New Dolphins Logo All But Verified, Shown on Jersey

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featured - Miami Dolphins New Logo

UPDATE Mar 21/13: SportsLogos.Net can confirm based on our always reliable sources that the Dolphins logo shown on the jersey in the photo below is indeed the new team logo for the 2013 season.

And now onto the original article:

It must be tough, in the age of the internet, immediate dissemination of info, world-wide reach, cell phone cameras in everyone’s pocket… to be a team trying to hype up and release a new logo. You set a date to release it, that works well with your marketing plan, your team’s schedule. Then, in the months, weeks, days leading up to your release you are so excited about, the internet blabs your business, your new look, all over the place. It must make marketing departments sad.

But us logo and design fans, we love it. We get to see stuff early, and feel special. We get to see what teams are thinking, and get to casually mention it around our friend who don’t follow all the right accounts to get to see this stuff early. Aren’t you glad you are here?

A photo has been making its rounds, through several channels, eventually finding its way onto the @UniWatch twitter feed, of the new Miami Dolphins logo, on the shoulder of a Nike jersey. It seems like a massaged, improved version of the logo we saw several weeks ago. Everything about it looks official.

jersey - Miami Dolphins New Logo

As posted on Instagram by user sneaker_pimp_simmons

Improvements include; Fixed lighting on the fins, making them teal with navy shadows, a refined sunburst, and now, an eye!

Seems legit. Now, where on earth did it come from? Well, that’s a little more difficult to ascertain. Paul Lukas was nice enough to share with us that he came across it from one of his readers, who tweeted it to him, after finding it on the instagram account of a user named “sneaker_pimp_simmons” (Didja follow that?))

One assumes Mr Sneaker is associated with the Sneaker Pimps sneaker and street art show. Though, few references to the people behind the show were forthcoming, so this is just an unfounded assumption.

So, if we can’t validate thew person who posted the image (and we aren’t even sure he was the one who originated the photo, he could have just shared it) how can we validate the logo?

New Dolphin Dustin Keller has updated his Twitter page to indicate his new team. Guess what logo he used?

Dustin Keller - Miami Dolphins New Logo

New Dolphins signee Dustin Keller’s Twitter page

Sure, he could have just searched Google for the new logo just like anyone, but one might imagine that he had some sort of knowledge on the subject.

Why didn’t he use the currently official logo?

Dolphins logo, 1997 – 2012

So, like any good reporter or news organization, you call other sources to verify. We did. And the answer we got was only given under complete anonymity. But that person said the one “floating around” was legit. So, we feel that we have a solid hook, set in the mouth of this fish. (Not the dolphin, its not a fish. Just a tortured metaphor.)

How about you? Do you believe this is the logo? Does the jersey picture seal the deal for you, as it did most of us sitting around the large, oval mahogany conference table here at World Sports Logos Headquarters and Command Center?

Or are you waiting for the official release, April 18th, to make that decision?

Knowing that most accurate leaks come from apparel companys’ employees taking secret photos, this one seems 100% to your author.

(EDIT: Added description, pointing out the differences between the original leak and the version appearing on the jersey. Thanks to several readers for pointing out those needed mentioned)

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  • There’s a few differences between the leaked logo and the pictured one: the pictured logo has some better coloring choices and an eye and that’s more than enough to sell me on the new logo being decent to a good upgrade.

  • Awful. Keep the current logo.

    • Jeriat

      The current logo is too cartoonish…

      I like this upgrade.

    • Greg

      Another classic look ruined.

      • Jeriat

        WHAT classic?

        The current Dolphins logo came out in ’96. It’s far from the original.

  • Gibby

    The logo that has been leaked is different than the logo in this latest image. There are a few changes including:
    -dolphin has a eye
    -the fins are a different colour
    -the sunburst is more ‘explosive’

  • I need to but that. Cant wait. They did a great job

  • BigJim

    I am skeptical. The Nike logo on the jersey is orange. The Dolphins last year had a white Nike logo on their teal jersey (×250/ NEVER believe a jersey leak. Look at all the false NHL winter classic jersey leaks in recent years.

  • Brian in Boston

    Sorry, but unless Stephen M. Ross has decided to transition the Miami Dolphins out of the NFL and into the vacation cruise business, the adoption of this logo represents a significant downgrade. While the new mark is wonderfully rendered, it just doesn’t hew closely enough to the Dolphins’ logo history from a stylistic standpoint.

    Frankly, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current mark. It set the standard for updating an existing sports logo with modern design techniques when it was introduced, and it hasn’t aged badly since then.

  • Nicky Santoro

    Yeah, the one on the jersey is similar but different than the one featured on this site. The darker blue colour is placed differently, and there’s the addition of an eye. I personally didn’t liked the leaked logo, but this one I like a lot more. The eye and other differences add up to a big improvement in my opinion.

  • I’m starting to come around on this logo. It’s pretty sleek, especially with an eye. I still think they should give it a helmet again

  • F19

    If real, this is laaaaaaame. Once again a SoFla owner trying to fix something that isn’t broken. At least the colors will be the same and there is some connection to past history, unlike the Marlins.

    We dodged a bullet with the Panthers and that awful powder blue 3rd sweater, and logo that went with it, being retired. We can only hope that Micky Arison never screws around with the Heat.

  • Todd Hibit

    F the fish!!!!!!!

  • Roger

    As a lifelong Dolphins fan I am not happy about the change. It is absolutely a downgrade. I agree with the comment, ” If it aint broke dont fix it.” Typical bad decision made by the team. The sun looks terrible. The dolphins colors look powder blue. At least the logo over the stadium has better colors. The tail going up makes it look like a whale. I will never buy merchandise with the new logo.
    Look at the other teams that made changes. The Pats took it to another level. All the other changes were for the better.
    Just when the team was coming out of the cellar as one of the laughing stocks of the league, they change their logo from an NFL tradition into a flailing Dolphin that looks like it is stuck out of water.

    • Eddie

      @Roger….Wait wait wait…as a “lifelong Dolphins fan” please tell me that your quote, “The tail going up makes it look like a whale” doesn’t mean what I think it does. Because if it does, am I correct to believe that you are now disappointed that the new logo makes the dolphin look more like a whale than a fish? Do you really need me to point out that as a “lifelong Dolphins fan” you’ve never realized that a dolphin is, in fact, a whale thus making this new logo more accurate and making you look like an idiot for not knowing what kind of animal is represented by your “lifelong” team?

      If I misunderstood I apologize, but if not…for #$% sake!!

      Thank you

  • Dave Kostka

    Hate it! They just killed one of the best logos in pro sports. I`ll never get why so many of these teams just can`t leave well enough alone.

  • Bob Gassel

    “@ArmandoSalguero: Folks, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee assures me the Dolphins logo has not been leaked anywyere. So there’s that.”

  • Will F

    You should mention that Ellerbe used a logo for his twitter avatar that is definitely not going to be the next logo since it is fan made. Using Keller’s twitter for evidence but not mentioning Ellerbe’s is a little bit misleading.

  • I literally don’t know why everyone’s hating on this logo…it looks sleek and powerful. Definitely an upgrade from the cartoony dolphin with the comically old helmet.

  • Thank you, dear readers. I have added a line to point out the differences between the previously leaked logo, and this version we see on the jersey.

  • Delayed Penalty

    The logo on the jersey is better, in my opinion, than the original leak. The new one is more detailed while still being an abstract representation of a dolphin, rather than an overly detailed cartoon illustration (I’m looking at you Jacksonville…)

  • Joe

    I like the addition of the eye in the jersey photo. Upgrade overall. The personified dolphin with a helmet was too campy. This is sleek, should look good on a helmet, and just a bit easier to take seriously than the “mean” dolphin. Maybe they’d have done this a while ago if they were not so good in the 70s.

  • Taylor J. Seidlitz

    I like the tweaks they made to it from what was previously leaked

  • Taylor J. Seidlitz

    I like the tweaks they made to it from what was previously leaked

  • Rob S.

    The current logo is perfect for the Dolphins. This will be a big mistake and next to Jacksonville’s new logo will be the 2 worst logos in the league!!

  • Steve

    This is the age of the Cyber-Dolphin….what a sad, sad day for myself as a classic NFL logo fan.

    God knows what these “designers” will do the Browns next year.

    Dark times my friends…

    • The worst thing that could happen to the Browns logo is they put the helmet on the helmet on the helmet on the helmet on the…

  • Seriously?!? You really have a large, oval mahogany conference table there at World Sports Logos Headquarters? Any chance we could see it? Thanks

  • Adam

    I like this new one, I didn’t like the prototype. Amazing what a few small changes can do. It’s also more horizontal than the prototype. It looks like it’s darting out of the water. More realistic, the old one looked like when they jump through hoops at Sea World. I like both though. Just get back to winning again. To me its no better or worse though. The sunburst is a big improvement however.

    I also like that they’re going back to the lighter Aqua of the 1970s-early 1990s. Gives me hope that the new jerseys will incorporate those old big stripes on the sleeves, and remove the navy shadow behind the numbers.

    • Joe

      Yes! they need stripes on the side like they used to and not 2 more logos. No 49er fake stripes either, legitimate stripes. They should also get rid of the dropshadowed numbers too. I just hope they don’t go Nike Seahawks on us all though.

      • Many people have said the drop-shadow behind the numbers will be gone. Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks for sure though.

  • 54321

    Breaking News: Miami Dolphins have traded everyone to the Blue Jays for no one.

  • Matt E

    To me, that looks like a t-shirt, not a jersey. Not to nitpick, but someone earlier made a comment about the color of the Swoosh not being white, like it was on previous aqua jerseys.

  • Jim Lehman

    Just change it back to the 1984 logo
    old school!!! This new logo is crap

  • Lee.

    Solid update. a tooth bearing dolphin, if introduced today, would be mocked. mercilessly. and relegated to arena league status. i would be proud to sail on a ship with this logo.

    • el

      I doubt any classic logo would exist if they were rendered by designers today. There are tons of classic logos in sports that feature cartoon figures. Most of them kick ass over any modern logo. The current dolphins logo is absolutely perfect. It’s a subtle update on the original logo and it connects to every era – which is exactly what you want with a brand. The leaked logo is total crap. The form is elongated and weird and it’s really bland. The worst thing about it is that it breaks with the team’s logo continuity. I can not see Dolphins’ fans taking to this.

  • wolfgangII

    As a shoulder logo, this could be (hopefully) a secondary.

  • Nate

    I really hope Mike Dee comes out and confirms whether or not this logo is legit. If it is then just release the logo and uniforms already and start selling merchandise. Did they not forsee this logo getting leaked? I mean c’mon man its 2013.

  • David Stephenson

    The Dolphins’ new logo looks completely terrible. They should’ve kept the old logo.

  • Andrew

    Awful logo. Completely boring.

  • Michael Jaworski

    As a Dolphins fan, I absolutely hate this new logo. Sure it’s slick and modern and still a dolphin, but the other one didn’t change much for more than 40 years. Like the Marlins, I can’t wait for the day when both return to their classic logos.

  • Michael Jaworski

    As a Dolphins fan, I absolutely hate this new logo. Sure it’s slick and modern and still a dolphin, but the other one didn’t change much for more than 40 years. Like the Marlins, I can’t wait for the day when both return to their classic logos.

  • verified Dannell Ellerbe has a different logo…

  • verified Dannell Ellerbe has a different logo…

  • a h

    you can’t go by twitter. while that person has it on their twitter Dannell Ellerbe has a different one on his verified twitter.

  • The rebranded Miami Dolphins logo looks like wayfinding signage you might find at Sea World. Lifeless, without an emotional hook whatsoever. Could NOT be any more generic.

  • Here, another gift from your residence design savior… Dolphins, you should stay with the current Dolphin with the helmet on and have used the WNBA Miami SOL sun pattern behind him and had a sensational upgrade.

  • Travis Gagnon


  • Andy

    The new logo would make a phenomenal secondary. It would look ridiculous as a primary.

    • Aaron

      Agreed! Bit of advice, just do what the Cardinals, Jaguars, Panthers and Vikings did with their logos, modernize the logo, but keep the elements of the original logo.

  • ingmar66

    Surely a slight upgrade from the originally leaked Blind Dolphin version, but nowhere near as charismatic and endearing as the 1997-2012 logo. First the Rays logo was screwed up, then the Marlins, now the Dolphins. It’s about time somebody starts messing up the Florida Gators, the FSU Seminoles and the Miami U Hurricanes logos! The common theme of all these messed up Florida logos is they all look like travel agency or sea cruise companies right now. Dolphin Cruises: the trip of a lifetime with a life vest for almost everybody!

  • Pod

    looks fine to me.

  • bill

    The current time-honored classy beloved logo has character. The new prototype doesn’t, it looks like something I would see on a newspaper ad for the Miami Aquarium or a travel brochure. Blah!

  • Ronnie

    There are way better logo ideas out there that were created by fans and it’s a shame that the fans were not involved in this change. This one blows big time! Just another nail in the coffin for this franchise if this is the real deal.

    • Aaron

      What if the team starts winning with this logo? I prefer the original, but the Dolphins could do worse. At least this logo looks like an actual dolphin, unlike the Marlins Art Deco inspired logo. Remember, what the Bills original logo looks like compared to their current one. Or the Patriots? Both teams made drastic changes to theirs and had some success with them. The Dolphins if this goes through, are really just stripping it down a notch or two. That’s it.

  • Alex

    I read an article saying they often make jerseys with logos that they are considering just to see it in person, doesnt mean its official. I also read somewhere that they said the new logo has NOT been leaked. Im not believing anything til april 18

  • Matt

    You guys are so ridiculous. This is not the logo. I could scream I get so pissed off when people believe this bs

  • George

    If this is the new logo, it looks much better than what was originally leaked. At least it screams “sports” now, and looks somewhat more intimidating.

  • Kevin Lightbourn

    I think this new logo is absolutly horrible, it looks childish, gay, It will be the laughing of the NFL, If I saw that coming at me on a football field I would fall down laughing. It has no toughness to it at all. And here we ar trying to build a team of winners, this logo dose not help at all. I will not be buying a new jersey, which I do every year. I guess my collection sotps here. I could always buy the older ones.

    • Nick

      Why do you feel the need to use the word gay in a derogatory sense to describe your feelings towards this logo? I’m not gay myself, I’m just wondering how that word accurately depicts your thoughts on the logo change.

    • Implying a spots logo needs to be tough. The Cowboys logo is just a star. The Broncos old look is one of the best logos of all time. Hell the Raiders logo is SMILING.

      An aggressive dolphin looks silly. You can play up other attributes for your logo. This logo is sleeker which implies high speed and agility.

  • Nick

    I personally really like the new logo. If only the Marlins kept the teal as well…

  • Long island

    I don’t hate it, but I still like the original better

  • If the Fins go with the logo that’s on that jersey, it’s a huge improvement over what I originally saw (the dolphin finally got an eye), but since the sun’s there, shouldn’t the dolphin be shown breaching?

  • Aaron

    If you’re going to add the eye to the shoulder patch logo, put it on the main logo.

  • Dylan

    Say it isn’t so, I hate it! The old one was great the team just sucked. A new logo will not make them play better. Just when we were starting to get back on track. This hideous thing surfaces.

  • Metstrain194

    If this is the new logo it is an absolute joke!…no matter how you look at it,, it looks like a flying Orca whale. This logo will be the laughing stock of the whole NFL.

  • Erik

    That is terrible !!!! I agree we will be the laughing stock of the NFL!!! Feel bad for all the great new free agents they signed have to wear that crap!!

  • Mel

    I do not like the New logo. It reminds me of a tired blue whale. Keep the old 1. From a dolphin fan.

  • Ant-LOX

    I’m not believing any of the leaks until the Draft, however, but hopefully this similar to the end result. The Dolphins are upgrading in all areas this season, it will be exciting.

  • Dennis

    Why change the logo? If anything, just change the color scheme a little. Make the helmet teal ( or aqua) instead of white with the same logo…

  • Tommy Coblentz

    I love this new look. The old one looked like something a kid would want. This new modern logo is awesome.

  • Shaymer

    It looks like a can of Pepsi.

  • John

    I really hope this is an alternate (it could be a shoulder patch). Yes, the old logo is “cartoon-ish” but it is CLASSIC (yes it was updated in ’97, but it’s almost the same)! At least incorporate the helmet! What’s next? The Chiefs? The Raiders? The Steelers?

  • Lucas

    Ugh, this logo is horrible! And I thought Miami couldn’t get worse with the Miami Marlins logo!!

  • Scottish_Chris

    When the current logo that was revealed in 1997 I remember a lot of people hated it cos it looked too cartoonish. People hated the broncos modern logo too. Truth is people just don’t like change. Whatever the new logo looks like. We’ll get used it to and Even love it as much as the 97 one.

    Personally, I’ll be happy with the one they show here. It’s modern and sleek.