New Miami Dolphins Logo is Legit: Source

Written By:  •  Friday, March 22, 2013

SportsLogos.Net can confirm with 100% certainty that the Miami Dolphins logo leaked out by a Nike-obsessed Instagrammer named “sneaker_pimp_simmons” this week is indeed the new team logo for the upcoming 2013 season.

Our source, who has a perfect record when it comes to confirming or rejecting logo leaks over the past year, alerted us that the logo posted is what the team has submitted to the league as their new look – also that every other logo we’ve seen floating around twitter or other social media channels is nowhere to be seen in the new package.

The new logo of the Miami Dolphins, leaked by a Instagram user, confirmed by our super sources

The new logo is a drastic modernization on the classic Dolphins logos since their establishment as an American Football League team in 1966; these are the first ever changes to the pose of the dolphin as well as his choice of safety equipment (you know, the helmet) in franchise history:

The history of the Dolphins logo from 1966 through 2013

SportsLogos.Net was contacted by sneaker_pimp_simmons, the original source of the leak, claiming he was now in trouble with Nike yet at the same time he vehemently denied he was responsible for posting the pictures; he was now saying we were the ones responsible for the leak despite not even being first to report on it…  you see apparently we managed to get in our time machine and get the images from him then hack his account and post them on there, because yeah, we’re magical like that.

A screenshot of the actual original leak. Posted on Instagram by sneaker_pimp_simmons at 12:45am on March 19, 2013; found by user cmitchko and Tweeted out to the world about 45 minutes later.

Clearly this is a man desperately looking to retain whatever good standing he had with the company that manufactures his obsession, trying to place blame on anyone other than himself.  Let’s be honest, if Mr. Simmons didn’t want to get into hot water with Nike he shouldn’t have done what he did; he clearly knew it was wrong yet chose to do it anyways.  Take some responsibility.

Anyways! Miami is expected to officially unveil their new logos and uniforms on April 18th – as I’m sure you know we’ll have all the details when the time comes.

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  • I’m curious what the new script looks like, and if they keep the helmets the same. I think they have a cool chance to wrap the tail in their new look. Jury still out on this whole redesign.

    • Aaron

      I’m pretty sure the helmets are staying white.

    • As a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins for almost 42 years I was dreading this day. I’ve always tippped my hat with respect to all the teams who kept their tradition alive through the decades and never caved for silly modernization.
      I always thought Miami was one of these teams……ie, Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, Colts, and so on and so on……. I see I was wrong.
      This new logo is ridiculous and silly. Childish at best. If anything I’d hoped that they’d go back to their original logo from the 60’s, but I guess that’s asking too much.
      Sports and their logos/uni’s are simply not what they used to be.
      Logonut was always a logo ‘nut’. I love your site Chris. Huge fail here Miami!

      • Pat

        So this is childish, but you want to keep a smirking dolphin wearing a helmet? Right.

  • It’s well-designed but I still don’t like it. No distinctive face gives off a “lack of identity or character” vibe. It’s not a very intimidating logo either.

    • Greg Friel

      Because all previous versions of our logo are intimidating as hell right? It’s not very easy to make a dolphin intimidating unless you get corny.

    • Pants_Sniffy

      Thank god. The NFL is littered with logos trying to act all intimidating.

    • Steve

      The logo doesn’t have to be intimidating– the players do. I am not sure of a player in the NFL, outside Tony Romo maybe, that would duck and run when he sees the opposing team’s logo on their helmet or jersey. The Saints’ french flower isn’t too intimidating, yet they won a Super Bowl recently. The Giants? Packers? Steelers? Colts? It’s a symbol of the team, and I think this one is a good one for the Dolphins. It’s MUCH better than nearly every design in that Miami Herald contest.

      I am concerned about the uniform, after what Nike did to the Seattle Seahawks. Then again, that didn’t prevent them from being successful either.

    • Kenny G

      I love the design it is much better than the others actualy i belive that it shows a dolphin in it’s real proportions.

  • Dave Kostka

    The Dolphins have discontinued use of a timeless logo, just the the Broncos did back in 1997. Shame on them.

    • Pants_Sniffy

      Exactly. Just completely unnecessary. Just like the old Denver “D-horse”, the helmet-wearing dolphin was a classic.

      • brandon

        go back to the 90s logo. thats what fans want, this “new” logo is freakin embarassing

  • He’s tough. He’s not wearing a helmet anymore!

  • Nothing with a dolphin on it is going to be intimidating, anyway. That’s like changing the Chicago Bears logo to Teddy Ruxpin.

  • Chris Oglesby

    it’s a nice jersey logo but is going to look horrible on the helmet.

  • Did the Miami Marlins’ PR department design this new logo? Not a fan. Like Dave Kostka said,the Dolphins had a timeless logo. The only NFL teams that I can recall in the last 20 years that had a successful rebranding were Denver and Tampa Bay.

    • Aaron

      The only teams in 20 years? How about the Patriots winning all those Super Bowls with their current look?

      • Brian

        I’d also add the late 90s Jets & 2000 Giants, both of which rebranded back to the retro looks. They worked out well.

        • Brian

          And don’t forget about the Seahawks… they added some color and changes to the bird too… seems to have not hurt them. Now that I’ve seen it, its not nearly as bad as what was originally leaked… I don’t mind it at all, in fact.

    • Pants_Sniffy

      The Bucs rebranding is starting to look stale. It’s cheapo-looking.

  • it looks ok

  • I think it’s great. I personally never cared for their logo.

  • Shane Kittelson

    It’s better than the current Mickey Mouse dolphin logo they have had since 97

  • I have to say that the new Dolphins logo looks way better than the Jaguars logo.

  • Andrew

    Terrible logo. Awful in fact.

  • ingmar66

    It is not entirely badly designed but it is so bland, completely devoid of charm and character. This logo is made for mindless mass consumption and could be for a lot of products, from a daycare center to orange juice to a travel agency, the Florida State Lottery or, well, why not, a professional football team. Rebranding by those Greek war godess obsessed people in Beaverton, Oregon, I guess? Count on them to squash any personality, local identity and character out of a logo and a wordmark, just like their equally evil trefoiled brethren in Herzogenaarau, Bavaria. These are dark days for independent sports logo designers sports, logo enthousiastics and pro sports fans. I expect many more horrible logo and colour changes to come from the NFL and the NBA (Nike and adidas). Because the real message here is: we need to move more products, people! Stop nagging about logo changes and start buying stuff!

  • Bill

    Just like nike, the new Dolphins logo has no character. I don’t like it. If I were a Dolphins fan, I wouldn’t buy anything with that eyesore splashed on it. As a matter of fact, I don’t buy anything made by nike.

  • If they were gonna do anything they should have reverted to the ’89-’96 version of the original logo. The helmet may have been stupid but it gave it that retro charm that the NFL almost totally lacks these days.

    • Pants_Sniffy


  • Alex

    This site needs to pay attention to the SUN part of the logo. The one in the leak is different than the one in the “Miami Dolphins Primary Logos” image. I was never against a logo update, but I wish they would have kept the “M” helmet on there. But in this modern, non-cartoony version, I guess a helmet wouldn’t be appropriate. The jersey design is going to be key. Looking forward to seeing the whole package – socks, pants, jersey, helmet.

    • Chris Creamer

      As with most leaks, it’s nearly impossible to get a perfect reproduction of it. All we had was a grainy picture from a jersey to work with, as stated in the article in regards to time travel — we ain’t magic. I think we did quite well considering.

      • Brian

        Agree Chris… you did great considering.

  • Nick

    The dolphin should be breaching out of the water….that’s the whole point of the sun being in the background I thought

    • Brian

      You might be over thinking it… sure, when a dolphin jumps, it would have the tale down, but their going for a different look… I think they wanted the same basic imagery as the previous logo (a dolphin and the sun), but they are not trying to say the dolphin is jumping in the air… just more or less a symbol of the animal and the the Miami sunshine.

      • Houston Terrapin

        I thought the logo is supposed to represent a Dolphin jumping through a ring of fire? As I recall, the Dolphins used to have a Dolphin in a tank in the end zone, and it would do various tricks, including jumping through a ring. I am not sure if it was ever on fire, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Anyhow, that practice has obviously been discontinued. Nevertheless, the logo should have the Dolphin going through the ring, instead of in front of it.

        Also, a Dolphin without a helmet is dangerous! Don’t they know about concussions? Roger Goodell–please tell them to make them put the helmet back on. It should be a 15 yard penalty.

  • Alex Fabregat

    You better watch out for the Dolphins! This is better than anything we have ever had.

  • Know if they are changing to Script Logo font as well? I like the current unique one.

  • john

    another whack ass logo. like jacksonville with their feminine new jags logo.. the sun is really frying their brains down there

  • Rob S.

    Somewhere on the internet I saw(maybe UniWatch) a fan’s submission which kept the current logo, but without the helmet.It looked pretty good! Personally I wanted them to keep the helmet, but if they were going to sack the helmet, I wish they would of went with this idea. and at least kept the Dolphin the same…..Don’t like this new logo at all!

  • no sense logo, total lack of personality. Much better before with the helmet on the dolphin.

  • Jim

    Absolutely stupid

  • Jon

    Looks like the dolphin decided to purchase the Book of Hairstyles (Mega Man 9 reference joke) even though it’s obvious that he’s got NO FREAKING HAIR


    Im still not convinced this could be a alternate logo

  • No helmet? …sad.

    • Brian

      Nah… time for the helmet to go.

  • Sean Carter

    I keep thinking this will be secondary logo

  • Erik

    God please no !!! The sun looks like the sprocket on my CR. And the whole thing looks like a ocean world logo or an airline logo fly the friendly Miami sky’s Nit an NFL logo YUCK!!!

  • Chuck

    Until Tom Brady retires the logo should be a Patriot with a dolphin on a hook.

  • Doug

    This logo is kinda cute – will probably get more little girls excited about the Dolphins, or at least buying t-shirts.

    I miss the Denver “D” logo, too, but at least the Broncos look still has some ferocity about it.

  • Travis Gagnon

    Nike just has to poke their noses in everything, don’t they. They already had the best logo in the NFL.

  • Eddie

    Horrible! one of the worst logos in the NFL, I am a very disappointed Dolphins fan…..

  • Stacy

    This is a war day for the. fins

  • Dj

    As a long time dolphins fan, I hate it. It’s about as tough looking as a 90 year old woman.

  • Hasheem

    Such a weak attempt at a rebrand. If you are going to rebrand, go in a completely different and better direction. I bet they will still have white helmets, teal unis and white pants. They could save face a little with a well thought out uniform package and some nice scripting, but it doesn’t look too promising, not a logo that can last 20 years

  • JD

    Its sort of a “Meh” logo for me. I don’t hate it nor do i love it, I think it looks good on the jersey but I don’t know how good it will look as a helmet decal if they consider putting it on their. All in all at this point I’d give it a 6/10

  • Sad sad day for dolphins fans I can no longer support this team after so a stupid move they just took all the history out of this logo and made it terrible just like the marlins worst move they could have made there gonna lose a lot of fans not gain more by makin a new logo sorry PHINS we had a good 23 year run but can’t support this.

    • Scottish_Chris

      Really terry? You’re going to stop supporting the team you’ve followed for 23 years cos you don’t like the new logo?!!! Whats next, are you going to leave your wife cos you don’t like her new hair cut?

      • brandon

        leaving the style of the 70s 80s and 90s logo was bad enough. this logo is a complete joke. merchandising this crap is gonna be a complete flop, this logo shouldnt even make an introduction in a meeting room much less on the field. nike and dolphins management i have a message for you, you suck!!!

        • Aaron

          Another thing, what if the Dolphins start winning Super Bowls with this logo? Like you, I prefer the current logo, but hey sometimes a slight alteration of a logo or complete overhaul turns out for the best.

  • Scheherazade

    Why do people worry so much about a logo needing to be fierce and intimidating? It’s a freaking DOLPHIN!!! There is nothing ‘fierce’ or ‘intimidating’ about them.

    • Oknazevad

      Really? Guess you haven’t heard about the ones that drag female swimmers down and have their way with her? Seriously, they exist.

  • Chris

    Wow! Such a sissy, fem, gay ass looking logo! Way to alienate your core fanbase Mike Dee! I will never purchase any merchandise with this fag logo that looks like a whale with its girly tail up appearing to be homosexual! Why change the logo at all if you’re going to downgrade the damn thing? Horrible decision to go with this piece of ****!

    • Shane

      You must get all the girls with sweet talk like that!

  • the truth

    that logo is sad and tragic. if i was the miami dolphins i would flush that ugly ass POS down the toilet bowl.

  • brandon

    just as they begin to improve our roster…. they turn our logo into the new embarrassment of the team


    Wait until Roger Goodell fines the dolphin for not wearing a helmet…

  • SouthstanderRSM

    When Denver dropped the “D” from the helmet there where rumors and wispers and speculation that Pat Bowlen did it to make it easier to move the team if he did not get a me stadium. I wonder with the stadium issues in Maimi and the NFL wanting a team in Los Angeles if we will see the LA Dolphins.

    • Aaron

      Please! The Dolphins aren’t going anywhere. Besides, a letter to represent the city on a logo isn’t always necessary. In fact, it may even be overkill. There are many teams you don’t see a letter on their logo and they’re not planning on relocation. Less is more.

  • Sluggerjoe

    Wow, this is beyond terrible for an NFL logo. It looks weak & soft…this will be the joke of the NFL…the flying Orcas. I can’t believe they spent all this time and money for such a kindergarten logo…epic fail Mike Dee!!!

  • Maybe the lack of a helmet is to try and make the game safer. Less head contact if the mascots aren’t wearing helmets.

  • I have to say that this redesign is better than the typical triangular shape of the ’90’s logo rebrands (see Penguins, Panthers, Patriots). All changes need time to sink in. This one should look good on merchandise and a new generation of Dolphins fans will grow up loving this logo. Think about some corporate logo changes like UPS and Starbucks. I was disappointed in those changes at the time, but have grown used to the new looks and the old ones now look old to me. The bonus is that you will still be able to find “retro” merchandise along with the new logo merchandise.

  • John

    Just a heads up. The logo in the timeline is not the same as the new leaked logo; there are a few slight differences in the body if the dolphin etc. I’m sure you’re already aware I just wanted to give you a heads up

    • Chris Creamer

      Yes, very aware – we work with what we have access to and a leaked logo off a small pic of a jersey is always tough to get a clean version of

  • mike

    Hi, I have never emailed here, but I love the site, and am a logo enthusiast. I am also a Dolphins fan, and I am not sure if this logo is real or not. It makes sense, it seems as if a lot of the NFL teams are taking steps to “widen” their logos. The Vikings just altered their logo, and the new logos that have come out in the past 10 years are much wider. The Dolphins logo would always look smaller than the others on a hat becuase it did not have wide or long shape. It saddens me that that they are changing things for these reasons. Also more and more teams seem to be taking the city or region out of the logo. Perhaps to bring in more support. No more M, no more Broncos D.

  • Your source’s record shall remain perfect, because this is it as you’ve officially proven.

  • Jim Pericotti

    Can you confirm the white facemask news?

  • Jim, I haven’t heard a thing about the uniforms so I can’t confirm or deny anything on that front

  • Jim Pericotti

    Okay…Uni Watch linked to an article in the Miami Herald mentioning the new logo and facemasks.

  • Booorrriiinnnggg!

  • Scott

    I guess it’s ok to change the position of the dolphin. Could make the sunburst bolder and keep the helmet. The helmet made the dolphin look fierce.

  • Jeff

    Saw this logo probably six months ago. Old news folks.

  • That is a terrible motif. I liked the Miami Dolphins original logo, with the dolphin
    diving over the sun. I think of former stars such as Bob Griese, Larry Csonka,
    Mercury Morris, Jim Mandich, Garo Yepremian, Paul Warfield, Nick Buonicon-
    ti, Mark Clayton, Dan Marino, Karim Abdul-Jabbar (not to be confused with the
    former high school, college and professional basketball legend), John Offer-
    dahl, Ferrell Edmunds, Richmond Webb, head coach Don Shula and the
    Orange Bowl when I see the original design. The new logo is better suited
    for either a hotel chain or a cruise company, not NFL football. If Ariel (who
    was a mermaid) and Prince Eric went to Miami and saw a Dolphins game
    with that terrible logo on the players helmets, Ariel would be insulted; she’d
    run out of the stadium.

  • John

    The new logo is awful. The only thing that could make it better is by adding a rainbow to it. (Said with sarcasm)

    I will be hitting the merchandise websites and stocking up on apparel because I guarantee you I will not be buying anything with the new logo on it.

    Maybe if you put a better team on the field instead of the celebrity owners and trying to make over the look of the team, fans will return. They are not going to return because of a new logo. Total Fail on the Dolphins part.

  • tom roberts

    been loyal dolphins fan since 1970, even the bad years. they were my team. now they have turned there backs on there fan base with there stupid fish. I will no longer buy any dolphins aperal or watch any of there games.It is funny the year they won 1 game I was a proud fan of the dolphins. now dolphins Mgt wants to attract girls. in so out of here. they should change there name too. floundering fish.

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