WNBA Unveils New League Logo

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The Women’s National Basketball Association today unveiled a new league identity in time for the upcoming 2013 season.

The new WNBA logo

Based off of the “orange and oatmeal” of the basketball the league uses in its games, as well as borrowing from the shape of the NBA logo, the new logo replaces the red, white, and blue shield-like brand the league had used since their inaugural season in 1997.

“The refreshed identity reflects how far the level of play has come in 16 years as stronger, more agile players have made the game more competitive” read the official press release.

They aren’t announcing who the new “logo woman” is, instead prepare for a social media campaign where fans can take their guess as to who the logo is based off of using the hashtag #iamlogowoman

“As a WNBA player, the logowoman represents so many things to me.  It is a symbol of strength, growth and leadership. The new version not only celebrates the trailblazing work of the WNBA, but also past, present and future players. Like our players, she’s sleek, smooth and ready to ball.” – Chicago Sky forward Swin Cash

Also briefly mentioned was that the league, in concert with adidas, will be introducing a new style of uniform for the 2014 WNBA season, “the uniforms incorporate performance and style elements specifically engineered and designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s high performing women’s basketball players”

The league will start using the new logo on April 1st.

The inspiration for the new logo was displayed this way during the press conference

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  • I likes it.

    • MARK


  • yh

    They’ll never admit it, but the logo’s silhouette is that of little-known model Gerri West.

  • The wordmark is very 1970. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

  • Based on the new silhouette, it looks like they’re using beach balls now.

  • mgdmhl

    Weird how the letters in the logo aren’t all capitalized or lower-case. WnBa

  • Looks horrific.

  • I’ve always like the official WNBA ball, so naturally I like this rebrand.

  • Marty Fox

    It’s barely legible, you can hardly figure out it says wnBa

  • Who cares

    • George

      Sports logo enthusiasts. Why do you even think this site is here in the first place?

  • Pod

    I like it. Good move.

  • Usually when it’s something people don’t care about they just ignore it, but for some reason whenever it’s a women’s league there are people who feel the need to be vocal about it.

    Makes ya think.

  • John Quincy King

    Good identity for a league no one outside of a few girl scout troops care about.

  • Phil den Hollander

    I first thought of “Semi Pro” for some reason

    Love the new logo!

  • Matt

    I have a theory: people who feel the need to put down women’s sports wherever they can be found are male athletes who peaked as athletes in seventh grade and are incapable of mustering even half the athleticism of your average women’s collegiate student-athlete, never mind a WNBA player. Lashing out is really all they can do to cope with the fact that their glory days are decades in the past.

    That’s just a theory of course. They could just be jerkoffs.

    • Pete

      Really? What’s your theory on why these ladies play in front of empty arenas and have absolutely no television audience? Why do you think it is that they make no profit and are being held up by the NBA? I’d love to hear your theories on these matters…Maybe the overall sentiment towards the WNBA really is “who cares”. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over it.

  • Steve

    who cares, why does the WNBA even exist? Do people actually go to their games?

  • Kosmomiles

    I like it! Don’t watch the WNBA but love the art of the sports logo.

  • They should have used silhouettes of famous women in iconic poses to generate some mainstream buzz before unveiling their actual logo.

  • Johnny Ramirez

    Does it matter if looks ugly, no one will notice cause no one watches the sport, lol

  • No one watches anyways, so who cares.

    • yh

      No one, eh? Hyperbole much? The WNBA is clearly not on par with any major sports league but it fills a niche and is not hemhorraging money to such an extreme that it has been shut down. So, (1) some people DO watch, thus disproving your thesis, and (2) some people do care, especially members of a community dedicated to sports imagery, a community which I believe would benefit greatly without your involvement. Kindly take your idiotic comments elsewhere.

      • Johnny Ramirez


    • Bill

      Nice logo, I like it. Btw, Johnny Ramirez is likkely one of those morons who you see wearing a #69 jersey of whatever team with something sutpid above the back number. Ever notice you never see any women hangin out with those morons?

    • JA

      The male pigs on leaving comment: get a life! Women play sports and TONS of women play and watch basketball. GEt oVer IT. It has nothing to do with you! Its about a game and its a different game because we are biologically unique dumass! ROck ON WNBA. I will get my season passes early this year to make sure to catch Brittney.

  • Delayed Penalty

    Fitting that the silhouette is doing a layup…

  • Zack

    New logos like this usually get leaked before the formal unveiling.
    This logo didn’t get leaked because no one cares.

  • EA

    My theory is that men who feel the need to constantly put down women’s leagues are also the same men who almost never have sex.

  • Taylor

    “the uniforms incorporate performance and style elements specifically engineered and designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s high performing women’s basketball players”


  • Jason

    Loved the color! It symbolizes Pat Summit and Tennessee. She is not only a College Basketball, she contribute the game of basketball.

  • Jacob Hoyer

    Well, you commented on here so I guess you do.

  • Ant-LOX

    Looks cool, the font is a bit strange, but this league is so hidden from exposure no one will really notice.

    Honestly, I only know about it the few times I open a newspaper and see the standings.

    What I’m saying is, it’s on par with Pro Lacrosse.

    Maybe if Philly had a team, I’d care.

  • Al Larese

    Why are so many posters commenting on their dislike for the WNBA? I thought this was a site devoted to logos.

  • Not sure why the use of upper and lower case. Maybe to make it look softer? It doesn’t look too bad though, and the player looks like Sue Bird.

  • There’s STILL a WNBA?!

    • George

      Your avatar is the epitome of a douchebag.

  • AA

    Joaquim Noah #iamlogowoman

  • ingmar66

    I actually like this logo and the colours. Time for the NBA logo to get an update as well. Maybe Jerry W, dribbling with his left hand, should be depicted from the same angle as Ms. WNBA. On the other hand, the NBA is just an uninspiring dunkathon, so put in Lebron or Blake doing their thing in a red, white and blue shield. Jerry W was from an era when pro basketball was still a very cool TEAM sports (which lasted up until the end of the Jordan era) and not the current scripted crossbreed of WWE with a ball and Cirque Du Soleil with its emphasis on one on five plays ending with yet another windmill. The only teamplay allowed in the NBA is called alley oop. Send in the clowns. In the meantime I will watch March Madness for real basketball.

  • George

    What’s with the needless sexist D-bags on here trolling saying “der, who cares? it’s just a women’s league derp”. Well, apparently, if you comment, then it seems that you do care.

    Nonetheless, I have mixed feelings about the new logo. It kinda screams the 1980s, but then again, everything about the 80s seems to be making a comeback, though like this logo, modernized. But it also shows a new identity. For some reason, it also reminds me of the Aztecs.

  • justin

    Looks like Sheryl Swoops to me.

  • Jimmy

    Yeah because a new logo is gonna generate more of a buzz for this failing league lol.

  • David Stephenson

    The new WNBA logo looks terrible. The person or persons that decided to change the logo to this abomination deserve to get smacked across their heads.

  • Wouldn’t have a problem with the oatmeal/orange as a secondary color but to completely leave out the basic red and blue is a terrible idea imo.

  • Ed

    Looks like Diana Turasi