Tennessee Titans Latest to Let Fans Vote on Logo

Written By:  •  Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Tennessee Titans announced yesterday that they will be allowing fans to vote on the club’s 15th season logo. The logo will be worn on the Titans’ jerseys to celebrate the number of seasons since the club was re-branded as the Titans in 1999.  The team was known as the Tennessee Oilers in their first two seasons after moving from Houston before be re-branded as the Titans for the 1999 season.

To cast your vote, click here.

Tennessee Titans 15th Season Patch options 1 and 2

Fans have a choice between four different logos, described by the club like so:

– Version 1 depicts the number 15 and a Titans “fireball” accompanied by the outline of the state of Tennessee.
– Version 2 features the Titans “sword” between the Roman numerals XV.
– Version 3 reveals the number 15 within a Greek-style temple, crowned by the fireball.
– Version 4 has a 15 in a classic, sans-serif font with the fireball fitted to the bottom half of the 5.

Voting takes place on the Titans Facebook page and will be open until April 22nd, the winning entry will be announced during the NFL Draft on April 25th.

Tennessee Titans 15th Season Patch options 3 and 4

Tennessee joins the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs as pro level teams to recently allow fans to vote on designs to be worn on the field.

Click here to vote!

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  • No. 2 has the most stand alone style. No. 4 works best on the uni

    • Ben

      Yes, and yes.

  • gotta go with # 4. # is creative but ugly

  • Aaron

    I like idea #2. The others are nice, but I think roman numerals works well with a team like the Titans. And besides, their 10th anniversary was in numbers. Ever other anniversary, change it up a little.

  • David (nuordr)

    I voted for #2

  • Chris Oglesby

    I prefer Version 2. Kinda reminds me of a mid 80’s super bowl logo.

    • wolfgangII

      Yes, and now days whatever remind us the old SB logo system is great.
      My ranking: #2, #1, #4, #3

  • Pod

    I like #1 the best on the uni.

  • JG

    all 4 of them are horrible

  • Nick

    #2 all the way. Works best for both jersey patch and on-field logo, which I assume is where this will be placed. #4 is good, but I feel it’s just a bit too simplistic and gets lost with its use of the powder blue color. I like #2 because it uses white in its negative space which will help it stand out. Overall it’s just more interesting. Not liking the state icon used in #1 – too chamber of commerce for me.

  • Toucan Sam

    I like #4 because its simple and says it all.

  • easports24

    Number 1 2 and 3 are the best

  • LC

    Logo #3 represents The Parthenon (full scale replica of the original) located in Nashville. It isn’t just a random Greek-style temple.


  • ingmar66

    Number two will have to do. I am not fond of any of them, but 2 looks best on a jersey.

  • Nathan English


  • Jacob Hoyer

    Whew, for a second there, I thought they were actually changing their logo.

  • Alex Eddy

    I would have to say #1

  • Mike Reynolds

    #3 only because the number 15 matches the number font on the jersey.

  • Aaron

    I wonder how the players numbers would look like with the number 2 style.

  • Brian Castner

    I’m liking #3 but not enough to give them my info to vote for it.