Details: UConn Huskies to Unveil New, More Modern Logo

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The University of Connecticut Huskies will be unveiling a new logo in either late-April or early-May according to a report in their university paper, The Daily Campus.

According to a student-athlete source who claims to have seen the new logo, “Jonathan” (the husky in the logo) will have a more agressive stare with slanted eyes.  No worries though, he’ll still be in the classic Huskies blue and white.

UConn has used the friendlier Jonathan in their logos since 1982, the Huskies last modernized the logo in 1996.

UPDATE (3/14/13 11:45am ET): Having gotten myself an actual glimpse of a portion of the new logo package, here are some more details in a SportsLogos.Net exclusive on what the logos will look like…

From what I’ve been shown it won’t be too agressive looking afterall, but certainly not as friendly as their current logo.  “Jonathan” has a much different rendering than how he’s looked for the past three decades, looks more like an actual real-life husky and more in line with how other huskies are depicted in logos and graphic design from around sports.

Jonathan’s familiar bright red tongue is present in a few of the logos in the package, not the friendly “it’s sticking out of my mouth and i’m going to lick you” manner like the current set, more like a “hey, my mouth’s open and you can also see my tongue in there” way.

Like the current logo, the new logos are blue, white, and gray.

In what I’m assuming is the primary logo, the husky is facing the viewer head on, it’s kinda similar to that unused Quebec Nordiques logo from 1995, but a much higher quality design and not nearly as agressive looking.  A slightly modernized, cleaner wordmark accompanies the new husky head.

Two other logos (alternates? rejected concepts) both showed the husky from the side, one with the mouth open and one shut.

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