Stars Attempt Their Own April Fools Prank, Fail Miserably

Written By:  •  Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Possibly inspired by our own Dallas Stars April Fool’s Day prank earlier in the day, the Stars started circulating images around social media suggesting they would be unveiling their new uniforms during the third period of their game that night against the Anaheim Ducks.

We eventually went ahead and tweeted out that the Stars were doing something, making sure to mention it very well could be their own attempt at pulling an AFD prank.  I was so sure it was fake that I didn’t even bother keeping an eye on their feed during the third period, instead tuning back in about a half hour after the game ended. What did I see?  Nothing. Dallas wasn’t saying a word, I wondered why they wouldn’t even mention the prank again after hyping it up on that very feed.

The Dallas Stars tweeted out this image during their game against Anaheim last night

It turns out the Stars did indeed do something during the third period, and we’ll let Mike Heika of The Dallas Morning News describe what went down:

It might have been the worst decision of the year by the Stars’ organization — and that’s saying something.

With the team’s playoff hopes circling the drain in the third period Monday en route to a 4-0 loss to the Anaheim Ducks, the Stars promised a glimpse of the new uniforms that have been approved by the NHL for wear next season. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the new threads, as they promise a new era under Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, and are a sign of the change that has been so anxiously anticipated by those who have stuck through the dark days of this franchise.

And, then, out of a curtain jumped a guy in a horse head wearing the old alternate sweater — “The Mooterus,” [ed. it’s the logo seen at the very top of the post — Chris] as it is called in disgust by fans.

April Fools!


Ouch indeed.  I get the thought behind it, the idea is pretty funny actually, but the timing was *horrible*.  There’s nothing worse than trolling your own paying fans as they watch their season go down in flames yet again.

Reaction on the Stars official Facebook page was understandably harsh:

Dallas Stars fans react to news of their prank on the official team Facebook page

True, some of these guys probably just need to learn to laugh at things now and then, but typically a fun prank isn’t meant to elicit such strong negative reactions.

Dallas, if you’re ever considering pulling an April Fool’s Day prank like this again I’ll start off by saying “Good! Go for it, the world needs more laughter”, but some things to consider…

First, the prank has to be done early in the morning – pranksters know the rules, no April Fool’s Day gags after 12 noon. That’s pretty much set in stone.

Second, just throw up an article, or put out a fake press release, a Tweet or Instagram post, whatever… don’t promote it as taking place at a paid event, it’s very conceivable somebody went and paid money for a ticket just to see this unveiling in person – if I was a hardcore Stars fan (and not so much a skeptic), I would have.

Finally, I think once the game was in the crapper you should have just bailed on the whole thing – your fans were miserable, they didn’t need any more piling on at that moment.

I’m sure the actual new Stars uniforms for 2013-14 won’t be nearly as horrible as the ‘Mooterus’ was, rumours are that it’s to be predominantly green – that’s a good start.  Check back in the summer, probably around the NHL Draft.  Keep your chin up Stars fans.

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  • I actually kind of like the Mooterus.

    • annonimous

      me too

  • In my opinion, their season circling the drain is THE reason to do the type of joke they did, get your mind off their negatives and have fun. It is a game after all, nto life or death. Stars fans need to lighten up. Take a cue from Rays fans, we may have hated our losing ways before 2008 but we still had fun.

  • Kevin

    This went over terrible inside the arena. Everyone was shaking their heads. It would have probably been funnier if they had come out in a Cowboys jersey or a Rangers jersey but to come out in a Mooterus jersey, something that the fans hated to begin with, that was like pouring salt in the wound. Whoever thought that “joke” up isn’t very smart.

  • Bill A

    You can never earn back the trust you lose.

  • Alan Herbert

    Ya Blew It!

  • Alex Giobbi

    Man stars fans need to just chillax and grow a pair. Come on, in case they forgot, it was APRIL FOOLS! Jeez people,

    • Jeriat

      Stars fans want a better product on the ice.

      Telling them to “chillax” after a joke during a sh*tty game isn’t very smart….

  • James Kellam

    As a Stars fan, I thought it was hilarious. People need to lighten up. Did they really think that they were going to release it on April fool’s day? If so, they deserved to be tricked.

  • ingmar66

    Keep the prank out of a bad game people have paid for. Do it on your website or social media. You are totally right, Chris! As for the Mooterus, that has to be the worst logo ever.

  • rafterman

    i would have done it before the game, but other than that, epic trolling

  • AlMaFI

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard about this year’s AFD. Some idiot in a horsehead pisses off disgruntled fans. I’m literally laughing out loud and I think I’m going to wake my baby.

  • Eric

    Why is there hockey in Dallas anyway?

    • Jeriat

      …. don’t start, dude.

    • Shawa666

      Because Gary.


      because shawa and eric are morons?

    • Because if hockey doesn’t leave the north it will die and be seen as a joke sport to 90% of the world.

  • Ethan Day

    [Insert Picard Facepalm Here]

  • Nathan English

    The fans are right