Details: UConn Huskies to Unveil New, More Modern Logo

Written By:  •  Thursday, March 14, 2013

The University of Connecticut Huskies will be unveiling a new logo in either late-April or early-May according to a report in their university paper, The Daily Campus.

According to a student-athlete source who claims to have seen the new logo, “Jonathan” (the husky in the logo) will have a more agressive stare with slanted eyes.  No worries though, he’ll still be in the classic Huskies blue and white.

UConn has used the friendlier Jonathan in their logos since 1982, the Huskies last modernized the logo in 1996.

UPDATE (3/14/13 11:45am ET): Having gotten myself an actual glimpse of a portion of the new logo package, here are some more details in a SportsLogos.Net exclusive on what the logos will look like…

From what I’ve been shown it won’t be too agressive looking afterall, but certainly not as friendly as their current logo.  “Jonathan” has a much different rendering than how he’s looked for the past three decades, looks more like an actual real-life husky and more in line with how other huskies are depicted in logos and graphic design from around sports.

Jonathan’s familiar bright red tongue is present in a few of the logos in the package, not the friendly “it’s sticking out of my mouth and i’m going to lick you” manner like the current set, more like a “hey, my mouth’s open and you can also see my tongue in there” way.

Like the current logo, the new logos are blue, white, and gray.

In what I’m assuming is the primary logo, the husky is facing the viewer head on, it’s kinda similar to that unused Quebec Nordiques logo from 1995, but a much higher quality design and not nearly as agressive looking.  A slightly modernized, cleaner wordmark accompanies the new husky head.

Two other logos (alternates? rejected concepts) both showed the husky from the side, one with the mouth open and one shut.

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  • Chris Oglesby

    Good. I’ve never been a fan of their current logo.

  • Brian Jud

    As a UConn alum, I hate this. It’s such a cop-out to make an “aggressive” logo. That’s part of what I love about the current Jonathan logo, that it doesn’t just do the cliche “tough” look. (I always thought UConn’s immense success throughout their program was intimidating enough, but maybe that’s just me.)

    Also, I really love the quote in the first Daily Campus article ( from Mike Enright, Associate Director of Athletic Communications:
    “Enright said that many institutions regularly go through the process of creating a new logo.”
    To me, that seems like a tacit admission that they know nobody wants a new logo. Frankly, I find it disappointing that the justification is “everybody else is doing it.” Weak.

  • BOO BOO BOO! The Huskies logo is classy and has personality. Does everything have to be tough? Their’s sticks out!

  • I don’t really associate aggression with Connecticut or a husky, but OK.

  • Marty Fox

    Take the current logo, remove the tongue. Bam, instantly tougher logo.


      …that’s a great idea!

  • I’m always excited to hear new logo news just because “Hey new logo!”

    But UConn really doesn’t need to change. This is classic.

  • Stupid move…classic logo.

  • I hate it! HATE IT

  • Ray

    Cujo? Wait, he was a St Bernard.

  • Jim Pericotti

    So an entirely new wordmark, or is it more of a modernized/refined version of what they have been using the past 10 or so years?

  • Didn’t get a good look at the wordmark, but modernized/refined seems about right

  • Jim Pericotti

    Guess I’ll just have to wait. I like that UConn was one of the first institutions to adopt Armada, and the modifications to it made it a lot more legible and professional. I think Oregon State was the second to use it, although they pretty much used it as/is, up until a few weeks ago.

  • Mike Tingle

    How about a picture?

  • I’m interested to see how it turns out. I’ve always liked the current Huskies logo.

  • There is no need for a change their current logo is fine

  • Jim Pericotti

    I mostly agree with you Frank. But I do think the Husky itself has always needed to look less “friendly”. I think it’s tough to have a competitive look when your logo wants to run up and lick your face.

  • I have never seen a Huskey that has looked mean

  • Jim Pericotti

    Northern Illinois has a good looking Husky logo. Northeastern used to, but now they are using some Rorschach ink blob. Washington’s reminds me more of a collie.

  • They should give Jonathan rabies.

  • ingmar66

    It is all about making some extra moolah. New logo means new goodies to be sold and hoping that loyal UConn fans will buy it (in more sense than one). Personally I think Jonathan looks allright as of now. Why make him mean? A goodnatured mascot is extremely discerning, charming and cool, especially if you have a very succesful (basketball) program.

    • Reincarnation of Einstein


  • Discrim

    eh….everybody except Kansas wants to be mean, it seems. Bein mean all the time gets tiring though, you know?

  • Jeff from Minnesota

    Real shame that one of the best mascot based logos in Collegiate Sports is getting axed for such a stupid reason (i.e. we aren’t aggressive enough because our logo isn’t aggressive?)

    If looks more like the unreleased Nordiques update, then UCONN has made a terrible mistake.

  • Pat

    The men’s and women’s teams have won numerous championships in many sports under the smile of the benevolent Husky Dog. It’s perfect. Why have the University representative by some angry canine who looks like he wants to bite someone. One of the nation’s hughest fan bases had no input into this procedure? How shamefull, arrogant and ignornant.

  • most product cannot even use the new Husky logo, but rather just the wordmark UCONN which is bland and boring

  • Michael K

    I’ll obviously wait to see before I comment on the actual logo, but what’s described sounds like a tasteful improvement. I don’t mind the current Husky logo, but I’ve always felt Jonathan looks a little too friendly and cuddly. I don’t think he needs to look fierce or overly aggressive (like the silly-looking cartoonish Louisville Cardinals logo), but a Husky is a strong and rugged dog, able to work and survive in the harshest of conditions. I believe an update could get that across better than the classic logo which depicts him more as a family pet.

  • Josh S

    New Logo = new branding = new licensed clothing = more $

  • Domino Barton

    UC-San Diego’s mascot is the BANANA SLUG. Are they being pushed to make a more aggressive logo too??