Pics: Cardinals Debut ‘Cream’ Alternate Uniforms

Written By:  •  Saturday, April 13, 2013

The St. Louis Cardinals this afternoon are debuting their new home alternate jerseys featuring “St. Louis” across the chest, the first time since 1932 that the club has worn their city name on their uniform.

A couple of TV screengrabs of the uniform on the field for the first time through the first couple of innings against the Brewers:


As mentioned earlier, this is the first time the Cardinals have worn their city name on their uniform since 1932 – the uniform from that season is below:

St Louis Cardinals 1932 jersey, the last to feature “St Louis” across the chest

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  • Brian Castner

    Wrap the “L” around the bat like the “S”, put it in grey with the navy hat and it would make a nice road uniform for them. Not bad though.

    • Steve

      I agree totally with Brian,
      “Wrap the “L” around the bat like the “S”, put it in grey with the navy hat and it would make a nice road uniform for them.”
      The Cardinals have a great road following throughout the country and those road fans would have a treat seeing these uniforms.
      These jerseys honor the Cardinals past with an updated, historical look. Any Cardinal uniform MUST have the birds on the bat.

    • Scott

      The reason the L can’t be wrapped like the S in this design has to do with the necessity of maintaining a base line for the text. Without altering the bat substantially the L would become far too tall to hook around the bat in a manner similar to the S. I’m not a huge fan of an L dropping down and becoming a descender but with the script L I think it’s about the only choice plus it falls in line with how the script C is executed on the primary jersey.

      All in all it’s a pretty decent job incorporating St. Louis into the current jersey branding. I’m a big fan with warming up the home whites as they tend to pick up a blue shift when the modern bright fabrics are used. Personally I’d like to see a slightly warmer shade than the ivory they settled on. I’d think they should adapt the warmer color on the primary jerseys as well.

  • Jimmy Kemp

    I don’t get the Cardinals, like the “St. Louis’ font would look great as a road uniform, and also don’t get why they abandoned the navy blue cap.

    • Aaron

      Love these uniforms. As far as the navy cap goes, I don’t think they abandoned it completely. They said they were using it as an alternate road cap. Although I do agree, tint these uniforms grey and pair it with navy caps and nothing else.

  • Matthew Schilling

    I think the red cap is fine for the road; I always thought the navy cap looked weird paired with their red shoes. The St. Louis wordmark however should be put on the road uniforms, with the “L” wrapped around the bat.

  • These cream uniforms have to go

  • Dan Jolley

    Sigh, they bust out the throwback inspired cream alt, yet pair it with the red cap with WHITE letters. Pair this with the BP cap and its a great shout out to this look.

  • TJ Longacre

    Looks white to me!

    • David

      Use the shirts behind the 3rd picture for reference. It is definitely off white.

  • Toby Faber

    Bring back powder blue!

    • Travis Gagnon

      I bet you were the only one who liked that, so most likely they aren’t going to bring it back

  • Travis Gagnon

    They look vintage even if these are modern pics

  • Joshua

    Put “St. Louis” on the ROAD uniforms!

    • Cards83

      Anyone who says St. Louis should be on the road uniform doesn’t understand the history of the Cardinals. We have the history to support not wearing the city name on the road. Its part of the history of the team, and it would appall me to see St. Louis on a road cardinals jersey.

      And they need to bring back road blue hat.

  • Tony

    I agree with Dan. The BP Cap has a good throwback vibe to it and would go great with this jersey.

  • ingmar66

    The L should be wrapped around the bat, how can they miss that? As for the caps to go with this cream set, replace the STL on the solid red home hat by the single cardinal on a bat of the PB cap of a couple of seasons ago (the one with the navy crown, red bill and front and white/cream piping). Keep the normal STL cap for the solid white uniforms with the Cardinals script.

  • Anthony S.

    Take the numbers off of the front of the jersey and it’s perfect. Can’t wait for the gray version so they can make it their regular road jerseys.

  • Ben Jacobson

    hate hate hate hate it. I was at the game on Saturday and from the stands you couldn’t even tell it was any different from their regular whites. the piping clutters up down the center of the jersey only clutters the beautiful birds on the bat and wordmark. on top of all of that the cardinals have such great uniforms that alternates really are not necessary. On their own they aren’t a bad jersey, but all they are is something different just for the sake of it. the cardinals sold out with these.

  • Doug

    I really like these uniforms, however, I do think the L in Louis should wrap around the bat. Looks kind weird where it is, just kinda hangin there.

    Also I think they should add the red piping to all the uniforms.

    • Aaron

      The Cardinals uniforms generally don’t need piping. They look fine without it.

  • Tom

    Nice alternative uniform. It is only meant to be an alternative and it does the job!

  • vickie

    can u tell me which hat st Louis cardinals were wearing april 13 2013. it looked like a black hat maybe a red bill.

  • Ben Jacobson

    Blue hat red bill. Its the Sunday home hat, has the cardinal bird on the bat

  • Ryan

    I like the lettering and piping. The cream color is Ok but a gray or white option would probably look better. I really really really wish they would bring back the black bat though. It would even be great for their standard jerseys. I’ve always disliked the combination of red and yellow (reminds me of McDs)