Minnesota Vikings Tease With Glimpse of New Uniform

Written By:  •  Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s not showing us a lot but we can count on at least one subtle change for the new Minnesota Vikings uniform.

Minnesota isn’t slated to unveil their new uniforms until April 25th, however they are giving users little glimpses and teasers between now and the big day later this month.

Up first is a close-up of the spot under the collar, what remains is the “Vikings” wordmark logo which the team began using in 2004.  What’s different is that this logo is now all in yellow rather than white with yellow trim.

Minnesota has used a similar wordmark, but in white, on it’s jersey since 2004

We’ll keep the updates coming as the team releases them.

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  • wolfgangII

    Is it me or the jersey is a bit darker?

    • Lolo Rutherford

      I thought that too

  • Is that “yellow”? Looks a little more like “old gold” to me.


    • Conor

      That would be such a huge upgrade from this awful yellow right now. That, and standardizing purples.

  • Adam

    I would love it if they went back to the darker, almost plum or royal purple they used decades ago.

  • Aaron

    Judging by this subtle change, I have a feeling the Vikings will likely revert back to the darker purple. I kind of wish the Dolphins would join the Vikings and Cardinals by only making the subtlest changes to their logo and uniforms.

  • John

    What’s worse, this non-story or people actually talking about it?

    • Chris Creamer

      I think you’re lost

    • 11in ’11

      …or somebody taking the time to make a rude comment on a site they just insulted.

  • Tyler

    You know how much more I would look forward to xmas if that bright ass yellow was taken out. I really wish it was purple &, lets call it, Iron Ore gray, oh that would that be nice, something a fan could wear other than on Sundays without it screaming Jewish grandma. The Norseman is getting up there in age isn’t time for him to go gray?

  • You could try running the vikings image under a brighter filter like you did with the astros. http://www.vikings.com/assets/images/articles/2013/march/2013.jpg

    • I tried my best myself, the only thing I could find was that the sleeve is only purple

    • Chris Creamer

      Tried and it looks like they blacked out the main body of the image, like yourself all I could see were purple sleeves.

  • knoper

    Wish they’d go back to the older wordmark myself.

  • George

    Hopefully, this also means the darker purple is coming back.

  • Hasheem

    i anticipate a much more relaxed and refined look from this collar. Darker color, nice simple gold script.

  • Eddie

    I looked back at the first clue and I am starting to think they will try to make the helmets look steel with new enhanced horns. It would bring the purple and gold out and look great.

    • wolfgangII

      I think the horns will remain just like they look now. That’s why they update the Norseman.

  • David Bell

    Even if the Vikings uniform stinks, at least they are allowing fans to see bits and pieces unlike the Miami Dolphins and their horrible uniform and logo.

  • David Bell

    Even if the Vikings uniform stinks, at least they are allowing fans to see bits and pieces unlike the Miami Dolphins and their horrible uniform and logo.

  • Tom Richards

    That thread looks gold to me…

  • Tom Richards

    That thread looks gold to me…

  • Hard to tell on thread, especially with no other point of reference in the image… personally I’d be surprised if it were gold simply because it’s nowhere to be found elsewhere in the new identity

  • I love the over-analysis that goes on over at the SportsLogos.net forums.

  • Troy Griggsby

    The Vikings should just dust off the ’78 uniforms a la Alan Page and call it a day. In fact, so should every NFL team.

    • wolfgangII

      Even Jaguars, Panthers and Texans?

  • Andy

    I am a life long Vikings follower. The Vikings official colors have been PURPLE AND GOLD since 1961. It is NOT YELLOW PEOPLE, IT IS GOLD! It has always been GOLD and will always be GOLD, NOT YELLOW. All the Vikings true fans and followers know they are going back to DARK PURPLE, and the gold has been changed somewhat. Also they are going to single color numbers again. SKOL!!!!!!

  • Not digging it at all. It also looks like they are staying with yellow, not gold.

  • New Vikings jersey is cool.