Jacksonville Jaguars New Jersey Leaked?

Written By:  •  Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In what’s been a busy day for new NFL jersey leaks, it looks like we got ourselves a glimpse of what the Jacksonville Jaguars have in store for us when they unveil their new uniforms in April.

The jersey was uploaded to Instagram by user “sneaker_pimp_simmons” (before his account was quickly made private), Twitter user @C_Mitchko found and Tweeted it where it eventually got picked up by Paul Lukas.

We can’t see much but of what we can see, the jersey is black with gold clearly the secondary colour, a small amount of teal trimming the white numbers.  Gold stripes appear on either side of the collar.

Is this the new Jacksonville Jaguars jersey for 2013?

One thing that stands out for me is that the shield logo shown does not match the shield logo the team unveiled with their new logo set back in February, the jaguar in the logo is facing the opposite way – it could be a case of the team wanting the logo to face the player or something sappy like it’s facing the players heart. We’re not sure, but it’s worth noting.

The jaguar on the jersey is facing the opposite way of the logo the team unveiled

Also, some have raised concerns about the collar in the jersey not appearing to be accurate to the new Nike style; a simple explanation of that is the fancy Nike collar appears only on authentic (aka “Nike Elite”) jerseys, the collar you see in the photo at the top of this post would be that of a replica (aka “Nike Game”) jersey.  Compare for yourself:

Just showing the difference between a Nike replica and authentic jersey collar; the Jags leak is from a replica jersey

We’ll have to wait until sometime next month to get the official word, the Jaguars and Dolphins are both expected to unveil their new uniforms sometime in mid April.


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  • Aaron

    Put the logo on the jersey sleeves or at least shrink it and put it on the bottom of the collar.

  • Cuserell

    The jersey may not appear to be true to the Nike style of last season because there were complaints around the league and from retailers that the flywire would dry up and turn white when washed and dried. It could be the new style of authentic or the Jags did not opting for the speed machine (flywire) style.

  • Jeremy Cating

    They’re still ugly and the team is still a train wreck.

    • Jeriat

      The franchise is a train-wreck, sure.

      But give the uni’s a chance. These could be MUCH better than what they have now…

  • Glen

    Nike Elite jerseys are not “Authentic”. The “Authentic” jerseys would be “Elite 51” or Nike “On Field” jerseys. The retail Nike Elite jerseys are nothing more than expensive replicas.

    Look at the difference between the Seahawks Nike Elite and the Seahawks Nike Elite 51 they use in game. There are significant differences.

    • Douglas

      Granted I have not seen a Nike Elite version of Seattle’s jersey in person but the only difference in the Authentics they sell and the ones they players wear is the cut. The sleeve design for Seattle is built around how the players wear the jerseys on the field (over pads, and tight-fitting).

      What you see on the field is the custom tailoring of the team issue jerseys, I would wager that virtually no one in the league wears their jerseys the way the come off the rack.

      This is not an Elite jersey its a “Game” jersey, which is the replica (retails for $100), the “Limited” jerseys are Nike’s version of Reebok’s premeire jerseys. These have fake flywire collars on them of the team has flywire collars, and if the team opted out of the new nike templtes they have the proper cuts (if you buy a Packers “game” jersey it would have the pro combat cut like all the other game jerseys out there, but if you were to buy a Packers “limited” jersey the numbers are sewn on and made of twill (not as high quality as the authentic tackle-twill), and they are in the same cut as when Reebok made them except with the new Nike Material).

      The biggest giveaway is the numbers, they aren’t sewn on, which rules out both the Elite and Limited jerseys. This also means that it is impossible to say without any doubt that they will have the flywire collar (as the game jerseys don’t have those), if they had the nike neck-roll then you could probably assume that they have the flywire but thankfully it appears the Jags will no be going with that look. I assume they have the flywire collar (they aren’t trying to protect a classic look like the Packers and the other teams that opted out of the Elite 51/Speed templates), but it is not confirmed or denied because of these pics.

  • Stephanie

    It could be legit. I know the Panthers didn’t go with the flywire and their jerseys look like that

    • wolfgangII

      Also the Packers

  • Steve

    Worst logo and uniform in the NFL, hands down.

    • Jacob Hoyer

      How could you see that when they haven’t even shown all of it? You can’t be so quick to judge.

  • Rob S.

    Didn’t know there were problems with the flywear collar, glad to hear that. I hate those lame collars!! Hopefully more teams will opt out this year.The photo above has a neck tag, can anybody tell from that which style of jersey this might be…or do these new Nike jersey’s not have a tag there?
    The colors on this jersey look good, will have to see the overall jersey to decide for sure, but looks to be an improvement so far.

  • Reincarnation of Einstein

    If they think that the team will get pumped up and make the playoffs, they are wacked up.

  • wolfgangII

    Apparently black and gold are the main two colors, and teal is just for details like the number´s outline. To bad, because I think the teal gave Jacksonville an identity.

    • Blake

      Teal is too ’90s.

  • cf22

    Those jersey numbers look a lot like the Chargers’

    • Nicolas Ballou-Perez

      That’s what I was saying.

    • Jeriat

      They’re not.

  • Reid Stephan

    Not bad. Much better than the jersey’s they have been wearing. Looks a lot like their original black jerseys, which were very nice.

  • Jags? Exactly.

  • Andrew

    Nice. Like these if true.

  • These are gonna be sharp. Do I detect done gray paneling on the shoulders?

  • Aaron

    If the uniforms here are legit, bring it on. Just place the logo on the sleeves and have a teal version of these and they’re perfect.

  • https://twitter.com/ellerbe59

    Verified twitter account has a different logo … he was signed by the dolphins.

  • https://twitter.com/ellerbe59

    Verified twitter account has a different logo … he was signed by the dolphins.

  • ingmar66

    The shield looks like this is the uniform of the special US Customs branch concerned with the smuggling of exotic animals. Shrink it and put it on the sleeves. And I deplore the current excommunication of the colour teal.

  • Long island

    Reminds me of a saints jersey

  • Silly question, but what is flywire?

    • Shaymer

      Its the tight stringy stuff around the front base of the collar. Makes the collar thick.

  • Pudgie

    The jersey is a size “small,” so it is almost certainly a replica jersey.

  • Pete

    The shield logo looks very similar to the Baltimore Ravens old helmet

  • Brandon

    Pretty positive that this isn’t the Jaguars new uniform, I don’t know exactly what it is lol.. but got good information that the uniforms actually have a gold tint to the number/lettering. Gold on Black.

  • J1

    The Jaguar looks feminine nothing was wrong with the teams old logo and jersey it was actually one of the more unique of the NFL this look is just tacky, and un NFL like they look like jr. Peewee team uniforms. But who am I to judge if they think it’s cool then by all means.

  • the new jersey is far from perfect .

  • I bought one. I would recommend this new Jaguar jersey bc everything else is so great,