UConn has a New Jonathan Husky; Uniform Standards

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featured - UConn connecticut huskies jonathan husky new logo new uniforms

The UConn, nee University of Connecticut, Huskies have partnered with Nike to develop a new primary logo and uniform standards program for the school’s athletic programs.

As we reported last month, the logo is head-on, aggressive without being overly menacing, and maintains the navy and white with touches of red look the school has used.

new logo - UConn connecticut huskies jonathan husky new logo new uniforms

Full logo with wordmark


The schools’ different athletic programs all had their own ID, the football team had developed the block ‘C,’ men’s basketball wore an intertwined ‘UC,’ women’s basketball had a ‘C’ around a basketball ball, and soccer and volleyball were reportedly developing hybrids from those. Only five of the 24 sport programs were using the Husky dog logo on their current uniform.

Now, all sports will use the new Husky and the UConn name.

Most of the new uniforms wont be released until the fall, according the school, but the new Husky will begin to appear on campus immediately.

Several apparel outlets had begun to show the new logo earlier today. Several different treatments were shown. interestingly, none of the apparel we saw included the red outline on the logo like the official release. So, apparently, that will be used only on occasion.

navy T - UConn connecticut huskies jonathan husky new logo new uniforms


white T - UConn connecticut huskies jonathan husky new logo new uniforms

Note the one-color logo look here

The logo, affectionately known as “Jonathan” has undergone a couple of revisions throughout his history. This is certainly the most aggressive.

timeline - UConn connecticut huskies jonathan husky new logo new uniforms

Logo timeline, courtesy uconn.edu

We are reminded of the unused Quebec Nordiques logo.

Though, now that we look at it, it really isn’t that similar.

How do you like the new husky? Do you find it sharp and clean? Or is it too forced aggressive, or as we’ve heard around our offices, a little “generic?” Let us know how you feel.

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  • Michael Jacobs

    I liked the previous one. This one looks like a lot of the other “Husky” logos out there.

  • David Cadmus

    Strikes Fear in me…..NOT!!

    • Travis Gagnon

      Neither did the old one.

  • Daniele V Morrone

    Love it.

  • Derek Fay

    Awwww, its adorable.

  • Nicky Santoro

    I kind of like it but it’s also kind of boring.
    It looks familiar to the unused Quebec Nordiques logo (http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/288/Quebec_Nordiques/1996/Unused_Logo).

  • I love the new Jonathan, but I thought his head would have more silver than red. The entire school was smart to rebrand as “UCONN” as a group since that’s how it’s known anyway.

  • It ain’t better!

  • Roadbat

    I like it. If I were a Uconn fan I would be proud to sport that. Its simple and it works.
    That 60’s logo is awesome in a WTF kinda way.

  • I want the 1959 logo on a tshirt. He looks paper mache and frightened.

    • The ’59 logo is hilarious! Looks like it was drawn on an etch-a-sketch.

    • ingmar66

      It is hilarious! Like it has been pelted with tons of flour or it is suffering from a lot of dandruff.

  • Nope. Looks bad

  • it’s pretty cool, their old one was good too

  • Hahahaha

  • Lindsay Resnick

    Reminds me a lot of a less menacing wolf from the U. of West GA http://www.uwgsports.com/index.aspx

  • Brandon Keith

    should of made it less symmetrical

  • Blake Snodgrass

    Reminds me of the unused Quebec Nordiques logo from 1995 right before they moved to Denver. This one looks less intimidating.

  • their 1959 logo was awesome though, that husky looked like a PTSD suffering war vet

  • I thought they wanted a more intimidating logo…and they come up with this?? Might as well have stayed with the previous one, which by the way, was better.

  • Patrick

    I don’t like it. It just feels too generic. I really hope they at least let the basketball teams keep their logos, even if just as secondary logos. After 3 national championships for the men, and 8 for the women, they’ve made names for themselves, and I feel should be allowed to keep the identity they’ve developed.

  • Jesse

    At least it looks like a Husky, and not Lassie…Way better!

  • Delayed Penalty

    At least it’s a husky now, not a Pomeranian.

  • JED

    I like the one from 1959. Looks like a dog’s facial reaction in the process of being neutered.

  • Horrible.

  • Looks like a happy Timberwolves logo.

  • Ross Collins

    We could do something like this for UND, maybe.

  • Bryan Smalley

    Well what do you know, it actually looks like a husky now!

  • AA

    MAJOR downgrade.

  • JED

    It’s a tamer version of the Timberwolves logo.

  • Thebluelime

    It reminds me of the old Northern Illinois Huskies logo.

  • nordiques

  • Nate Yingling

    It looks like the unused Quebec Nordiques logo.

  • Jon

    Much, MUCH better than the old Jonathan IMO.

    …Hey, that’s MY name! 😛

  • Mike Aug

    That’s not a husky, that’s a freakin’ wolf! WTF?!?!

    • This strikes me as like saying “That’s not a crocodile, thats a freakin alligator!”

  • Josh Warnock

    I like it, and I think it’s an upgrade. I’ll just be happy with UConn having one consistent identity.

    It also reminds me of this a little. http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/2/501/full/jf9viw4zhh2h4y5o5rftzzdxh.gif

  • wentvoltage123

    why are colleges changing their logo? I am pretty sure nobody comes to a game to look at a logo, people come to see their team play.

  • alex

    just looks ‘familiar’.. ive seen it somewhere before (other than the nordiques which I had not seen until this article)

  • Nathan English

    It’s nice

  • Trent

    I like it! It may not be incredibly fierce, but it’s much more aggressive than the previous one. And it looks great with the UCONN typography.

  • Reincarnation of Einstein

    Google Houston Baptist Huskies logo. You will get at least a 50% resemblance.

  • it’s ok. the old one had a lot more character though. downgrade.

  • Looks too much like the Northeastern Huskies logo to me (Calhoun’s old team with Reggie Lewis): http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/78320851987/Northeastern_Huskies/1987/Alternate_Logo

  • Michael Salvo
  • Not digging it.

  • Does not compute!

  • Scheherazade

    It’s a very good logo. Problem to me is that it doesn’t scream UConn Husky like it would for any other university/college that uses the same mascot. (Northeastern, Northern Illinois, etc.)

  • KDub

    I like it. Sharp and clean.

  • As a Huskies fan I am NOT a fan of this logo…. the previous logo was iconic and didn’t they even just go through a bit of a battle with a high school that was using their logo?

  • Aaron

    Neat looking logo. I could also see this as a modernized Husky Energy logo.

  • ingmar66

    It looks corporate, slick and very sharp but this Jonathan is totally lacking any character. A bizarre crossbreed between a wolf and a huskie. They should go back to the 70’s logo and update that one. It looks calm and serene and it actually is a huskie. But the first huskie logo with the shocked face is an all time classic in the category of unheroic sports logos, the poor dog looks like it has bitten its own tongue!

  • this one appears to be an improvement, but it was time to rebrand – and perfect timing by entering a new conference

  • Marcus

    Looking back at all the previous versions of Jonathan this seems to be the first version that actually looks like a husky.

  • J. Reynolds

    I like both this one and the previous one.

  • Brian Castner

    As a Husky owner for over 20 years I like the new Johnathan. He actually looks like a Husky as opposed to the former look which looked more Samoyed than Husky to me. And bonus points for the Husky blue eyes as well but would’ve had even more points had they gone heterochromia or parti. My biggest issue is with the red outlines on everything. Are they going to be blue/red, blue/grey, blue/red/grey? It seems like they’ve been fighting that issue forever. They need to decide on one combination and stick with it.

  • Boyee

    The old logo was a Samoyed, not a Husky. At least the new logo looks exactly like a Siberian Husky.

  • Doug

    thank you for bringing up the nordiques logo, i was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Luke Dzikiy

    Not that great especially the Ring The Bell saying.

  • 🙂

  • We agree! 🙂

  • We agree! 🙂

  • It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  • imajoebob

    It doesn’t suck. But instead of calling it generic, I think corporate is a better description.