Super Bowl XLVIII Logo Features More Localization

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Super Bowl 48 Logo

The National Football League unveiled the logo for Super Bowl XLVIII, to be held in the New York City area next February, at a gathering of merchandise licensees earlier this week.

Continuing with their Super Bowl logo program now for the 4th consecutive season, the logo once again features the Vince Lombardi Trophy front and centre with the roman numerals below in silver. There are some differences this year, however.

Super Bowl XLVIII is the first of the new standardized logo program to include a skyline

First up, the “localized” logo will contain more than just the host stadium, now flanking either side of MetLife Stadium is the Manhattan skyline (including the new World Trade Center, a nice touch).  Is this a case of both New Jersey and New York wanting representation?  Is this a case of trying to fill in the extra space created by a longer Roman numeral?  Who knows, either way I’ll just enjoy that there’s something else there and keep my fingers crossed that they keep it up as long as this system is in place.

Also new, and admittedly less exciting, is that this localized logo will now be the one used on merchandise, in media, and hopefully even on the field during the game – whereas previous years it was the “national” logo (the one without the host stadium in the background) that was used everywhere.

Super Bowl 48 Super Bowl XLVIII Logo

The logo for Super Bowl XLVIII has the New York skyline (with new WTC) behind MetLife Stadium

While some hate and others love the new standardized logos, i think there’s one thing we can all agree on — this one is the best of that bunch.  It keeps the template which seems to be a necessity but also allows for more incorporating of elements of the host.  Either way, I can’t imagine we’ll be seeing too many more of these logos – Super Bowl 50 (let’s be honest, there’s no way they’re calling it Super Bowl L) is approaching fast and they’re bound to do something special for that anniversary.

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    Finally something new

    • joe

      change up the logo everyone has had enough of this type it was cool at first but u shouldn’t have done it more than twice start changing it up! i use to look forward to seeing what the logo would look like next year now its just crap

  • Chris Oglesby

    You can polish a dog pile and it still be a dog pile. I kinda would prefer to go back to the unique Super Bowl logos before the standardization.

  • Jeriat

    Still sucks.

    Kill this system.

  • If they’re going to keep this skyline motif, at least have the city skyline’s eyeline dwarf that of the SB trophy… along the lines of the Mets’ logo you know?

    Those Empire State & World Trade Towers look silly shrunken down to not only the trophy but of Met Life Stadium… Goodell should mind fan safety because these logos are giving us concussions.

  • Fiedman

    Its an improvement but still too generic

  • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

    It reads lame, lame, lame and no creativity.

  • Still awful

  • The fact that they are tinkering with the system shows that they understand it has faults. It should be gone by SB L.

    • Gus

      by the time they get to super bowl “L” the roman numerals will probably disappear, 50 will look so much better on a logo

  • bill

    Still sucks, still is bland. The standardized colorless theme is boring and should be scrapped.

  • 54321
    • Mattwb1981

      I don’t understand why certain logos stay away from gradients, and some seem to go crazy with them…? I thought logos aren’t suppose to use gradients (it’s bad for printing)?!

  • Still sucks

  • Roquetman

    Best of the bunch? Really? Worst of the bunch, just more lipstick on the pig, maybe next year since it will be in Arizona the can put the skyline of Albuquerque New Mexico, or next time it is in Miami they can use Atlanta’s skyline. The logo would be awesome if it showed the skyline of the actual city the Super Bowl is being played in, east Rutherford New Jersey stench and all!

    • Chris Creamer

      So you prefer the pig without lipstick? I don’t understand your reasoning for calling this one the worst of the 45-48 series

      • Roquetman

        So advertising a city that the Super Bowl isn’t even in, heck it’s not even the same state, makes it better? It’s like dating an ugly chick but then telling everyone you’re dating the hot sister, just man up and yes kiss the pig.

        • Chris Creamer

          Ah, so it’s the worst because they put the New York skyline on a logo for a game hosted by the New York Giants and New York Jets. Got it. Solid logic.

      • wolfgangII

        One of the things I dislike most of this logo system is the silver gradients. They don´t look good on uniforms and field (that´s why the ball has a logo without gradients). Adding a skyline (wich can at least add some NJ elements) make the mistake even bigger. I agree, this is different and that´s a good thing, but the changes doesn’t make this one better.

  • ingmar66

    Not really too exciting, but is is the best of all these too generic logos. There is a certain 1930’s retro chic in the shading of the buildings. But really, this is a Super Bowl near the hometown of the NFL HQ, lighten up, celebrate and put in a little more colour in the steely logo. A hint of red and blue and kelly green and white, for both NY teams, in the stadium contours would be nice.

  • Ant-LOX

    I happen to love the template style of logos. The logos got out of hand, and never actually showcased the entire goal of the NFL Season, The Lombardi Trophy.

    Look back at all those “cool” logos, and tell me what they teams were playing for?

    None of them featured the trophy until a few years ago, pretty strange.

    The teams are playing for the Lombardi trophy, and all the additional perks that winning it bring to a city, and team.

    • Jeriat

      It’s the SUPER BOWL. You don’t need to slap the Lombardi over it because everyone already knows what trophy it is and what sport it is. There’s no need for it.

      These logos suck and there’s no use in defending them. They’ll be gone eventually and we’ll be back to having THOUGHTFUL logos, not these cold, corporate abominations.


    Now this I like I was hoping for a Broadway type logo but I love it cause the skyline is part of New York.

  • This is a nice TV broadcast animation that you might expect to see on a FOX or CBS Pre-Game Show. However, as a licensed product and overall extendable logo…these illustrations just don’t translate. I would look to the Super Bowl logos Tom Nikosey created in the early to mid ’80’s as the best practice for the design of Super Bowl logos.

  • Stephen Peters

    What happens when they get to L in two years? How ridiculously tall is that logo going to be with one roman numeral and the Lombardi trophy.

  • Johnson

    Sure wish they would go back to the unique logos

  • Ryan

    No one can polish a turd quite like the NFL.

  • Nick

    I don’t like it,

  • rafael


  • Agreed, with those who said they wish they would do something that would allow each super bowl to have its own personality to make each event/year memorable / identifiable. Everyone knows Superbowl, everyone knows the trophy. The city / stadium its in each year could still be highlighted but in a much more creative way.

    Makes me want to design one for fun.

    • wolfgangII

      Do it. It’s more fun watch fan designs that this logo system.

  • Steelerfreak

    I cant stand this “standardized” logo. I wonder if the league has thought about lost revenue from teams who win multiple super bowls and have the individual logos on the apparel. If all the logos look the same, I dont think those standardized logos are nearly as marketable.

  • Rowdy Robby


    While both events are scheduled to be held at Metlife Stadium, the WWE has designed a much better logo for their biggest night of the year as opposed to the NFL’s championship game. Also, dare I predict, WrestleMania will have another record breaking attendance and will trump the live crowd for the SuperBowl.

  • Joe

    I think the NFL should allow the host cammittee to come up with the logo for the Super Bowl every year. The idea of the logo to me is to depict the city and its history and flavor. Like New York would be the bridge between New York and New Jersey. New Orleans is all about Mardi Gras which means purple and yellow makes sense for that logo. Arizona is all about desert and cactus’. Allowing each host city to make their own logo would allow more creativity and look better than these generic ugly logo’s. Also one of the items the team has to include in its presentation to the NFL owners before getting the Super Bowl should be the logo they have come up with.

  • Very good job with the entry. Many readers may see it that way as well and totally agree with your point.