    Just drop the teal for either the original blue.

  • Don’t ditch the Teal! Just revert back to the Trident M days if you want an improvement.

  • Lindsay Resnick

    Boooo! Teal is a “marine” color

  • Agent New Era

    On one hand, the blue and yellow scheme is classic. It’s a race to see who will adopt it back first, the Brewers or Mariners.

    But, I’m a big KG Jr fan, and the Mariners jerseys, caps, and color scheme will always have a special place in my heart.

    I was just happy when they finally brought back the teal-brim caps. I’m hoping they bring back the teal-crown with blue-brim caps.

    I don’t think they need to change anything. The Marlins did and I think their whole scheme is ghastly. Too me, the teal and black Marlins were instant classics. Now they look lthey’re trying to figure out if their inspired by the SF Giants or the local YMCA all-boys softball team.

  • Leonard

    I can’t see Seattle going with cream and gold. Blue and gold trident would be a better option.

  • Felix Forever

    PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Reason I would buy a Cream uniform is to Burn it in effort to change the mind of the Marketing department.

    I would Rather watch a 110 loss seats every year in White than 100 wins in the ugliest color ever for a uniform

  • Jed

    Stick with the teal color for the alternate and ditch this idea for old gold colors…it looks awful.

  • George

    TBH It would only look good as an alternative. Then again it’s very good to stay away from trends. Remember those wacky 90s and early 2000s uniforms with many teams trying to look “cool”? Well, once 2005 came that died rather quickly. The M’s should stay original.

  • Jon

    Dumbest. Plan. Ever.

  • Travis Gagnon

    hopefully they change their logo too, it’s cool and all but it needs an upgrade

  • John Aracena


  • Steve

    Dropping the Teal (and to a degree, the white) will surely increase sales from this Mariners fan… but it’ll be an increase in purchasing the current color scheme before it disappears.

  • Discrim

    The main thing I know, man…the Mariners’ uniforms looked good when they were introduced in 93. They looked good in 2001. They looked good last year. They will look sharp in 2093. Then again, as I’ve seen time and time again, being dumb enough to willingly ruin a good thing is a talent. A dumb one to have, but a talent nonetheless.

  • Darth Vegas

    Let me say that i am a big fan of Ebbits field, half my wardrobe is from them. but i dont like this plan. I like the cream. Hate the gold. It gives me flash backs to the bad old days in the Kingdome. All the best times has been under the teal, silver and blue. Gold and blue are too generic. Teal works great for the M’s, I hope they keep it

  • Andrew

    Oh no no no no no no no. This would be an absolute travesty. STOP DROPPING TEAL!

  • Andrew Saied

    Mega thumbs down if this actually happens. Sounds terrible.

  • Aaron

    From what I see in the picture with the navy, cream and old gold, the uniforms look good in them. But a splash of teal won’t hurt it. The M’s have had their most successfull seasons with their current colours. Perhaps the gold could replace the silver and we’re done. This would otherwise be a Padres navy, white and sand ripoff.

  • Ryan Martin

    So they’re becoming the Brewers West?

    • Aaron

      Or the AL West Padres?

    • Glen

      So much irony in this statement.

  • Jasper R.

    What’s up with cream, first the Giants, Indians, Phillies, Braves, and the Cardinals this year. Enough. What they should bring back is the Northwest Green caps.

  • OldFan

    Drop the teal: never liked that. Blue and gold are a step back to the better uniforms of old, which I have always missed. But ultimately this is another marketing gig. Buy more!

  • Thomas

    no no no no no no TEAL LOOKS SO AWESOME ON THEIR UNI’S!!!!!

  • SwissCesaro

    Very disappointing if true, the Mariners are one of the very few teams to ever make that teal/blue green color work, and it’ll be a REAL shame if it goes in favor of wanting to call back to the 80’s.

    I REALLY like my teal, when it’s done right.

  • ingmar66

    Keep it real, keep it teal. Everybody can wear navy and gold, but the M’s should always have teal in some sort of way. It makes them unique. As for cream, put it in your coffee, not in your uniform.

  • Javier

    here come the bad news mariners!!!

  • Otis

    What they need to do is reintroduce v-neck pullovers with a uniform that is inspired by the ’80s Mets and their own 1981-1986 uniforms. Racing stripes! They could go back to their original color scheme (blue and gold) or retain their current colors (navy and teal) the uniforms would just require two colors. The jersey would have the 1981-1986 script. Either way, it would be fresh and unique and pay homage to the franchise’ history. I’m tired of the “traditional” uniforms with the generic piping around the neck, down the placket and down the sides of the pants. The M’s have had that same tired look since 1987 and so many other teams have that tired look. I want a v-neck pullover and racing stripe comeback.

  • Douglas

    Cream looks so bad in nearly every scenario, it gives off a feeling of dirtiness to me, and it looks awful in the sun.

    The Giants can keep their home uniforms cream, but that’s where it needs to end. The mets look so much better when they are wearing their plain home uniforms than they do in their pinstripes (which would look so much better if they were straight white. The only thing wrong with their uniforms was the presence of black drop shadows, but instead of just nixing those they dirtied them up.

    Braves get a pass because they were going for historical accuracy (though I’m pretty confident the original look was trying for white and because of the fabric came out cream, as opposed to them opting for a cream uniform way back when), as do the Cardinals with their new throwbacks. But teams that are actively switching to this look full time are doing themselves a disservice in terms of appearance.

    I don’t see Cream and Teal working together, and I don’t see why you would opt for Old Gold with Cream, the two colors just blend together too much. Both of the scenarios just seem like disasters to me, I think the Mariners can improve their look while sticking to their current color scheme and I think they should look into that before the mess up their unique look with a dumb trend.

  • Can’t imagine Griffey Jr. in an old Mariners uniform? He wore it.

    The bluish-green and yellow looks good. Or bluish-green and emerald green like with the Sounders.

    • Chris Creamer

      No kidding, he also wore a Reds and White Sox uniform… my point was his image will forever be associated with the teal and blue colour scheme of the 1990s Seattle Mariners.

  • KDub

    The Marlins pussed out, the D’Backs pussed out…. Why can’t a team use teal properly in their colors and LEAVE THEM ALONE? All of these uniforms look the same and are boring as hell. Maybe Seattle should add a black alternate jersey! JEEZ.

    • Aaron

      Careful what you wish for! Although most teams are fasing out black. But yeah, at least the Marlins could’ve kept the teal in play. D-Backs, well 50/50.

  • Sidearm Justice

    I am all for it! The Mariners, along with the Rays, Padres and Rockies, have one of the most boring uniforms in MLB. They lack any bright colors that make the jersey jump out at you. Teal is so early 90’s and has expended its usefulness in sports. While we are on this subject, the Rays need to add some more gold to accent the sun burst and give their uniforms some punch; the Padres need to go back to their original brown and gold; and lastly the Rockies just need to do something different. The Rockies have the worst uni’s in MLB and need a complete do-over now.

  • Aaron

    The Rockies have purple in their uniforms, which is something not a lot of teams wear nowadays unless you’re them or the Lakers, Suns, Ravens, Vikings, Sac-town Kings. The uniforms generally look sharp. In fact, if the Mariners really want to do away with teal, at least have a greenish tone (different from the A’s) to your uniforms and logo and give the Marlins back their teal. And yeah, time for the Padres to revert back to brown orange and gold.

  • tprid13

    This is a HORRIBLE idea!! The M’s uni’s look great just the way the are. They are the only team the knows how to work teal. Leave it alone.

  • Brandon Wilson

    But Teal has always been Seattle’s signature color! Its what sets themselves apart!

  • SFforlife

    Maybe it’s my eyes but since when have the Mets worn cream?? At least recently..they look pretty wedding gown white to me…

    • Aaron

      Well the Mets pinstripe uniforms are sort of a cream colour.

  • Being a Seattleite, I can appreciate both the old blue/yellow and the newer navy/teal. I don’t know about the navy/gold mix-mashup though. It also lends itself to being just another generic color kit. I think the cohesiveness of all Seattle teams together wearing essentially the same colors is great as well (Seahawks/Mariners/Sounders/Supersonics?!), and is basically alone in that concept from other cities. Seattle Represent!

  • Nick

    I don’t see the point in fixing what’s not broken. But if you want to pay homage to the past, then make it straight blue/yellow, not try to blend in old gold with the current navy color scheme. The blue/yellow has worked nicely for the NBA’s Warriors…

  • Otis

    The Mariners’ current uniforms are indeed broken, don’t kid yourselves, but the colors aren’t necessarily the problem. I would love to see the Mariners separate themselves from the boring conformity that is typical of MLB uniform design. I would love to see them adopt a v-neck pullover as the new jersey of choice and wear an updated version of their 1981-1986 uniforms. Like I said earlier, it would require just 2 colors, either blue and gold or navy and teal, sorry metallic silver, your services are no longer needed. A v-neck pullover, with racing stripes would be very cool and unique and certainly not fake “traditional”. It’s time to retire tired button-front jerseys, period.

  • devin

    this kind of pisses me off, i love the mariners northwest green/teal and im not even a mariners fan, you all apparently want to look like the brewers. the mariners current colors are UNIQUE.

    • Scott

      The teak has to go. It is the worst color in all of baseball. It’s time for a change in Seattle anyways. The last time the mariners changed the unis they started to be a contender. The Seahawks changed there’s and then went to a Super Bowl. They just changed them again and are one of the best teams in football. Baseball is all about superstitions, I’m all for any change, especially if it means getting rid of teal.

  • Ryan

    I like the idea of the gold: We here in Seattle need as much bright color on our gray rainy days as we can get, and the gold shirts in the stands during Felix Hernandez games (the King’s Court promotions) look fantastic. And, honestly, when I think of Junior I think of the old light blue and yellow uniforms when he was younger.

    You mention that they’ve had more success under the teal than the gold, but that “success” was having teams that under-achieved even with Hall of Fame talent and never made it to the World Series. It’s not like they have multiple teal pennants in the rafters.

    Go for the yellow-gold. Stay away from Milwaukee’s vegas or metallic gold. I want a replication of those King Felix shirts, strong yellow in the stands.

    I’m not sold on the cream; I’d have to see it first. If done right, the change could look really good. As usual with the Mariners, as a fan, I’ll take any change I can get, because what we’ve got now isn’t working.

  • Steve

    That creme and gold is disgusting. Looks like dirty white. stick with the navy and silver. Lose that 90’s teal green too.

  • Steve

    By the way….the uniforms is not whats wrong with the Mariners.

  • Adam

    This is funny…I was trying to think of ways to merge the old blue and gold M’s unis with the newer navy-silver-teal ones, and reached similar conclusions:
    1) keep navy
    2) exchange silver for a color halfway between silver and gold (not sure if this is the same as “old gold”)
    3) use teal as an accent or shadow color
    4) bring back the trident M logo in silver/gold as both the first letter in “Mariners” in the current home jerseys, and on the hats (maybe as an alternate or road cap)
    5) Replace the piping on the current uni with a thick navy stripe (possibly with teal accent) down the shoulders and legs (like some 1980s unis)

    Creme is…eh, though I believe the Pilots wore creme unis. I live in Philly now, and the Phillies creme alternate is quite handsome. The Phillies introduced it as a way of reintroducing an older style uniform (it was based in their pre-maroon design from the 50s and 60s) and bringing in more blue, and it didn’t displace the current unis, so incurred little resentment. The M’s could be successful doing the same – try this maybe as a 40th anniversary tribute, then see if it catches on.

  • Elijah Summerdrum

    If this does happen, it will involve some getting used to. But this is the last team to have teal. Everyone’s dropping teal.

  • Alf Ruiz

    They should adopt the Seahawks and Sounders’ electric green. It seems to be working for those teams

  • Dave

    I vote for a cross between all of them. I think a tight v-neck pull-over teal jersey with tight teal pants and a gold elastic waist band. no belt.that would look good. teal and gold!

  • Matthew Andrews

    I would personally not mind printing back the pitchfork m or the old s logo from the 80’s and 90’s but keep the same color scheme please. I dispose the gold and cream. What are we shooting for a fan base of middle aged women? Maybe add some cursive font to the uniforms ie Minnesota twins or add some pinstripes like the Yankees or reds. Those are actually ideas I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Hope you like.

  • Matthew Andrews

    I would personally not mind bringing
    back the pitchfork m or the old s logo from the 80’s and 90’s but keep the same color scheme please. I dispose the gold and cream. What are we shooting for a fan base of middle aged women? Maybe add some cursive font to the uniforms ie Minnesota twins or add some pinstripes like the Yankees or reds. Those are actually ideas I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Hope you like.